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SUNDAY 21.02.2021

Western Australia


Koh Phi Phi, Thailand


A Packable and Reversible Vest that’s Ready to Travel the Globe

Fight back against the elements in Proof’s Packable Vest. It boasts all the versatility we love in Proof’s apparel—great for everything from walking the dog to day hikes to camping trips, yet smart enough for the office too—plus it packs down into its own pocket to make it a no-brainer for any packing list. The lightweight material has a DWR treatment that sheds water. Get yours here.

Why do some People Risk their Lives for Fun?

Laurent frat is standing on top of a ridge line in the French alps, preparing to leap down to the valley below. If something goes wrong, he will die. “If I can’t find the landing area it will find me,” he jokes. He claims not to be nervous, although he admits that he tries not to think about his family before he jumps. After checking that the photographer is ready, he is off, arms outstretched, head forward, leaping into the void. Read his story here.

Travel and the Art of Anticipation

We consistently underestimate how much pleasure we derive from anticipation. Speaking personally, it's half the fun. That trip 3 months down the line is the light at the end of the tunnel that keeps us sane while bouncing between back to back Zoom calls. This is all to say, it's a fine time to start planning that next trip. You don't have to kick things off with a trip to Mykonos, start small. If you haven't traveled since the pandemic, even the most minor of trips will deliver the same hit that only a Berlin bender could provide pre-pandemic. Read more at the New York Times.

These are Airbnb’s 10 most-liked properties on IG in the past year

NO SHORTAGE OF social media scrolling took place in 2020. Fortunately, Airbnb was there to fill our Instagram feeds with photos of romantic getaways to keep us dreaming while we willowed away the days of quarantine. These 10 Airbnb properties had us saying, “Oh, wow,” and then promptly clicking that heart icon, earning themselves a spot on the site’s 10 most-liked properties of the year list. See all of them here.

FORESTIS, Dolimites, Italy

@forestis.dolomites by @patriciaparinejadphotography

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