To thank our faithful guests for all the support over the years, we are offering discounts* on some of our most popular scheduled photo tours: Brazil, Borneo and Botswana. Each destination boasts splendid wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities, and as always, hands-on photographic tutoring is provided courtesy of an experienced ORYX tour leader.


Rainforest Mammals & Birds Photo Tour

29 Apr - 11 May 2020
3 Spaces Available

Was $9,795 Now $9,060
Save $735 per person!

Why Borneo?

  • Endangered & endemic wildlife
    Memorable photographic moments abound in the jungles of Borneo where some of its most sought-after species include, but are not limited to, the endangered Orangutan, Bornean Pygmy Elephant, bulbous-nosed Proboscis Monkey and a wonderfully large range of colourful rainforest birds.
  • Some of the world's oldest rainforests
    Visit some of the most famous wildlife sites in Malaysian Borneo including Sepilok, the Kinabatangan River, Tabin Wildlife Reserve and Danum Valley. The latter is home to some of the oldest and most speciose tropical rainforest in the world - an incredible experience!
  • Perfect time of year
    Our tour takes place in April and May, which is a prime time as drier conditions at this time of year are more conducive to wildlife photography and viewing when compared to the wetter months on the island.
  • Small group
    Travel to this exotic location with like-minded individuals in a maximum group size of 6 photographers.

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Wildlife of the Pantanal Photo Tour

30 Jul - 9 Aug 2020
2 Spaces Available

Was BRL24,025 Now BRL21,623
Save BRL2,402 per person!

Why Brazil?

  • Jaguar & other wildlife highlights
    The Pantanal is saturated with a diverse array of wildlife and birds! Photographic highlights include the incomparable Jaguar, Giant River Otter, Hyacinth Macaw, Toco Toucan, Jabiru, Greater Rhea, Brazilian Tapir, Giant Anteater, Capybara and Yacare Caiman.
  • Largest tropical wetland in the world
    The largest wetland tropics, it is also the only place on earth where one is almost guaranteed to encounter a Jaguar. Sightings of this heavily-built cat have been getting better year on year, which is wonderful news for photographers.
  • Perfect time of year
    Our tour takes place in August, when rainfall is at its lowest and animals cluster around the shrinking lakes and rivers; bird and mammal concentrations can be very impressive!
  • Small group
    Travel to the heart of Brazil with a photography group comprising of a maximum of 6 guests.

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Savute & Khwai Photo Safari

10 - 18 Oct 2020
1 Space Available!

Was $8,450 Now $7,816
Save $634 per person!

Why Botswana?

  • A hub of African wildlife
    Botswana is a safari destination par excellence that offers an incredible wilderness experience and plays host to some of the finest locations for photography of Africa’s wildlife. Photograph Lion, Spotted Hyena, Elephant, Leopard, African Wild Dog, Cheetah, Cape Buffalo and other treasures in this wildlife saturated area.
  • Intriguing geography
    Northern Botswana is home to an intriguing geographical feature that has resulted in the montage of wetland, savanna, woodland and water between the Okavango and Kwando river systems. We will visit two different areas in the region for a mix of interesting interactions and photographic opportunities – the Khwai area borders the Okavango Delta and is excellent for Leopard and African Wild Dog, and the celebrated Savute is famous for its Lions and Elephants. Photographic opportunities are typically superb. 
  • Perfect time of year
    We have specifically designed this photo safari at the start of summer, when game viewing is typically excellent. Winter has passed, and temperatures rise quickly during the months of September and October, which sees both predator and prey congregating around waterholes.
  • 5-star luxury
    Stay at two of Botswana’s finest camps and indulge in 5-star accommodations with the highest level of comfort and service in remote Botswana.

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