Issue #2 - February 2023

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In this issue, we are introduced to the Kanplexity Guide, an expansion pack for Kanban, as defined by the Kanban Guide. Troy Magennis discusses Six Dimensions of Team Performance. After 10 years, Mike Burrows reflects on the post that changed his career. Jim Benson discusses the importance of people and collaboration in a workflow, while we have a video featuring Julia and Daniel Wester discussing how to manage flow in Jira. This issue finishes with an appearance on the Lean Agile Management podcast by Klaus Leopold and a discussion on Flight Levels.

Kanplexity Guide

source: Orderly Disruption Limited

Kanplexity is an expansion pack for Kanban, as defined by the Kanban Guide. It attempts to strike a balance between the competing forces of doing the right thing, the right way, quickly, predictably, repeatedly, and sustainably.

Six Dimensions of Team Performance

by Troy Magennis
source: Forecasting and Metrics Newsletter by Troy Magennis

In this article, Troy Magennis discusses the six dimensions of performance in flow-based systems that help teams to deliver the highest value to customers.


It’s 10 years since the post that changed my career

by Mike Burrows
source: Agendashift

Mike Burrows, auther of the seminal book Kanban From the Inside reflects on the 10 years since the publication of the post that he says changed his career.

Workflow is Made of People

by Jim Benson
source: Modus Institute

Jim Benson puts people at the centre of building a culture of continuous improvement in this post.

Managing flow in Jira

by Julia and Daniel Wester
source: 55 Degrees

The way your workflows and boards are designed can make measuring, managing and improving flow difficult, if not impossible. In this video, Julia and Daniel Wester discuss options for managing flow, use of flow metrics and thinking traps to avoid in designing your workflow.

Flying at Portfolio Level

source: Lean Agile Management Podcast

Klaus is an experienced computer scientist and a well-known Kanban pioneer – he was one of the first Lean Kanban trainers and coaches worldwide. In this episode of the LAMP podcast, you’ll learn how to enable your teams organisation to do the right work at the right time using the concept of Flight Levels.

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