Missive from Mauritius
Imagine waking to the sound of a gentle hello from outside your safari tent. You roll out of bed, and notice a dark sky filled with stars. The tent zipper buzzes, and a tray is placed in your room. A robin-chat is singing in the darkness as you pour the mahogany-coloured liquid into a mug – it is the aroma of fresh coffee that hits you first, then as you sip from the life-giving receptacle, you feel the cobwebs of drowsiness start to dissipate from your head. Fast-forward a few minutes. You are on an open vehicle, bumping along a bush track and as you drive, the smell of dust and pleasantly aromatic plants waft past your nostrils. Sunlight is starting to bathe your surroundings in light, and as it does, your vehicle stops. Your halt was brought about by the presence of a tawny cat. A Lion stares into the distance, exhaling clouds of water vapour. Your heart races, the brisk morning air adding to your alertness. As the creature starts to become saturated in gold, you lift your camera and click; you have fashioned your first frame.
You are in Africa. You are on safari. You are alive. 
And at that moment, you are also dreaming.
Currently, it all seems like a bit of a nightmare. The effects of Coronavirus pandemic have been catastrophic, and it is safe to say that the world will never be quite the same from this point on. Global travel has been dealt a swift executioner’s blow, and at this stage, resurrecting our beloved travel industry is going to be a protracted process indeed, filled with unknowns. We have battened down the hatches as we weather the Coronavirus storm – we know it is going to be a long road. The scars of previous global crises serve as reminders of their occurrence, and within these memories lie the lessons. Our office team has amassed nearly 114 years of experience in the travel industry, and we are using the collective lessons learned both individually and as a company since we opened our doors 10 years ago to move forward, stronger and wiser. ORYX and our various photo partners around the globe are working on each booking individually to ensure the very best outcome for every guest. 
To paraphrase an oft used quote – it is not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent, but those most adaptable to change. ORYX prides itself on its dynamism and adaptability, and we are working smart to ensure that we will be ready to offer you, our esteemed client, our world-class photo tours when global travel restarts.
This is an unprecedented time in human history. It is giving us a period for introspection, and will hopefully kickstart a phase of nurturing the planet we call home rather than abusing it as we currently do. 
We have some content pertinent to these times we find ourselves in. 
Let’s do our bit for the planet and all its inhabitants. This coronavirus outbreak has been a rude awakening – Earth is our only home, so we must strive to treat it better! Awareness is key, and we encourage you to watch the below:
Awareness is important, but so is action. May these spur you into action to save the iconic Serengeti
Africa’s majestic savannas have given many of us unrivalled joy. To help you dream, we have two new blogs, courtesy ORYX’s Mike Dexter and ORYX guest Linda Clews. To keep you and your camera active while doing the responsible thing and staying at home, we would like to announce the new theme for our #ORYX – Escape the Isolation competition.
As I write this from an isolated island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, I hope that all ORYX guests and friends are staying healthy and safe.

The new dawn will come. In the meantime #ORYXletsdream 
Marius Coetzee & The ORYX Team


New Photo Competition theme announcement!

'LIGHT & SHADOWS' - the new and final theme for our #EscapeTheIsolation Photo Contest. Be sure to share your images with us on Instagram to stand a chance to win a photo tour of a lifetime to track Snow Leopards! Click the banner above for competition details.


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