The BIMzeED team is happy to announce the project results in this final project newsletter. In the past 42 months, the BIMzeED partners have worked hard on the analysis of the skills gap on BIM and nZEB topics, the 12 Learning Units, the Train-The-Trainers programme, the pilot courses offered in Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, and Spain.

During this journey, several people contributed to the development of the work. A special thanks to the all National Steering Group members in Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, and Spain and the Expert Advisory Board members spread around Europe.

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In every ending, there is also a new beginning

Happy to announce that the BIMzeED Learning Units content will be available in other EU funded projects such as PROF/TRAC platform, BUSGoCircular, CE materials, ARISE, and the BUS app.

BIMzeED Final Conference

As part of the European Vocational Skill Week, the BIMzeED final conference was hosted online on the 20th April 2022. The conference was attended by 81 people from Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia and Syria.

The agenda covered topics of the European Actions towards the digital and green skills, the skills analyse gap on BIM and nZEB, the 12 Learning Units, the Train-the-trainer programme and the pilot in the four countries of the project, the access to the content at Moodle platform and a round table with BIMzeED trainer and partners on the challenges and opportunities of the project.

Watch the full conference in the video above and access the pdf presentations in button below.


Our BIMzeED Trainer, Barry Madigan will participate in the European Vocational Skills Week

On the 19th May, our BIMzeED Trainer, Barry Madigan will in a Panel Discussion moderated by Ana Carrero, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission. The panel will talk about the role of Vocational Education training in accelerating the green transition.

The 6th edition of the European Vocational Skills Week will be held between the 16th and 20th of May. This year’s theme is Vocational Education and Training and the Green Transitions in line with the European Green Deal.

The event celebrates best practices in Vocational Education and Training (VET), welcoming local, regional, national events. The events bring teachers, organisations, students, and trainers to highlight the potential that VET to promote learner true potential by providing the providing the future skillsets demanded by labour market.

Events organised by the European Commission will be held on 18-19 May 2022 – including the flagship VET Excellence Awards.

Register here

How COVID affected the market?

In order to clarify the question about the effects of COVID in the market made in BIMzeED Final Conference, the European Centre of Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) made a set of data available and an analytical report on the COVID impact on employment and jobs.

Access the report here