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Its not often that we are able to prise back vintage out of the clawed, wizened hands of the negotiants but the buyers have done it today ...

Giscours stands proudly amongst the greats of Margaux, with its tapestry of sumptuous Cabernet driven blend. To date its been one of those wines that still remain great value for money, especially if you do a little Google Map mosey around their neighbourhood.

When I ponder over what may be the wine world's most ruthlessly effective monopoly - the 1855 Classification - I sometimes allow my aged hackles to raise a bit over how unfair it is for so many producers. Whilst I am far from an effective historian in any sense of the word, my understanding is that some good old boys got together and decided they would call themselves the First Growths and then they scattered blessings to the lower quality (and lower priced) castes below.

Not to denigrate in any way the quality of what is sold as 1st Growths, but it seems to me that some 3rd growths got a bad wrap. The upside to this the price point. To this end we find relatively awesome value here today with Chateau Giscours Grand Cru Classe 3rd Growth. 

If you decide that you can't possibly refuse the chance to taste two impressive vintages side by side, I dare say that you will find similarities between the 2016 and 2019 within the spectrum of richness and ripeness. It will be a Sophies Choice deciding between the two as a final race but then again - life's too short to get too beat up over these little things. They are coming from the same ex-cellar source and are in immaculate condition, with the 2019's available as OWC if you prefer...

You will find Cairossa 2018 (Toscana) behind the Big Red Button as well - which is also owned by Eric Albada Jelgersma along with Chateau du Tertre. How he even gets up in the morning, faces his day and decides what to drink first is totally beyond me...

The Wines:
Chateau Giscours 2016 (JS 96)
(81% Cab then Merlot) (A very very good year for merlot right across Bordeaux))

24 Available

""This has attractive, glossy, ripe red-plum and licorice aromas with cedar, flowers and red berries, as well as a stony edge. A very fragrant, cabernet-driven nose..."
Suckling 96

Wine Enthusiast 96

Chateau Giscours 2019 (JS 97, WA 95) (OWC 12)
(65% cabernet sauvignon and 35% merlot)

36 Available

#4 James Suckling's 10 Best Value 2019 Bordeaux

$126 net
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