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SUNDAY 14.03.2021

New South Wales, Australia


Florence, Italy


A matcha grinder and automatic whisk for the freshest matcha possible

For a 900-year-old beverage, matcha seems like it’s tailor-made for life right now. Just the right dose of caffeine, plus antioxidants, vitamins, chlorophyll, and fiber, matcha can help with everything from concentration to anti-inflammation to metabolism. For the freshest, most nutrient-dense matcha, you’ve got to grind the leaves yourself—which is exactly what the Cuzen Matcha maker does. Get yours here.

Grounded? It’s Time to Ride the Campervan Revival

With travel restrictions and safety concerns looming over our heads, it may be that many of us will be inclined to use private transport - when we're able to get back on the road, that is. And during times like these, it seems more reliable to keep both feet on the ground instead of risking a ruined holiday thanks to a postponed-until-further-notice flight. Read more here.

Explore Europe in luxury as the Orient Express unveils new routes

The legendary Orient Express train is expanding its route across Europe this year, with the announcement of five new boarding points. Famous for an atmosphere that plunges guests back into the first decades of the 20th century, the romantic train made famous by Agatha Christie has also added three new grand suites. Get the full route here.

A Mykonos, Greece Stand Out: Rocabella Mykonos Hotel

Intimacy and privacy are the mainstays of this sublime Mykonos standout, offering an inviting world of wellness and a wood, stone, and sisal design scheme that merges magically into the landscape. Book your stay here.

Canoneta Townhouse, Spain


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