Newsletter // October 2021

Dear Families and Friends, 

I am writing to you following an excellent Spirit House Halloween Event that we have all just attended. Every student and teacher made a great effort to produce interesting and creative costumes, sketches and chants within their Spirit House teams. I hope you are able to get a flavor of the fun we had from the photos in this edition of the newsletter. 

FINAL EXAMS  - I am receiving requests from families for students to leave early for the winter vacation. Please be aware that I am unable to give permission for any requests for early leave. This is because we would have to find additional teachers to proctor individual exams if they were to take place out of the set exam time. Also, teachers would have to write several different exams to ensure the integrity of our testing process is maintained. The Academic Calendar is set many months in advance and we always ensure there is a long, 3 week winter holiday to enable students who live further afield to get back and spend quality time with their families. Final Assessments will finish on Friday, December 17 at 16:00 for Middle School students and 18:30 for High School students. Please ensure your travel arrangements are made accordingly. 

All parents should have been able to access their child’s Mid Term Progress Comments. These are written to further help students to improve their learning habits, highlight which skills they need to work on, and accelerate the progress they make for the Final Grade Report in December. They are also designed so parents can support their children within the areas they need it most. If you have not yet accessed the report, please email our Academic Administrator, Angelina Izzo – who will be able to guide you through this process. 

As always, if you wish to meet with me at anytime to discuss your child’s progress, general academics, or their hopes and dreams, remember that my door is always open. 

I look forward to seeing those of you who can make it onto campus.

Thank you for your continued support,


Head of School

Upcoming Events

NOV 01
All Saint's Day

NOV 25
Thanksgiving Luncheon
A community lunch event organized by Student Council and La Masia restaurant
12:00 - 14:00

DEC 04
Official SAT Exam
11th and 12th graders only
07:45 - 12:30

DEC 06 - DEC 08
Day of the Immaculate Conception
Long holiday weekend

DEC 06 - 13
Final Exam Revision Days
Middle and High School students

DEC 14 - 17
Final Exam Days
Middle and High School students

DEC 18
Recommended Departure Date
For students of all grades who are traveling for the winter holiday

Fall is in the Air
All around campus, feelings of the season are visible. Celebrations are taking place, decorations are being hung, and costumes are being worn. For many students, this is their favorite time of year because of the fun memories they make. 
We would like to give a special thanks to the Change Makers for making our office look so spooky!
Festa Major del Colegio

In Elementary, the first Unit of Inquiry ended on Thursday, October 21. Throughout the unit, students inquired into cultures: what they are, the beliefs and values present in different cultures, and how they can be shared. They shared their learning with our community during two culminating events, the Festa Major and the Fall Festival, which were very exciting and fun.

At  the Festa  Major, we  celebrated  the local culture. Lower Elementary students helped write a story about the Gegant (giant)         

del Pi. "The giant is the most important character in the Festa Major and represents Barcelona culture," explained 5th grader Aitana, "But the devils are important too."

Upper Elementary students read this story and accompanied it with a song on the flute for our audience before leading the parade of giants, dressed in their own giant creations. "My favorite part of the Festa Major was that we all danced together, and that we got to represent my culture and what traditions we do," recalled Aitana.

Lower and Upper Elementary students also designed stations for the Fall Festival. Each station included different aspects of cultures they chose to research and share. For example, they included food, clothing, traditional crafts, music, and sports. "We all did projects and typed on the computer for our opinion writing," described 2nd grader Sana. "We all did our projects about a different country like America, Russia and

Kazakhstan." PYP parents, the Leadership Team, and middle school students and teachers joined us in celebrating our learning. They all enjoyed delicious snacks and exciting games to play. "My favorite part of the Fall Festival was sharing my poster with everyone," concluded Sana.

Next, the Elementary students are looking forward to starting their second Unit of Inquiry – How We Express Ourselves!

Halloween in the Spirit Houses
By: Andreas, Student Council President
It has been a spooky month for our Spirit Houses. In our last two meetings, we have been preparing 'scary' Halloween costumes for the second annual costume competition. We are so proud of the team captains for their leadership and guidance, especially when working with the youngest members of our school. The teams worked very hard and came up with some fantastic costumes, chants, and choreography.
Click to see more photos from Halloween!
A big congratulations goes out to the winners of this year’s competition, The Blue Sharks! They are now in first place, with a score of 820 points! The competition is still very tight, and we look forward to the effort all teams continue to put in throughout the semester.
Art From Around the World
As part of the Elementary School's first Unit of Inquiry, Ms. Hopkins' students enjoyed an artistic trip around the world. Several guest speakers came to their classroom to teach them about different styles of art and craft from such varied places as China, Japan, and India. 
Students participated in a Chinese string art demonstration, a Japanese Manga comic design class, and an Indian Rangoli creation activity. Students learned about the history of these styles as well as their significance culturally and artistically. What a great opportunity!
Click to see more photos from the World Art lessons.
Science is Everything Around Us

For today's students, science and technology are an integral part of their studies. Starting in Elementary School where the basic understanding of physical science is developed, up through Middle and High School, students use hands-on experiences to deepen their ideas about what science is. Veteran science teacher Dr. Boerkamps describes, "Science is the study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world around us." She adds, "It ranges from your own body to the environment we live in." It is such a broad concept and takes a skilled instructor to help guide students to learn to their fullest potential.

During Dr. Boerkamps' studies in Chemistry and Environmental Science, she became interested in the problems that can occur when we contaminate the world around us. At the time she did her PhD, there was a lot of pollution. 

"I decided to focus on cleaning the mess up instead of working on products which would contribute to more pollution," she recalled. 

Dr. Boerkamps strives to provide her students with a variety of activities during which students work together and no student will be left behind. This year she plans to include Interactive and hands-on labs, critical reading activities, working with and designing models and using math to explain flow charts, graphs and tables. "I am committed to guide my students to be the best scientist they can be," she said.

Today we find ourselves in a world with a lot of environmental challenges. Dr. Boerkamps feels the urgency to raise awareness that every individual has the task to contribute their share to try and make the world a cleaner place so that future generations can also enjoy it. She plans to do that, one experiement at a time.

Chemistry Honors teacher Mr. Rios is a trained Chemical Engineer. He knows the importance of truly understanding the material which is a higher level of learning that just having knowledge. "I prefer students to understand what is behind a chemical process, rather than memorizing the applications of it," he explained. This year in his

classes, he plans to maximize problem solving by using real-world examples that will bring Chemistry to life for his students. In addition, he hopes to take his class on more excursions to several science exhibitions in CosmoCaixa. "Science is one of the most important subjects in school, because everything in your daily life can be explained through science," he concluded. 

Student Council Updates
By Andreas, Student Council President

I feel honored to be the president of ESAS, as I will try to do anything but the impossible to achieve our common goals and ideas. The events that I am planning for this year as a president are that each class will plant a certain amount of trees, honoring Earth Day by turning all the lights off for an hour, hosting a collection and donation of clothes and rackets to the community before Christmas, and many more that will come later in the year.

The Student Council members are very ambitious, and our advisors Mr. Rios and Ms. Morrison are thrilled to see what big ideas we can come up with. They will support my goal to plant more trees around campus and promote activities for environmental awareness. Up next on our agenda is the school-wide Thanksgiving feast. Time to get to work! The big day is only a few weeks away!

Learning Moments at a Glance

Students in Mr. Gaudin's 2D Art classes went on a field trip to Sitges to soak in the beauty of this local town. The colors, architecture, and lovely sea front were inspiring to all.

Mr. Green's Algebra 1 students worked together to share their different methods of solving a problem.

Students in Mr. Lopez's 6th grade math class practiced making fractions outside with natural materials.

Team building has been an important focus of Dr. Boerkamps' 7th grade advisory time this month.

High school students in Mrs. Rodriguez's Spanish class presented on volcanoes in response to the volcanic eruption happening in the Canary Islands.

12th graders in Mr. Collins' British Literature class wrote Shakespearean sonnets after reading his plays.
Proud of Our Students!
Listen to our High School student Kael describe the values of EFFORT and DEDICATION that he demonstrates on the court.
We do so much more than can fit in a newsletter!

The mission of ES American School is to be an exemplary learning and athletic community. We challenge ourselves to be better through an emphasis on critical thinking, and intellectual and social awareness. Students develop a passion for learning through individualized support in a nurturing environment. Our success is founded on effective communication and an engaging academic curriculum. 
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