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SUNDAY 06.12.2020

Biarritz, France


Temple Farmhouse, Byron Bay, Australia


Douchebags: The Voyage Passport Cover

Preserve and protect your ticket to the world. Treat it with respect and dignity with this protective and stylish cover. Includes the typical Douchebags G buckle at the front of the passport cover, made out of PU leather and keeps extra 4 credit cards. Have a look here.

A Beautiful Nightmare: 30,000 Miles on the Pan American Trail

Mountaineering and motorcycle expeditions have more in common than you may think, because neither climbing nor riding is a one-dimensional experience. Challenging both body and mind teaches you the art of suffering. I know this because I rode 38,000 miles from Alaska to Patagonia with my two childhood buddies, Allen and Jeremy. Read the full story here!

11 Hotels to Visit in Your Dreams

With travel restrictions holding on account of the ongoing battle against the pandemic, we’re left to reminisce about past trips or plan far ahead, choosing some uncertain date for a future one. In lieu of the real thing, though, those can be pleasant exercises, especially when they involve conjuring a room with a view — whether of the Amalfi Sea or Rio’s Corcovado Mountain — or at least with easy access to a glamorous lobby bar. We asked a range of creative types, some of them regular contributors, to tell us about their favorite hotel. Read more!


Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus, Dolomites, Italy


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