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Louis Byrne - I Can I Am and I Will

Louis Byrne Editorial Artist L’oreal Professional

Welcome to the ICIAIW 2022 September newsletter. This month’s newsletter we want to remind you to Never give up on yourself! 

I hope I have proved this to you all, I never gave up and now I’m delighted to tell you all my new title “Louis Byrne Editorial Artist L’oreal Professional”. There was a period in my life when I thought something like this was so far out of my reach, but it just goes to show when you “Flip the Fear” what you can achieve. Own your identity and embrace who you are. 

Keep on reading as I take a moment to journal and share my monthly letter with you all, no filter, no hiding pure honesty and pure heart. 

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A letter with love from Louis 
I was recently talking with Vicky McClure, and we were saying how we remembered simpler times with less worry, stress, and less serious and heavy situations to deal with, it feels like a long time ago. It seems that we have weekly and even daily we are faced with challenges.
I really do feel that part of the reason I feel like this is because I live a present life, what I mean by this is that I’m not escaping reality whenever I can with substances whether that be alcohol or drugs and I’m older now. For the past 4 years I’ve been creating a brand and a movement with the ethos of intention, community and meaning. A brand created out of my personal experience and out of my bedroom! It really has been a way for me to connect into my passion and connect with a community. One of the most valuable lessons along the way has to be connecting with my body and listening to what it has to say, coming from a space of wellbeing I have total clarity which allows me to grow. This comes from what I put into my body so as part of my monthly column with Creative Head magazine Life Advice with Louis Byrne I’ve collaborated with Nutrition Expert Jo Meadows.
Like so many elements of wellbeing I had no real idea of how to eat well or eating to feel full and functional. I would simply eat what I wanted or what I thought I wanted I love, junk food crisps, chocolate, and chips. I’ve been a hairdresser since I left School at 16 working long and hard salon hours feeding myself on fast food, using sugar as a stimulant to get through the days. I was riding high and falling low, not having any comprehension of what this was doing to my body and mood. In my wild days when I drank and used substances a lot, I would go for a few days without feeding my body any nutrients at all and I remember on the end of a heavy session my body would cramp up because it was so depleted and dehydrate. Then the hunger would come and all I would want to eat was sugar and fried food, substituting one poisonous substance for another. I would eat so much but never really being satisfied. 
Food has such an emotional connection whether it be control eating, meaning starving your body or overeating, these are very real things, and both cause physical and mental damage. I think it’s easy to connect food to how you visually look with appearance and body size, but what we need to pay much more attention to is the mental impact. Sugar is so addictive and really depressive; I once did a luxury wedding in Africa the hotel was the 4seasons the staff had warned everyone to keep their balcony doors locked as the baboons are addicted to sugar and break into the rooms for the sugar. My assistant and I were sharing a room and I woke in the middle of the night to a 5ft baboon next to my bed eating the sugar, they can’t get enough just like humans!
In 2016 I was in a dark place mentally, heavily drinking and using substances, starving my body, or gorging on sugar and junk food. I knew things had to change! I felt dirty and toxic, I was at the beginning of a breakdown which meant my choices were all wrong. I had zero concentration, zero perception, apart from a wonky one of my own, self-centred, and full of shame and regret. I was lucky enough to go to Body Camp, this is a plant-based mind and body retreat a weeklong experience, one that really helped to change my trajectory. I turned up to Body Camp on the end of a heavy session having not eaten or slept in a few days and really wanting to experience something from life that I had not before.  It’s here where I started to change my mindset towards foods and where I saw first-hand the benefits of wellbeing and feelings that hadn’t been chemically enhanced. I felt fresh, I felt fucking incredible. Fun fact I’m the first ever Body Camp Triple Champion, I even have a certificate. It opened my eyes to my inner strength, and I gained clarity and that’s from feeding your body for fuel and to thrive at your best. Taking time to understand how we function as humans and looking at food for fuel and understanding the negative impacts of things like sugar. Even down to my own control over food some foods. You’re on camp for a week and its vegan, all really balanced health foods, the follow up is when your home it isn’t 100% like it was at the camp but I defiantly make informed conscious choices that don’t lead to me feeling regret or shame. It’s a hard cycle to break but I defiantly recommend it, flip the fear, and feed your body and your mind. The aim for the ICIAIW Empowerment movement is to educate and inspire people onto a life of wellbeing, start your journey and join the ICIAIW community. 

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Corporate pledge - ICIAIW PLEDGE Official 🌈✨
Motivation - Empowerment - Wellbeing 

At ICIAIW we believe in positive empowering storytelling, and we have a positive story from September for you. I Can I Am and I Will, Motivation, Empowerment and Wellbeing, pledge Louis Byrne and Vicky McClure are at it again. To celebrate the launch of the Louis Byrne's ICIAIW Pledge, they have created a new haircut for Vicky McClure…Introducing “The Shag” and we wanted to share some behind the scenes of the shoot with you. To find out how your company can make their ICIAIW Inclusivity Pledge please contact with the subject “Pledge” and we can create an empowerment package that works for you and your company. @vicky.mcclure co-founder of @byo_films & @all3media_int Pledge their company Lgbtqia Identity community support and awareness. 
Photography @liam_bundy
@lorealpro_education_uki @lorealpro @lwprteam @stellarrepresents 
@premierhairandmakeup @creativeheadmag @britishbeautycouncil
#icaniamandiwill #icaniamandiwillbylouisbyrne #icaniamandiwillpledge
My Nan Josephine Bryant 

She’s 90 years old people!
She’s has had Covid twice, moved to a care home two years ago and is thriving. She has a community around her, and I am so proud of her, what a beauty. Mindset is everything we all experience things, we all experience change. We must open our minds and move forward ❤️‍🔥 LOVE YOU NAN ❤️‍🔥❤️
@liam_bundy and I stopped off to take some images for the movement a few months back.

#empowerment #wellbeing #wellness #mind #mindset #reset #mindsetreset #love #nan #family #familytime#positivevibes #positivity

I am thrilled to let you all know that I’m officially working with @lorealpro and we are off to a strong start launching the #metaldetoxoil ,a transformative oil enriched with Glicoamine. A clever molecule small enough to remove the excess copper inside the hair fibre. It’s lightweight yet luxurious texture is instantly absorbed by hair, leavings protective finish for up to 97% less hair breakage and two times more. 
Skill + wellbeing = creativity.
Never give up on yourself, anything is possible and I am so happy to be part of the L’Oréal family ✨
My first official role as
Editorial Artist for 

Thanks to everyone involved over the last couple of day it’s been a blast 💥 and as my first official role as Editorial Artist for @lorealpro
I was involved in an event to promote the new oil by #metaldetox
I was able to show the performance of the product on the guests and we all received a gorgeous bracelet which I LOVE! The product is seriously good, I’ve been using it in my kitbag for a while now, the texture is so unique, and the science is brilliant. Give it a try. Thanks @amberrosegill and your beautiful curls, and to all the other guests that sat In my chair over the last two days.

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What a trip 🇫🇷❤️‍🔥 @lorealpro

I had the best time thank you @lorealpro for looking after me.
It was so nice to meet the international team, promoting the@
#metaldetoxlorealpro range Metal Detox, the first-ever professional detox product range ✨
The Metal Detox protocol by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris represents the first-ever application for this innovation, through a professional product range built around a three-step process:
Step 1: A pre-treatment that neutralizes metal before color, balayage and bleach services. 
Step 2: An anti-metal cleansing cream that detoxifies the hair after the service. 
Step 3: A protecting care that prevents new particles from coming back.
A scientifically tested and proven innovation.

@lorealpro_education_uki @premierhairandmakeup @stellarrepresents
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Fashion & Beauty

New work & smiles ✨
How gorgeous is she @palomafaith 
Photography @elljmorgan
Makeup @lanslondon
Hair @louisbyrneiciaiw using @lorealpro  @premierhairandmakeup

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Please sponsor me, I’m running the Royal Parks half marathon for Teenage Cancer Trust
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Take time for self-care

I was treated to a bit of self-care yesterday as part of #britishbeautyweek 💋I paid a visit to @lansartlondonevent at @urban_retreat  The gorgeous @yongchinbreslin gave me a @seoulista_beauty hand and face mask and massage and it was incredible❤️‍🔥 thanks so much for you time and touch .Definitely in these times it so important to care for yourself💥 It was a great event and I am thankful to have been there.

#sefcare #beauty #face #facemask #handmask #refreash #refreshing #ICIAIW #icaniamandiwill#icaniamandiwillbylouisbyrne
Reformer Pilates Monkey on the Cadillac 🙈 @nobupilatesofficial

Learning how to do the Monkey with @matteo.cruciani1 and we are pushing my training that bit further ✨Always a great session, thank you. There is room for improvement, but we have to start somewhere🙈

@nobupilatesofficial @pilatesbymarsha @nobupilatesofficial
#feelthebyrne #icaniamandiwill #fitnessmotivation #fitness #mindfulness #wellness #wellbeing #nobu#mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters
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Friday night push 🍑

Working on My glutes with @larisakhul 💗💗
It was a 7.30pm session on a Friday eve and if felt knackered going into it however, I did it, I achieved it, and I feel it! I 
Growth comes from hard work and pushing yourself✨
For me the most important thing is such to feel both mentally and physically strong 💪Thank you @larisakhul

#fitness #fitnessjourney #fitover40 #fitnessmotivation
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Features & Articles
Wellbeing Manifestation journal

Yes people, I’ve launched a book of LOVE 💗
A journal full of community colour & life and a tool to help you look at your choices and to look at behaviour 🧠Because seeing is believing and it’s time to take control. Journaling was a huge part of my self-discovery and recovery💋 It’s never too late to take back control on your life. Own your identity embrace who you are! We all have a story to tell and with the ICIAIW community we can connection 💥 Click here for the link to the article. A huge thanks to @esteticamagazine for all your support on the movement.

@lorealpro_education_uki @lorealpro @lwprteam @stellarrepresents @premierhairandmakeup
#empowerment #iciaiw #icaniamandiwill #louisbyrne #journaling
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Hairdressers journal

@hairdressersjournal ✨❤️‍🔥
A massive thanks to hairdressersjournal for his piece on my empowerment movement I Can I Am and I Will. Empowering and exciting times ahead. We all have a story to tell, everyone through self-discovery can thrive, be motivated and inspired. Own your identity embrace who you are.I am really excited to tell you the my confession booth will be at salon International this year✨, so come confess as we build Community & connection ❤️‍🔥 Thanks 
@jaynelewisorr for your amazing support ✨
Click here to view the article.

@lwprteam @stellarrepresents @premierhairandmakeup @lorealpro_education_uki  
#empowerment #connection#community #wellness
Celebrity Hair
Vicky McClure – The shag 💥

@vicky.mcclure popped round mine for a quick shag!
The haircut I’m talking of obvs! A year’s growth and look at her mane 🔥🔥 Haircut @louisbyrneiciaiw@lorealpro styled with #metaldetoxoil the perfect product to enhance your hair’s natural magic ✨

@hrhprincessjulia @stellarrepresents @lorealpro_education_uki @lwprteam
#vickymcclure #vickymcclurehair #hair #haircut #hairstyles #hairinspo #lorealpro #brandpartner #friends#friendship #fringe #theshag
Emma Willis - The voice 

It’s back people @thevoiceuk @itv
Hair for @emmawillisofficial high shine high bun to Kick off this series clean modern and chic.
Hair @louisbyrneiciaiw using @lorealpro #metaldetoxoil @premierhairandmakeup
Makeup @amandahbowen
Styling @leahbinnallstylist

#hairbylouisbyrne #louisbyrne #hair #hairstyles #hairinspo #hairinsta #emmawillis
Vicky McClure – All the LOLS 😆
Here’s a little #bts to brighten up your day, I can’t say what it’s for yet but with the gorge @vicky.mcclure look how long her hair is, and the fabulous @celena_hancock 
Vicky's hair is styled using #metaldetoxoil to enhance the national texture hair @louisbyrneiciaiw @premierhairandmakeup
@lorealpro @lorealpro_education_uki
Makeup @celena_hancock
#hairbylouisbyrne #brandpartner #ICIAIW #vickymcclure #vickymcclurehair #hair #naturalhair #texture#identity #empowerment #smiles #laugh #friends #lorealpro
Indira 📸

I had a great day shooting with 
@indiravarma it is always a pleasure ❤️‍🔥
Makeup @justinejenkins
Styling @katesinclair___

@lorealpro @premierhairandmakeup @lorealpro_education_uki
#louisbyrnehair #hairbylouisbyrne #indiravarma #hair #metaldetoxoil #curls #hairoil #hairoiltreatment#metaldetoxlorealpro
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