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May 2021

Spotlight on Equity in Child Care and Early Education
This edition of Research Connections Library Highlights features publications about improving equity in child care and early education.
North Carolina Early Childhood Family Engagement and Leadership Framework
This resource was developed by a coalition of stakeholders—early childhood providers at state and local levels in partnership with families. It provides a framework for working with families to provide equitable early childhood systems that are centered on families and their communities.


Associations between Child and Administrator Race and Suspension and Expulsion Rates in Community Childcare Programs
This study examines the expulsion and suspension of children in community child care programs. The study reveals that Black and Hispanic children are twice as likely to face expulsion or suspension compared to other children. Additionally, the race of the program administrator does not have a significant association with the rate of suspension or expulsion.
Closer to Home: More Equitable Pre-K Access and Enrollment in Chicago
This descriptive study examines Chicago’s efforts to create more equitable enrollment in its school-based, full-day prekindergarten programs. The study compares patterns of enrollment and geographic access before and following the implementation of policies designed to increase enrollment among high-priority children (i.e., children of color, children from low-income families, and children who speak English as second language).
Early Childhood Education and Care Access for Children from Disadvantaged Backgrounds: Using a Framework to Guide Intervention 
This journal provides a framework (derived from a syntheses of the literature) showing the multiple factors that influence equitable access to quality early childhood education and care and the interaction of those factors. The article also explores existing interventions within the context of the framework.

Start with Equity: From the Early Years to the Early Grades: Data, Research, and an Actionable Child Equity Policy Agenda
This report reviews key policy areas that disproportionately disadvantage children of color and children with disabilities. It discusses inequities in early learning experiences and recommends policy steps at the federal and state levels to address these inequities and close opportunity gaps.

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