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June 2020
Issue 15

Commons News

The pandemic has put us all in a prolonged state of uncertainty. As Marshall Ganz teaches: 'leadership is accepting responsibility for enabling others to achieve shared purpose in the face of uncertainty'. But this can be hard when we're struggling to find solid ground ourselves!

In shaky times it can help to tune into feelings and respond to our own needs (see Activist Wellbeing resources below), connect with others to make meaning out of the situation (such as through Reset Reading Group), and strengthen skills and knowledge (videos and articles linked to in this newsletter, and much more on the Commons). Let's take care of ourselves and each other as we ride waves of crisis and change!

Want to learn about how you can use the Commons Social Change Library to improve the effectiveness of your organisation or campaign? For Purpose is hosting a session on that topic via Zoom this Thursday morning. You're also welcome to contact us for tips or organise a similar session for your team.

Did you know that the Commons provides customised services for organisations? We can gather resources, put together bookclub and study group programs, research issues, advise on archiving, write up case studies and more. Reply to this email or contact Holly Hammond to discuss options.

Resources About Police Violence & Racial Justice

The murder of George Floyd by police in the US has sparked a powerful response from the Black Lives Matter movement and communities of colour. Ripples are being felt all around the world.

This article includes:

  • Links to news sources for updates on the unfolding situation
  • Resources on police violence, racialised policing and deaths in custody in the US & Australia
  • Tips for white people who want to challenge white supremacy and act in solidarity with First Nations and People of Colour

Activist Wellbeing

How are you going? Our own health and wellbeing can be neglected as we rush to address urgent injustices, make a living, and look out for family and friends. This is a reminder to care for yourself while you work to change the world!

These highlights from the Commons Wellbeing topic include personal and collective strategies. Read 10 Great Resources on Activist Wellbeing and share to show care!

three images of Glenn Todd in front of a screen

Organising & Digital Campaigning Videos

Organising in a Pandemic sessions from Tipping Point & ChangeMakers. Sign up and view past sessions including recent additions Public Narrative and Understanding People Power.

Digital Campaigning Webinars from Glenn Todd. Sign up and view past sessions covering tech fundamentals and crucial skills for not-for-profit and grassroots campaigners.

Reset Reading Group

Readings on three themes are now available: Stay tuned for the next three themes: A New Economy; Building Relationships for Power & Transformation; and Centring Justice & Care.

Covid-19 Related Resources

Although restrictions are starting to lift in Australia it's clear we will be navigating significant change for some time to come.

The Covid-19 tag on the Commons has a range of resources focused on supporting activism and community building at this time. The latest addition is Building intersectional resistance alliances during COVID-19.

looking through a kaleidoscope at a myriad of colours and shapes

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The Commons exists to help social movements be stronger and smarter. Whatever issues you are most passionate about, supporting the Commons puts tools and resources into the hands of people working on those issues.

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The Commons pays respects to the traditional owners of the land in which we operate and wherever this site is accessed. We recognise the central importance of struggles for Indigenous self-determination and justice within the broad project of creating a progressive future.
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