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Critical Topic: Physical Health & ECE

In this edition of Research Connections' News and Resources, you’ll find the following: Research Connections offers research resources for free. It also links to resources that are available for a fee (this is sometimes the case for articles in subscription-based journals). All of the resources in this newsletter are available to the public for free.
Research Connection Updates
Check out this feature available on the Research Connections website: Resources with Data from All States. Through this reference tool, you can review the Research Connections resources (such as data tables, state rankings, state profiles, and maps) that compile information on all states, including the District of Columbia (and, in some cases, United States territories).
Monthly Spotlight

National Survey of Early Care and Education (NSECE) Bibliography

This bibliography presents resources from the Research Connections library related to the NSECE. It can be a useful reference tool for researchers and policymakers and provide quick access to NSECE data sets, user guides, official research findings, and more.

Explore publications related to NSECE in the Research Connections library.
Other Featured Resources

Early Childhood Education and Care in the Time of COVID-19 [Special Issue]

This special issue collects articles from the United States and around the world regarding the impact of COVID-19 on the ECE sector. The articles cover a range of topics, such as remote learning for special education in the United States and the wellbeing of ECE providers during the pandemic.
Articles in this special issue are currently available to the public for free.

Find more resources on COVID-19 on the Research Connections COVID-19 Resources page.

Perspectives of Region XI Head Start Federal, Research, and Program Partners in Carrying Out a National Study of American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start Children, Families, and Programs

Four interested groups came together to successfully prepare the first national study of children served by Region XI Head Start programs.

Region XI Head Start directors, researchers affiliated with the Tribal Early Childhood Research Center (TRC), researchers from Mathematica, and federal staff from the Administration for Children and Families share their experiences preparing for AIAN FACES 2015 and discuss how lessons learned can be applied to future endeavors.

Explore additional research on Head Start/Early Head Start and American Indian and Alaska Native experiences on the Research Connections website.

Taking Stock of Dual Language Learner Identification and Strengthening Procedures and Policies

Identifying and engaging with dual-language learners (DLLs) and their families during early childhood years can significantly affect their ECE experience. This report discusses policies at the federal, state, and local levels regarding the identification of DLLs in early care and education programs.

Find more research on dual-language learners on the Research Connections website.

Critical Topic: Long-term Impacts of Child Care and Early Education
From running around on the playground to playing duck, duck, goose, what happens physically in early childhood can have lasting impacts throughout life. The following resources explore the relationship between early care and education and physical health.

You can find more resources on Early Care and Education and Physical Health in the Research Connections library.

Call for Presentations: ACF’s National Research Conference on Early Childhood 2022 (NRCEC 2022)

The NRCEC 2022 meeting will be held Monday, June 27 – Wednesday, June 29, 2022, at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA.  The NRCEC 2022 Planning Committee invites poster, paper symposium, and poster symposium proposals featuring relevant and rigorous recent empirical research. View the Call for Presentations 

Submission Deadline: November 29, 2021

The online submission site opened in October 2021. Stay tuned to the NRCEC 2022 website! An email notification will be sent once the submission site is open. You can sign up for email updates on the NRCEC 2022 website.
NEW! Secondary Data

The Child and Family Data Archive (CFData) is pleased to announce the release of data from the 2019 National Survey of Early Care and Education (ICPSR 37941).
The 2019 NSECE is a set of four nationally representative integrated surveys conducted in 2019 of
  1. households with children under age 13,
  2. home-based ECE providers,
  3. center-based ECE providers, and
  4. the center-based ECE provider workforce.
Together these four surveys characterize the supply of and demand for ECE in the United States and create a better understanding of how well families' needs and preferences coordinate with providers' offerings and constraints. The NSECE makes a particular effort to measure the experiences of families with low-incomes, as these families are the focus of a significant component of ECE and school-age public policy.
NSECE was first conducted in 2012. Before that effort, there had been a 20-year long absence of nationally representative data on the use and availability of ECE. The NSECE was conducted again in 2019 to update the information from 2012 and shed light on how the ECE and school-age care landscape changed from 2012 to 2019. The 2019 NSECE largely replicated the design of the 2012 NSECE; both are cross-sectional surveys with no intentional overlap in sampled households, providers, or the workforce.
You are encouraged to subscribe to the CFData listserv mailing list or email them directly at to receive their e-newsletter and more announcements.
Forecasted Funding Opportunities

The Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation (OPRE) of the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) plans to solicit applications in 2022 for multiple new grants.

Note: These funding opportunities are contingent on available funds and the continued interest of the federal government.

Visit the OPRE Grants page for more information and grant forecasts and funding opportunity announcements. If you are interested in these grant programs, go to to establish an account and subscribe subscribe to email notifications regarding these opportunities.

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