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Happy September, fellow Uprooters! Welcome to The Seedling. It’s me, Angely. I’m back, and I’m working on preparing readership for climate related emergencies. 

Hurricane season is officially here. It was quiet last month — the first August in 25 years with no named storms. Despite that, we have seen so many climate extremes this year. From flash floods, flash drought, and heat waves so bad that communities were asked to lower their energy usage. 

And now there’s Hurricane Fiona. The hurricane has flooded parts of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, after making landfall as a Category 1 storm. I’ve communicated with relatives and story sources all weekend to make sure they were safe. This storm has moved across the Caribbean around the anniversary of 2017’s Hurricane Maria. The storm pummeled the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, shutting off power for millions of people across the Caribbean. The damages were so severe it caused one of the longest power outages in the world, and in U.S. history. Power issues still plague many affected communities to this day.

We’re also seeing that heavy rain events, like tropical storms and hurricanes, are dropping even more rain at once. Water processing plants and sewer systems are not prepared to handle the new amounts of water. 

Reminders of recent storms (and some historic storms) are why I’ve started writing so much about emergency preparedness, and why infrastructural investments are a large part of environmental justice. Better preparedness will save lives, and I strive to write articles that help individual preparedness. Like this guide on packing an emergency go bag. But individual preparedness can only go so far, especially for the most vulnerable communities. 

Our systems and elected officials need to plan and invest in vulnerable communities. Without that support, without creating those safety nets for people who have the most to lose, there is no climate resilience. 

Do you have questions or experiences with reporting on climate change fueled extreme weather? Do you think your own community is prepared? LMK on Twitter @AngelyMercado, and follow more of my reporting on Gizmodo

Angely Mercado

Environmental/climate reporter & fact-checker based in NYC

What Are You Planting? 

This section of The Seedling is dedicated to featuring one of the many incredible members of The Uproot Project.

Maya Richard-Craven, Editorial Fellow, National Audubon Society

@mrichard_craven on Twitter

How long have you been a journalists? 8 years

What is your beat/focus? Culture

How did you get started in journalism?  I wrote an article after a man told me “his dick wasn’t attracted to Black girls.” I wrote an article about it called “You’re Pretty, For A Black Girl.” It won a national award and it took off from there.

Where have you been published?  The LA Times, USA TODAY, The Boston Globe, The Guardian, New York Daily News, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Insider, British Vogue, ELLE, POPSUGAR, Cosmo, Cosmo UK, Grazia UK, The Huffington Post, Blavity, and The Sentinel.

What is your favorite piece you've written and why?  I wrote a piece on Black Birders Week for The LA Times. It was a pleasure to connect with more Black people who love the outdoors. 

How did you become an Uproot member?  I saw that Paige Curtis was following Uproot on Twitter. I followed her and Uproot, and new I had to get involved!

What's a piece of advice you would give your younger self?  I would tell my younger self to practice self-care. It was something I didn’t realize I needed more of as a young adult.

What are you listening to? I am listening to Vegas by Doja Cat, Billie Eilish by Armani White, and anything by Tupac.

Where are you from? I am from Pasadena, CA.

What is your intention with every story? My intention is to tell BIPOC centered stories.

What are you most proud of this year? I am most proud of my article for The Guardian on psychedelics and parenting.

What's your favorite vegetable? My favorite vegetable is the mushroom.

Favorite place you've traveled to? My favorite place I’ve traveled to is Spain.

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