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A couple of items, sparked by Survey input:

Hiking/Biking Trail

A seemingly easy request was for a map of the James W. McIntyre Hiking and Biking Trail.  We doctored up a smaller scan of an old large drawing and also added annotation to a Google satellite map.  Both are now available on the Borough web site, under the MAPS tab:

If someone has a better copy, we will post it...
Slalom Ski Course

Good afternoon all,

In reading several of the recent survey and e-Mail comments about the water ski course, I would like to make a few additional comments since I have been involved with installing and maintaining the course since 1993 with other ski club members.

Most of the damage to the course is not by jet ski's but by larger prop driven boats. Yes, a jet skier can dislodge a buoy as a water skier can but most of the buoys are damaged by propeller driven boats.  

As the course was designed by the American Waterski Association in connection to ski competitions, the width between the drive buoys is only 1' larger in width than a ski tournament boat. It takes an amount of skill to pull a skier through the course.  Most all of the new wake boats width is larger than the width of the drive-path buoys. We have seen several wake boats pulling skiers through the course and getting their prop caught in the buoy lines.  

Damage also occurs when drivers believe that it is fun to pull tubers either though the course or turn the tubers into the buoys.

We recover only a few buoys each year that are not damaged by props. Most buoys sink and or deflate after being hit. At present, year-to-date I have replaced 12 buoys. None of the missing buoys have been returned  or found and several have been torn up from props but were still attached to the course. We have also had to repair or replace 5 damaged rubber cords that attached the ball to the underwater framing. The buoys are connected to the rubber cords with copper S hooks that if hit hard will detach from the cord so to not tear out the course or damage a boat.

The course is installed so all residents of the lake can use the course. Even jet skiers can use the course for fun.  I would suggest that any one that uses the course please check the course after using it to make sure that they did not damage or dislodge any of the buoys. Part of allowing open use of the course is based on presumed courtesy with other boaters.

In using the course please check to see if other boaters/skiers are either in the course of waiting their turn, for water to calm down, as it takes smooth water to run the course effectively. It's a good idea to approach the course at a slow, no wake, speed and verify that the course is clear.  Many times I have been in or pulling a skier through and another boat pulls into the course without realizing that they may cause an accident. 

If your are boating, tubing or another water sport other than slalom skiing please consider the course as you would another boat and stay 50 to 100 feet from the outer turn buoys. By boating safety standards, the course is considered the same as a restricted navigation area.

Thanks to all for their concern and we all appreciate the comments for all of the boaters on our precious lake.

P. Scott Moore

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To:  ALL Wenatchee Property Owners

Special Meeting


DATE: AUGUST 1, 2021

TIME: 11:00AM


Thank You,
WPOA Board of Directors

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Wenatchee Property Owners Association
Weed (Vallisneria) Treatment

Aquatic Environment Consultants will be treating the lake again, for Vallisneria, on Monday, July 19, 2021.
The lake does not need to be closed or restricted for this treatment.

The Indian Lake Marina will be hosting their annual Regatta the weekend of August 14, themed
Christmas in August.
Axe throwing, a poker run, snowman building contest, ugly sweater contest, and a boat decorating contest are just a few of the activities they have planned. There will be food and drink vendors as well as entertainment at 7:00 and fireworks after dark, subsidized by The Service Corp and the Borough.

For details as they emerge check out the Marina's web site.
Office Hours

I will be returning from maternity leave on Monday, July 26.  The Borough office will resume regular business hours:
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  

I want to thank the Borough Council and the residents, and Wendy Bellak of course, for being so understanding and accommodating during my leave.

Kirsten Siehl,
Borough Manager
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