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Photography by Ayesha Pacholke, Grist's HR advisor and a photographer. 

Hey fellow Uprooters. It’s Angely Mercado again, back for my second blurb in this newsletter! If you're reading this, it's because you subscribed. We hope you continue to support us so that you can keep getting updates from climate and environment journalists as well as updates from the Uproot Project and job listings.  

Spring is finally in the Northeast and our collective seasonal depression can finally simmer down. But it seems like climate protests are ramping up again. In response to the IPCC report, scientists around the world engaged in civil disobedience all over the world earlier this month. I spoke to several protestors for Gizmodo including scientist Peter Kalmus who chained himself to a Chase Bank with several others in Los Angeles, and soil scientist Rose Abramoff who chained herself to the White House gate. Videos, comments, and posts on several of my social media feeds featured people saying things like “no one is talking about this.” 

I understand that activists want more of the general public — and more importantly our elected officials — to give a damn about the climate crisis and to treat it like the emergency that it is. But it is infuriating to hear that “no one” is speaking about this. Many of us Uprooters are full-time journalists who speak and write and educate about the climate crisis every single day. We range from people who run amazing student publications like the Xylom to staff writers for nonprofit newsrooms and even corporate newsrooms. 

To say that no one is speaking up is to erase the voices of climate journalists, environmental activists, educators, and organizers of color who have worked to sound the alarm FOR DECADES. Not only do so many of us at Uproot educate readers with our work, but many of us also live in or come from communities and families on the frontlines of this crisis. 

Are you also frustrated at some of the erasure in the climate discourse online? @ me on Twitter and let me know what you think. As I said above, this is my second blurb for The Seedling, can’t wait to see more bylines from members here and all across the interwebs.

-Angely Mercado, Staff Writer at Earther

Correction: The previous issue of The Seedling incorrectly stated Multimedia Journalist Aria Velazquez, that week's newsletter writer, was New York City-based. They are Atlanta-based. 
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Uproot in the community 

Here are a few pictures from last month's Uproot events at SEJ. Thanks again to all who spent time with us — expect more gatherings like it in the future! Photo credit: Jena Brooker.

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