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Mar 2021
Issue 23

Commons News

This month we bring you a special edition timed to follow the Women's March 4 Justice. 

The Women’s March 4 Justice events were an incredible organising effort, channelling widespread outrage over sexual violence and harassment. It was inspiring to see the idea grow from a single tweet by Janine Hendry about the possibility of surrounding Parliament House... to a full spreadsheet of 47 events organised by local teams... to actual on the ground collective action around the country. Plus a staunch refusal to go behind closed doors with a meeting with the PM! 

At moments like these everyone starts to wonder: what comes next? No doubt the organisers, and the many campaigners and community leaders who have been working on these issues for many years, are hatching plans. Meanwhile, the Commons Library has some suggestions for those who are hungry to keep marching for justice. 

Are you working on an issue or campaign that would be a fit for a future special edition? Get in touch! 

Ideas for your next steps

The marches are the latest expression of the fight for gender justice and equality. Large mobilisations can move things forward significantly but it takes sustained action to win lasting change.

The Commons Librarians have gathered resources to help the movement keep moving! They cover the following topics: 

  • Connect with Others
  • Skill Up for What Comes Next
  • Plan for Beyond the Big March
  • Understand Intersectionality
  • Know Your History
  • Stay Inspired

Check out the resources and share them with your friends (Facebook and Twitter).
If you have additions contact the Commons Librarians. 
#EnoughIsEnough #March4Justice

a collage of 6 dvd covers of films about women and social change including a portrait of Malala and close up of Dolores Huertes holding a loudspeaker

Films about Women & Social Change

A collection of films gathered by the Commons and Women’s Environmental Leadership Australia. These films tell stories of fights for social and ecological justice featuring powerful women.
For more inspiration read 40 quotes by women around the world about leadership, diversity and the environment.

Title of report 'All about power: Understanding social power and power structures"

All About Power & Movements

Feminist organisation CREA provide accessible insights into key issues in social change in two guides: All About Power and All About Movements
'The best way to eradicate inequality and injustice is when oppressed people build strong movements that shift the structures of power.'

cover of book called Lead The Way in colourful, bold lettering

Leading Women

Listen to Jean Hinchliffe's ChangeMaker Chat about her activist journey and what she has learnt about making powerful change. Jean has a new book coming out: Lead the Way: How to change the world from a teen activist and school striker.
For more reading, with associated audio and videos, see Books About Women & Leadership

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