• Atlas Progress Update: 1800+ atlasers
  • Atlas skills: How to atlas for nocturnal species
  • April challenge: Enter nocturnal checklists to win an Atlas cap
  • Species Spotlight: American Woodcock
  • Events: April Kick-off, Big Atlas Weekend
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April 2021 Update
More than 1800 atlasers have now contributed to the NY BBA III, confirming 213 species breeding across 4,393 atlas blocks.

New York's early breeding species are getting more active, including species like Northern Cardinals, chickadees, Mourning Doves, and woodpeckers that are busy courting. The species confirmed in the most new blocks in March were American Crow (29 new blocks), Bald Eagle (24), Common Raven (22), and Red-tailed Hawk (21).

Atlas Skill: Nocturnal Atlasing!

Atlasing at night opens up a whole new perspective to birding. Great Horned Owl © Stephen Hurst/Macaulay Library.
Nocturnal birding holds many exciting birding adventures. Read our tips on how to plan nocturnal atlasing, which species are good targets each month, and how to find each nocturnal species. Go to the guide.
2021 Kick-off Meeting April 7
Join the Atlas Team April 7th @ 6:30pm to Kick Off 2021!

Join Julie Hart (Atlas coordinator), Ian Davies (eBird Project Coordinator), and Atlas Regional Coordinators to explore Atlas progress, how to get involved, and how to enjoy breeding birds this spring and summer. After some atlas updates, we’ll split out into break-out rooms so you can ask any questions you have and connect with other atlasers. Join us Wed, Apr 7 from 6:30-8:30 pm to kick off the 2021 season!

When it’s time, join the Kick-off here.

Big Atlas Weekend—June 25-27
Join us for a weekend full of atlasing with fun challenges, rewards, and atlasing opportunities. Help us meet the atlas goal of covering all priority blocks while having fun atlasing in the prime breeding season! We've even convinced the Maryland-DC Breeding Bird Atlas to join the fun and hope to turn this into an annual event highlighting breeding birds.
April Challenge: Nocturnal Checklists
Eastern Screech-owl © Nick Tepper/Macaulay Library.
Use your new nocturnal atlasing skills to participate in the April challenge! In April, we challenge you to do some nocturnal atlasing. Every nocturnal complete checklist you submit gives you a chance to win this month’s prize—an Atlas cap!

Nocturnal checklists in eBird have a start time of more than 20 minutes after sunset or more than 40 minutes before sunrise. Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible checklists. Read more.
Species Spotlight: American Woodcock
Learn how to witness the spectacular courtship flights of American Woodcock. Photo © Brad Imhoff/Macaulay Library.
Observing the spectacular “sky dance” display of the American Woodcock is one of the classic rites of early spring in New York. Near dusk, a male starts giving “peent!” calls repeatedly from the ground, and eventually launches into the air, flying rapidly upwards in spiraling flight while producing a twittering wing sound. Learn how to find likely display areas and when to head out to watch this spectacular courtship ritual. Read more
New Guide to Understanding Bird Behavior
This male Northern Cardinal is attacking it's reflection in a car mirror because it thinks there is an intruding male in his territory, a clear sign of territorial defense (T). Photo © Dave Spier/Macaulay Library.
If you haven't spent much time observing bird behaviors, you may be left wondering what birds are doing and why. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a bird is protecting itself from a predator or doing a display to show off to a potential mate. If you need a primer on bird behaviors, look no further. We've even included some tips for how to gain more experience right at home. Read the Guide
Upcoming Events
Check out the Atlas Events Calendar for details on how to participate in upcoming events.
  • Apr 7, Season 2 Kickoff: Join Julie Hart (Atlas coordinator), Ian Davies (eBird Project Coordinator), and Atlas Regional Coordinators to explore Atlas progress, how to get involved, and how to enjoy breeding birds this spring and summer. Details
  • Apr 15, Workshop: Breeding Codes: Learn more about interpreting breeding behaviors and assigning breeding codes with Wendy Tocci.
  • Apr 21, Talk: Queens County Bird Club: Molly Adams and Brendan Fogarty will give an update on atlas progress to QCBC.
  • Apr 22, Workshop: Atlasing with eBird: Wendy Tocci will give a webinar on how to use eBird to enter your Atlas observations.
Looking ahead:
  • May 8, Global Big Day: Participate wherever you are.
  • May 10, Atlas Town Hall: Join the Atlas Team for an open Q&A session.
  • May 11, Nightjar Survey Training: Learn how to survey for nightjars.
  • May 22, Atlas Walk: Join an Atlas walk in Franklin County.
3 Ways to Support the Atlas!
  • Visit our online store to purchase atlas-themed items. A percentage of the proceeds go to the Atlas. Look official while supporting the atlas!
  • Sponsor a Species of your choosing and have your name featured in the final Atlas product! Together we've raised $31,900!
  • Donate directly to the atlas. Donations go toward supporting outreach events and data collection all in the name of conservation.
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