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Hello Everyone! 

I hope you all are staying safe and are having a wonderful first month of this new year. I am sure this year will be better than the last year and you all have already started working on the plans that you had in your mind. But if not, don't worry you are not alone, as I am too on the same boat as yourself. Before I start this newsletter, I would like to share something important with you.

This year has been eventful and I have decided that I will put a considerable amount of my time teaching (a passion of mine, that I always wanted to practice). In life's race towards achieving goals, I never really got the chance to truly put this passion into action. Last year, on December 21 (I still remember the date), I was introspecting and there was something in my heart that told me that I am not truly happy. It was tough to find out what is it that was missing from my life because I already do things that I love - capital markets, businesses, and occasional speeches at various events. But when I thought of 'occasional' speeches, that word 'Occasional' was something that truly hit me. I want to speak more, not just to people who come to events by buying a ticket or via a service, but I wanted to teach in a more democratized manner. I truly want to democratize the knowledge I have accumulated, the mistakes I have made, the lessons that I have learned, the industry know-how that only a selected few people gets the opportunity to learn and practice; via a platform that is easy to access and can be accessed by everyone. 

So starting this year, I have started to teach anyone I possibly can everything that I know and have accumulated through years of hard work, studies, research, job experience, and life, via social media platforms and through curated courses and content. I want everyone to have access to quality education and I will do my part, hope you will support me in this journey and help me help others.

Mostly, I will be sharing my content on Instagram, Facebook, and via my Website. Please feel free to follow the links to get timely access to the contents. Without your support and your help, I will not be able to reach the masses, so if you think my content is good to share, please feel free to do so. 

Thank you, 
This has been a question for quite some time now. Mostly in all motivational videos about entrepreneurship, I have almost always heard the speaker say this - "Quit your job, follow your passion with extreme focus". I always asked myself if this was even practical?

I believe you should never quit your job for your passion. As much as it seems very cool to say, follow your passion with all your heart and quit your job, in real life, it is a very impractical thing to say. Your passion doesn’t pay for your bills, your job does. Your passion does not put food in your belly, your job does. So, why would you do that? But, does that mean you should forget about your dreams and the ideas that you want to pursue?

NO. NEVER. Then what exactly should you do instead?

I analyzed a lot of things surrounding my life and my job, and have come to the following conclusions:

a) Your job is normally for 8-10 hours. Keeping aside a few hours for your sleep and leisure, invest the rest into doing something which you think you want to pursue. Do that for 90 days consistently and see if that works out. Why 90 days? Because if you treat yourself as a company, you at least need a quarter to analyze and understand if your ideas are working or not? 

b) Learn a skill set from a good platform. When you know you have achieved a good command of that skill set join a freelance platform and try selling that skill set. Try that for 90 days consistently and see if that works.

c) If you work for a company, and you want to do something else that you currently are doing, see if your company offers that service and has a team for that job. Network with and shadow the key members of that team. Find out in real-time if you would truly want to pursue that job, full-time. 
d) If you truly admire someone professionally, send an email to that person or talk to him/her and see if they want to mentor you. If not, you can always go to ConfiBuddy for a mentor. A good mentor can often show you the path and guide you towards the right direction in your personal and professional life. 

If you keep trying this 90-day strategy, in a year you will get 4 options (90 days each) to choose from on which you have truly worked hard,  to know what you truly want to do for the next couple of years in your life.

Always remember, you do not want to stop the most important cash flow (your job) which makes things possible in your life today, for an uncertain future with no cash flows.


1. Twelve And A Half, by Gary Vaynerchuck
2. Rework, by Jason Fried


  1. How to deal with life when things seem to go down? 
  2.  A 4-parts Instagram and Facebook video on how to create an effective resume that will give you the best shot to get interviewed and hired. 
  3. Instagram LIVE
    a) Date: January 29, 2022 
    b) Time: 9 am EST and 7:30 pm IST
    c) Topic: Mistakes I made in life, that you should not make. Lessons learned.
    d) Format: Ask me anything. The format will be very casual and conversational. 


How many times have you thought that you need a guide to help you go through things in your life?

  1. Never, I am good by myself.
  2. Sometimes, when I feel lost. When I don't feel heard
  3. Often, I think I need a mentor or a guide who can help me with my questions.
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Instagram Live on How to plan your career? What to do in your foundational years to succeed?
Guest speaker: Katherine Nagele (Finance Program Manager at Lulemon) 

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That is all for this week. 

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