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SUNDAY 07.02.2021

Oregon, United States of America


Pamukkale, Turkey


Sailing the Seas

Once a means for exploration and trade, sailing has now evolved into a form of recreation. Sailing the Seas pays tribute to the modern seafarer by exploring the landscapes and culture of today's nautical life. The book takes readers on a voyage across the globe to explore the waters of the United States, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, and everything in between. Get yours here.

This beautiful and colorful island will be Italy's Capital of Culture for 2022

Its victory was announced on Monday by Italian Minister for Culture Dario Franceschini, who congratulated Procida by saying that “it will accompany Italy in the year of its rebirth”. Procida was the only island among the ten finalists, and it will take over the title from Parma, who has held it for both 2020 and 2021; it will then hand it in 2023 to the cities of Bergamo and Brescia– the ones who were most struck by COVID-19 in Italy. Enjoy a virtual trip through Procida here.

How To Reduce Plastic Waste When You Travel

Do an online search for plastic-free travel and Google will throw up more than 800 million answers (though we recommend Ecosia if you’re interested in minimising the footprint of your internet searching). It’s no surprise that we want to limit our plastic consumption when we travel – figures from the WWF report that the arrival of tourists in the Mediterranean each summer leads to a 40 per cent spike in plastic entering the sea. Read here how to reduce your plastic footprint while you travel. 

Enjoy A Sustainable Getaway In This Mexican, Mirrored, Solar-Powered Cabin

While we’ve long been enamored with secluded vacation homes set in remote locales, the ongoing global pandemic has made the prospect of an isolated holiday all the more appealing. One of our favorite recently completed projects in this space is Mexico’s Casa Etére (Spanish for the “Ethereal House”). Place your booking here.

Alila, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

@alilaubud by @jeffrileonardo

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