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200 Club Newsletter

Welcome to the October 2022 edition of the 200 Club Newsletter. Each month I provide you, the members of the 200 Club, with an update on winners, money raised, and any other relevant news.

Thank you for your continued financial support of the parish.

New record membership!

We are now up to an incredible 263 entries per month. This is now the tenth month in a row when our membership has grown. This is absolutely astounding and a testament to endless generosity of you all. As a result of the continuing surge in membership there is a very special prize fund announcement. (See article below.)

A very warm welcome to all members who have joined recently, and heartfelt thanks to all of you who play every month.

The winner takes it all

The draw for September took place earlier today for the winners of three £100 prizes.

The lucky winners were Barry James, Grace Hendry-Nash, and Anna Devine.

Congratulations to them.

The punt for bread (October)

There will be three £100 prizes in next month's draw which will take place in the first week of November.

All payments to be received on or before the 31st of October please.

Fellowship of the bling

As many of you no doubt remember, we have always had a special £500 prize at Christmas, rather than the usual £300. This year however, due to the extraordinary revenues from membership sales, we have a massive surplus in the prize fund.

There will therefore be an incredible £1,000 to be won - ten £100 prizes - in the December draw, double the normal amount, making it our biggest prize fund ever! All paid-up members on 31st December will have a chance to win.

This is a great opportunity to recruit new members, so please download the poster here and share the advert far and wide. New members can join on the website here, or you can now buy a gift membership (see below) here.

All I want for Christmas is two (hundred club)

You can now buy a gift membership for the 200 Club for a friend or a member of your family. A one year subscription costs £60, after which time we will contact either you or the recipient (your choice) to find out what you would like to do next. We’ll also send you a bespoke 200 Club membership card which you can give to your recipient. To purchase contact Chris McLaughlin (details below) or click here.

To help make your gift membership extra special, all entries bought before 31st December will be eligible for the special £1,000 Christmas draw.

If your name's not on the list, you're not getting win

I appreciate you're probably a bit sick of me pushing this, but there are still a lot of you I don't have contact details for; which means if you win I won't be able to get you your prize.

All members are politely reminded to please register their contact details on the parish website here, and to keep them up to date with any changes. Thanks again.

The Count (ah, ah, ah!)

There were 263 paid entries in September. The monthly profit for the parish after prizes was £1,015. The club has generated a total profit of £7,905 for the parish funds so far in 2022. The projected annual profit for 2022 is currently £10,250.

Thank you to all members.


Thank you all very, very, very much for playing the 200 Club each month and helping to support the parish.

On behalf of myself, Canon Stephen and the parish council, please know you really make a huge difference and we really appreciate it.

A spider on the wall

The 200 Club has achieved extraordinary things in the last year thanks to all of you, but we still have a massive spend in front of us.

With the exciting news about gift membership and the incredible £1,000 Christmas draw, I'm again begging you all to please, please, please, 
ask your friends or family if they would also like to contribute to the parish by joining the 200 Club.

By introducing additional prizes, I have removed the previous limit of 200 entries in the monthly draw. They can find full instructions on the parish website here. If you would like to take out any additional entries, just amend your standing order accordingly and then contact me to let me know.

Who's that guy?

Christopher McLaughlin is a Saint Joseph's parishioner, technology guru, beer brewer extraordinaire, low-altitude motor car pilot, bookie for charity, and cultivator of chins. He is also a husband, father and child-herder. He runs the 200 Club, the parish eBulletin and website, and writes this newsletter. He is occasionally accused of comedy. He attends the 10am Mass on Sundays and doesn't mind at all if you come and talk to him about the 200 Club, as it gives him a break from chastising his children.

Contact information

If you have any questions, or require any help concerning the 200 Club please contact me, Chris McLaughlin, by email at or by telephone, text, or WhatsApp on 07957644546. The 200 Club page on the parish website has information on how the club works, and full instructions on how to join.

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