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Hi Thomas.

Maine has been big in the news this week.

Why? First, because state lawmakers approved Ranked Choice Voting for Presidential elections.

And, second, because Maine Democratic Gov. Janet Mills plans to sign a law setting up a legal framework for the sale of recreational marijuana to adults.

What does this have to do with H’20?

Simple: Maine—hardly a neon blue state—is implementing policies that the Green Party has advocated for for years. And that’s why Howie’s campaign is so important!

Pitch in here to support the one candidate with 21st century ideas.

Here’s the truth: Howie’s positions on issues are light-years ahead of same-old, same-old duopoly politicians.

For example, Howie supports Ranked Choice Voting up and down the ticket, as well as these forward-leaning positions:

  • Proportional representation in Congress
  • Abolish the Electoral College
  • End Voter Suppression—Restore pre-clearance to the Civil Rights Act
  • Full Public Campaign Financing
  • Reverse the Hobby-Lobby decision—End the Corporate Personhood and the Money Is Speech Doctrines

So—if you are sick and tired of mush-mouthed elected politicians holding back We, The People, please donate as much as you can today. (Your donationup to the first $250will be doubled with Federal matching funds.)

Your money will be well spent. We’re already on the ground in states like Arizona, gathering signatures to get on the ballot. In Arizona, that’s about 50,000 signatures, which translates into $50,000.

It’s outrageous that we have to work so hard to get on the ballot, but that’s the way it is—and our fund raising has to match that reality.

The good news is, we’re on our way to successfully funding the people power we need to get on the ballot in all 50 states plus D.C. and U.S. territories. Since we declared Howie’s candidacy on May 28, our online fund raising has been very strong, with an average donation of over $57. (That’s far higher than, for example, Bernie Sanders. His online average is hovering somewhere around $14!)

So think of it this way: Every dollar you give means one more signature to get Howie on the ballot.

If you can give $57 or more today, that would be terrific! But a donation of any size will make a real difference as we hire more and more organizers, petitioners, and phone bank staff to get the word out:

There’s only one party with 21st Century ideas—and that’s Green.

And there’s only one real progressive presidential candidate—and that’s Howie Hawkins.

Please be as generous as you can be—and remember, Federal matching funds will double your donation (up to the first $250)!

In Solidarity,

Team Howie

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