This Sunday 8/7 - Loving God & Others is the Key to a WELL Life (and Communion)

Jesus was asked to summarize all that God desires from us and He said it's to love God and love others. Many people are confused about what love really is and what God truly want us to be and do. Rockwell Church exists to connect people of all ages to Christ the Rock and our motivation needs to be the type of love Jesus showed us. Join us for an hour this Sunday at 10:15am at 93 Midway Drive in Virginia, MN for our worship and communion service. A great Sunday to bring a friend and be encouraged to live in love.

We lost a fan and a good friend this week

The Sunday I candidated to become your pastor Rod Hansen called me from his home to let me know he was part of this church, and that he was stuck at home, and that he watched online every week. He would call me and ask questions while he was preparing his small group Bible study lessons, comment on our church service he watched online and to share encouragement and humor with me. He was a good friend to so many. The last time he called me was at 8am on July 27th and we talked about the next Bible study he was planning at his house in the fall and about his family coming to visit. I never guessed that would be the last time I would hear from him. Rod unexpectedly left us to go be with Jesus last Tuesday. Pray for his wife Kathy and all his family and friends that will miss him. There will be a memorial service at Rockwell Church Friday August 19th with 10am visitation, 11am service with military honors and 12pm lunch.

Rockwell Church maintains an Active Membership

Churches need to have members to qualify for the money saving benefits of “non-profit” status and to be an effective organization. Only official church members can vote to help lead the church. The church constitution has a membership covenant that lists what members are agreeing to. When members stop participating we take steps to remove them from membership. And they can help us by requesting us to remove them from our membership list. They are still welcome to come back to church and they can always ask to have their membership reinstated when they recommit to be part of our church. We are getting ready to grow and advance and having a list of members that are invested in our church is going to help us be more efficient. Please look at the membership covenant and ask Pastor Chris to tell you more about how you can become a member so you can assist us on this adventure.

Pastor Chris has finally replaced the church visitor “green card” with a tri-fold 8.5” wide x 5.5” high Connect Card that fits in the offering envelope slots in the back of the church chairs (about the same size as a benevolent fund offering envelope). There is a QR code on the front that people can scan with their phone to open our web page form at to fill out the Connect Card with contact info, next steps and prayer requests. Follow that link to check it out. Make sure all connect cards are given to church staff to be followed up on Sunday. Prayer requests will be entered into Realm and shared with the 87 people on the Email prayer team.

The lake water is finally warm enough - who wants to get baptized? Let Pastor Chris know and we will make that happen

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