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Aug 2020
Issue 17

Commons News

Another 2020 newsletter, another challenging time in the pandemic! The Commons Librarians are under lockdown in Melbourne (again? still?) and it is hard slog. We're conscious that many of you reading this are in different circumstances but everyone is experiencing ripples from this global phenomenon.

If you need a pause to draw strength try this guided tree meditation. You may find your team could benefit from other resources in the Wellbeing topic, or some of the tips on morale-building and better online meetings in the Working in Groups topic.

This newsletter features resources from newly added collections from Leading Change Network and Our Community. The Commons is your social change library; we bring materials from many sources all together in one central accessible place. If your organisation would like to contribute a collection let's talk!

The Commons can also support your organisation with internal information management, curating resource kits, supporting training and more. Here's info about Commons services.

Take care everyone! We're sending you solidarity in these times of uncertainty.

Featured Resources: Organising

The Commons is excited to add a new collection from Leading Change Network. LCN is a community of practice for people who have been trained in Marshall Ganz's approach to organising. The collection includes articles, videos, online courses and more. A great place to start is 'What is Organizing?' by Ganz.

Marshall Ganz was a smash hit at Virtual Progress 2020 in June. You can now watch his speech Organising in this Moment. Find out about future Australian Progress events.

For plenty of homegrown organising wisdom see the Organising in a Pandemic notes and recordings. A new season of training is starting: register for ChangeMakers Organising School.

Overwhelmed by all the organising materials on the Commons?! Start Here.

Campaigning in the Pandemic

Tracking Covid-19 Laws, Policing and Human Rights
Principles for a Policy Response to Covid-19
Uncertain Times & Movement Moments
Action Tactics During Social Distancing
Intersectional Resistance During the Pandemic

... and more on the Commons under the Covid-19 tag.


It's a challenging time financially for many NGOs and purpose-led groups - the Commons is right there with you! We have recently expanded the Fundraising resources in the Commons - see Fundraising: Start Here.

The Funding Centre's 7 Pillars of Fundraising can help you diversify your funding base.

Got more suggestions for the Fundraising Topic? Let us know!

Policy Bank

It's important not-for-profit organisations have clear policies and procedures, but the process of developing them can be time consuming. Turns out you don't have to reinvent the wheel!

Check out the Institute of Community Directors Australia's Policy Bank for templates about safety, Covid-19, boards, governance, volunteers and more.

Reset Wrap Up

The initial six theme Reset Reading Group has finished. Thanks for being part of the conversation! You can still access the readings in the Reset collection. If you participated please give us your feedback by filling in the survey.

To make more possible donate to the Commons Library. Sign up as a monthly donor and receive the Reset Companion Guide, a summary of the readings with space for your reflections.
The Commons pays respects to the traditional owners of the land in which we operate and wherever this site is accessed. We recognise the central importance of struggles for Indigenous self-determination and justice within the broad project of creating a progressive future.
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