Newsletter // September 2021

Dear ESIS Community,

Our new Academic Year has started with great energy. We welcome back our old students who have been joined by over 40 new students.  We also have enriched our curriculum across the school and in High School we have added some new electives, including Human Geography, Environmental Science, Digital Citizenship and Culture and 2D Art.

This semester we continue to focus on reading and I would like to thank those parents who ensured their children completed the summer reading during the holidays. Bridging the gap between reading at home and at school enabled these students to return with the reading habit and start the new academic year with reading confidence.   

For those students who live on campus, I am delighted that we have Inés Veillón back each Sunday to run our Study Hall. This takes place from 5pm to 7pm and all students are encouraged to attend. It is the perfect time in the weekend for any students who have not completed their homework and would like a quiet place to study and the support of a teacher to help guide them.


Enjoy our first newsletter and remember to look out for one at the end of each month!

Head of School

Upcoming Events

OCT 02
Official SAT Exam
11th and 12th grades ONLY
7:45 - 12:30

OCT 04 - OCT 08
Challenger Tournament
Tournament takes place at the Emilio Sanchez Academy on our campus

OCT 12
Columbus Day

OCT 22
PYP Unit of Inquiry Review
No classes in Elementary

OCT 26
Official PSAT-NMSQT Exam
11th graders only
14:30 - 18:00

NOV 01
All Saint's Day

Introducing Our New Teachers
We are so pleased to welcome two new instructors to our teaching team, Allan Wager and Josep Martí. Both bring years of teaching experience in their respective fields and fresh, new ideas to our teaching team. Allan has joined our Math department and Josep our Catalan and Spanish department. They have both taken the time to tell us a little more about themselves.
Allan is originally from Amsterdam, New York and was introduced to teaching over 29 years ago while he was in the Peace Corps serving in Malawi. There, he taught math and physics at a secondary school in a remote village, and was invited to study at Columbia University. He decided to focus on math after being inspired by a very passionate math professor. "I know maths is challenging for most students, but I enjoy teaching maths because, when a student’s curiosity is piqued, it is exciting to witness. And, when that curiosity is not there, I accept the challenge to open their eyes a bit more and let the beauty of maths reveal itself," said Allan.  "I also like to help dispel the idea that there is only one way to solve a problem. I very much enjoy seeing how students approach the process of solving a problem." He has taught in such varied places around the world as China, Poland, and the UAE before settling in Barcelona in 2013. This year, Allan looks forward to getting to
know our community, participating in our activities, and challenging our students to be creative mathematicians.

In addition to math, Allan is passionate about cooking. He enjoys learning about the ingredients and flavors from around the world, trying out new recipes, and cooking for his friends. "I suppose the curiosity I have for cooking and for learning about new things in general finds its way into my teaching style. I am curious how students are thinking about the connections among numbers and variables given for the concept we might be working on," he explains. Just like there are many people who don't like to cook because it takes too much time, there are people who don't like math because it seems too difficult. He sees his role in the classroom like that of a chef - showing students the recipe(s) and ingredients to understanding and solving complex problems.
Josep hails from Barcelona and is passionate about the Social Sciences. He has studied many facets of History including Cinema, Anglo-Saxon America, and Contemporary Society and Politics at the University of Barcelona. He received his teaching credentials then interned at Pompeu Fabra University in Martorell.  He has investigated how the evolution of cinema and social factors are interlinked, and even learned about film documentation practices at the Archive Film Library of Catalunya.  As a
person, teaching is part of Josep's temperament, and he uses the topics he has studied to connect to his students. "The Social Sciences help teens position themselves and become responsible for the society they want to build," Josep explained. By learning the language of the local culture, our students will be more connected to the local customs, environment, and people. "I am very happy to be part of this educational project and a member of the ES American School community," added Josep. 
The Year Ahead for Elementary

In the Elementary School this year, teachers will work with the IB consultant to begin preparing for the 2024 evaluation visit. As a teaching team, they will review the new Programme Standards and Practices in conjunction with their 2019 PYP Authorization Report to choose areas they can improve upon. The emphasis will be placed on those areas which they feel would have the most positive impact on student learning (for example, assessment practices or collaborative planning).

For each identified area, they will create a ‘’Programme Development Plan’’. The duration of each plan is expected to be between 1 and 3 years. However, they aim to have their first plan ready to implement in January 2022. By June 2022, they plan to begin the next step in the process – the Self-Study Questionnaire. Just as they expect their students to continually reflect and improve, they hold themselves to the same rigorous standards.

Spirit Team Reveal Party
This year is off to an exciting start in so many ways! To welcome all of our students back to school and reveal their Spirit Teams at the same time, we decided to have a pool party on September 3rd. Students were invited to jump into our campus pool and get to know their new classmates and teachers better.
The Spirit Teams were revealed and team building started immediately. Students and teachers from all across the different departments of our school will work together throughout the year to perform challenges, show excellent character, and be rewarded for their hard work and demonstration of school values. We look forward to seeing what you all will do this year!
Who We Are

The first Unit of Inquiry this year is 'Who We Are'. This broad topic allows Elementary students of all ages and levels express and expand their ideas about who they are and what their position in the world is. Since our student population is so international and diverse, this unit gives each student a voice and agency to inquire about their own world.

Many interesting activities have happened so far

this semester. First, students were curious about the older students in the school community. They wanted to know more about their values and beliefs, so they decided to interview them. They bravely asked Middle and High School students about their cultures. In Spanish and Catalan, students learned the vocabulary for the parts of the body and went on a field trip to learn more about the local Catalan traditions surrounding the Barcelona festival, La Merce.

Click to see more photos of the Elementary School Trip to Barcelona
Enriching Our Curriculum

At ES American School we constantly update and enrich our curriculum to provide the very best opportunities for our students' futures. As mentioned in the newsletter introduction, we have added several new electives in high school and also additional AP courses. Some of the AP courses, specifically AP Calculus and AP English Literature, now take place during core curriculum time. This enables many of our students to take an increased number of AP courses that provide the challenge and rigor of college level work while providing them the opportunity to achieve college credits before graduating high school.  

Digital Citizenship and Culture replaced our high school Journalism elective as it enables students to dive further into exciting areas such as fake news, media literacy, and other useful  21st century skills. They will still be creating our beloved magazine that is released each semester.

Our new 2D Art course is a student favorite and strengthens our curriculum links with our sister school in Naples, Florida. This is essential for those students who wish to do a semester exchange program or just let their creativity flourish and shine!

In middle school, in addition to providing projects and alternative assessments in their core classes, students in the enrichment program are learning a variety of useful and exciting skills. Currently they are studying photography skills such as the rule of thirds and how to use line, texture and color to tell a story. On September 30th, they took an excursion, along with the 2D Art students, into Barcelona to further develop their skills and put their creative energy to work.

Our student Advisory Program is something we take very seriously at ES American School. We are very conscious that our students need to have effective opportunities to develop the personal and social skills they need as they move towards adulthood. There are many hurdles that they face along this journey, and our Advisory Program gives them a safe space to explore, discuss, and develop the confidence to become

their authentic selves. This year in high school, the Leadership Team has taken on the roles of advisors under the oversight of our Guidance Counselor Ms. Ferrara. In addition, Ms. Ferrara also guides the middle school teachers as they deliver the Advisory Program to their students.  Helping our students do and become their best is our number one goal.
Introducing the 2021-2022
Student Council 
We are very proud to introduce our Student Council members for this year!

President: Andreas Chapides

Vice President: Leana Monteiro

Secretary: Dylan Cheon Rondon

9th Grade Representative: Roman Ussoyan

Middle School Representatives: Jagoda Rafal, Raqeem Virani

Elementary Representatives: Sana Jain, Aitana Pesquera Navarro

Special thanks to 2D Art students for taking these lovely portraits!

Learning Moments at a Glance

Students in Mr. Gaudin's  high school 2D Art class has a real eye for detail! They have been honing their black and white photography skills by taking portraits around campus.
Click to see more portrait photos from the 2D Art class!

Middle school students celebrated the success of their annual Paddle tournament for charity. This year, the funds they raised will go to help children with cancer.

Students in Mr. Marti's high school Spanish class work together in groups to answer questions about jobs and daily rountines.

Mr. Wager makes learning visual in his high school Honors Physics class.

Get caught reading! This fun and rewarding campus wide initiative inspires students to read wherever and whenever they can. We encourage reading of physical and digital books and will highlight any effort to read!

Students in Dr. Boerkamps' 10th grade Chemistry class conducted a Density Lab to determine what material objects are made of.
Advice For New Students
Listen to the advice our alumni Rachel Hermanova from the class of 2021 gives to our new students.
We do so much more than can fit in a newsletter!

The mission of ES American School is to be an exemplary learning and athletic community. We challenge ourselves to be better through an emphasis on critical thinking, and intellectual and social awareness. Students develop a passion for learning through individualized support in a nurturing environment. Our success is founded on effective communication and an engaging academic curriculum. 
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