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The prestige of these four South African houses are about as close to royalty one gets without sleeping with one. By most accounts, throwing back a few of these tasty delights seem like a far more dependable experience anyway...

I was fortunate enough to slip into a massive tasting in London recently and work through the lions share of most of these wines today. Aside from a hangover that may, with luck go away by Q2 of this year, I was thrilled by them, with memories of the quality we enjoyed from 2017 abounding in the 2020`s & `21's - especially for whites in 2021. There is a Mac-Truck load of wines behind the Big Red Button today, so instead of listing them all, I will drop a brief introduction to each winery below and then sit under my desk with a few Panadols and my customer service hard-hat on...

After much wrangling we have landed the chance to conduct an online tasting with Eben Sadie as soon as his harvest is over. The tasting is sponsored with terrific value for attendees. Anybody purchasing his wines today will get first right of access to the tasting.

The Wineries:

The Rupert family dynasty stretches far into Africa, with fortunes made from tobacco, spirits, and after a spin-off after the death of Antonij, into global luxury brands such as Mont Blanc, Piaget and Cartier (sorry France)...

The winery is in one of the most beautiful parts of the Cape  on the L’Ormarins Wine Estate. Its always interesting when the one percent go into wine because they are not necessarily bound by the restraints of capital, which is always the bane of the average winemaking project.

From this comes a sumptuous array of world class wines, amongst which we have their entry level Antonij Rupert Optima, which is for me possibly the best value proposition in South Africa - hands down...

Adie Badenhorst is certainly one of maybe two people most closely aligned with the resurgence of the Swartland into the goliath of a region that it is today. He echoes Rhone with his reds, using varietals with panache and flair.

The vines are all ancient and low-yielding and its a wonder that he can produce such class of wines at the prices that he charges.

Look out for sensational Chenin Blanc from him. It is a constant top performer in global Chenin competitions.

Badenhorst is the cornerstone of the annual Swartland Revolution held in situ. If you ever  wanted to immerse yourself in the wild and oftentimes unhinged love of a good time that people from that part of the world seem to have in their blood - that is a very good place to start.

Our customers are no strangers to this husband and wife team's wines, but it bears mentioning that their single vineyard Chenin's are some of the best on the planet.

We bought every bottle allocated to Singapore and they are here today - all 18 bottles of them...

Pinotage picks its friends for the most part, but I am yet to find somebody not get a kick out of their's. I usually pour it blind and wait for them to declare undying love before I  tell them where it comes from and what it is....

The logo on the left says it all. Demand for Eben's wines far outstrips supply and there's a waiting list for the client list ...

We are particularly jazzed to be able to show a thimble-full of his range today. 2020 and 2021 are going down in the history books as some of his best ever wines. I have seen this body of work in its entirety and there really isn't a single thing that is worth leaving aside.

If I had my back to the Braaivleis and HAD to choose a favourite it would probably be the "Skerpioen" Chenin Blanc/Palomino 2021 (TA 97) from the whites and from the reds, the Pofadder Cinsault 2021 (NM 97) in all its silky, seductive brilliance...
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