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Sep 2020
Issue 18

Commons News

We're hearing a lot about these being 'unprecedented times' but there are actually precedents to pay attention to!

We tend to grow up learning a version of history which leaves out, or rewrites, the role of collective action. The Commons prioritises sharing activist history because it is a source of inspiration (and many of us need that right now!) which also gives great insight into a wealth of strategy and tactical innovation.

You may have seen the Commons history posts on Facebook - follow us for plenty more great photos and stories. Dip into some history with Resources About Housing Justice and Unwaged Rights Campaigns, and if you're needing a reminder see Tactics from past activism that work with physical distancing

This newsletter's featured resources on lobbying and advocacy were collated by Commons volunteer Emily De Rango. Emily brought fresh eyes and valuable experience to the topic and we loved working with her! If you're interested in volunteering with the Commons get in touch.

Chalk drawing on background showing two hands shaking.

Featured Resources: Lobbying & Advocacy

Lobbying & Advocacy: Start Here. This new guide to a wide range of materials covers:

  • Lobbying as a campaign tactic
  • Engaging and influencing MPs
  • Parliamentary processes
  • Policy development processes
  • Writing lobbying material
  • Research and evaluation

Thanks to policy consultant Emily De Rango who undertook the review and update of the Lobbying & Advocacy topic as a volunteer project, and to For Purpose, CIVICUS, Data Center and Jessica Kendall who contributed resources.

Start Here or browse the Lobbying & Advocacy and Research & Archiving topics.

four people sitting at desk holding pens with hands on chins in a thinking stance

New Organising Articles

'So, What is Organising?' by Amanda Tattersall, ChangeMakers Organising School trainer and podcast host. View Season 1 and Season 2 recordings to date, and sign up for future sessions.

'Organising deeply during crisis' by Adele Neale, Community Organising Fellowship trainer. COF is accepting applications until Oct 31st.

Plenty more organising resources right here.

linocut of silhouette of workers outside shut factory gates

Housing & Unwaged Activism

As we move into times of high economic hardship Iain McIntyre has collected Resources About Housing Justice and Unwaged Rights Campaigns. More than 20 case studies and stories show how communities have organised in the past, from the Great Depression until recent times. We hope these resources inform and inspire current and future activism and we welcome more materials.

Imani Barbarin, Damian Griffis and Kera Sherwood-O’Regan speaking at Virtual Progress 2020 with Auslan translation.

Virtual Progress Videos

Australian Progress took their epic conference online in June this year and it was a big success! They have generously made the plenary videos available on the Commons.

You can also learn from their experience running Virtual Progress 2020 as well as Progress Fellowship retreats online.

See upcoming Progress training on management, media skills and corporate campaigns.

Online Training Monster Manual

An amazing new resource from Daniel Hunter tested by 350 groups around the world.

Includes 80+ online training tools; customisable slide deck for interactive activities; and new games and warm-ups.

Tune up your virtual meetings and training now with the Online Training Monster Manual.

The Commons pays respects to the traditional owners of the land in which we operate and wherever this site is accessed. We recognise the central importance of struggles for Indigenous self-determination and justice within the broad project of creating a progressive future.
Image credits:
Linocut - Linocut produced in 1933 by The Workers Art Collective
Community Organising Fellowship
Virtual Progress 2020
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