WEEK 7 // TERM 1
14 March 2019
Tickets for the 2019 Coomera Anglican College production,
go on sale this Sunday 17 March at 7pm.

Do not miss this classic musical based on the Charles Dickens' novel, 'Oliver Twist'.
The musical, featuring many unforgettable and well-known songs including 'Food Glorious Food', 'Consider Yourself' and 'Oom-Pah-Pah',
will leave you and your entire family 'Wanting More'. 
With 4 performance options available, there is a session to suit everyone!
Thursday 9 May - 4pm
Friday 10 May - 7pm
Saturday 11 May 1.30pm
Saturday 11 May 7pm
Book your Oliver Tickets here from Sunday 17 March at 7pm

Principal's update

Dear Parents, Staff and Students

Heads’ Retreat
As you read this article, I am at the Anglican Heads’ Retreat on the Sunshine Coast. At this time every year, we are fortunate to spend a couple of days with our Archbishop and the Regional Bishops. During this time together, the Heads engage in some spiritual enrichment that usually involves us reading a book and then discussing that in a series of workshops run by the Bishops. This year’s book is Other: Embracing Difference in a Fractured World by Kester Brewin. There are four parts to this book: Loving the other within the self, loving the other within God, loving the other within society and loving the other in praxis. I look forward to some stimulating discussion about this book with my colleagues. It is always helpful to take time to reflect on the spiritual element of our roles, and the Archbishop and the Bishops are wonderful mentors in this regard.

Senior Leadership Team
We are also doing some leadership development work with the Senior Leadership Team in the College. This group comprises the Heads of each Campus, Business Manager, Chaplain, Head of Teaching and Learning and Principal. It is relatively easy for people in leadership roles to manage effectively, as that requires setting high standards, efficiency in operations and consistently adhering to sound routines and procedures. It is more difficult and more important to lead effectively so that we can continue to develop our College as an innovative and creative learning community, with the best possible outcomes for students. The Senior Leadership Team is working with a Leadership specialist to ensure that we continue to develop as a team and as individual leaders for the benefit of all in our College community. The skills and attributes we learn in this process are then passed on to those who we lead, and our community becomes much stronger as a result. While the parent survey last year reported high levels of satisfaction with the Leadership of our College (4.14 out of 5), we are constantly looking for ways to improve our operations, and leadership is an important element of our College.

Lessons to learn
I recently read a book written by Christine Porath called Mastering Civility. While the book was subtitled A Manifesto for the Workplace, I believe there are lessons to be learnt for most of us from this book. It seems to me that the levels of civility in society are decreasing. Road rage, domestic violence and bullying are becoming common place in society. Last night on the news, I saw a story of people who are dropping road spikes from their cars with the aim of deliberately damaging police vehicles and putting lives at risk. The ‘inventor’ of this device that releases road spikes has stated that his motive is purely revenge. You have to wonder about why people are buying this product, and what sense of satisfaction they get from putting other people’s lives at risk. What is incivility? Porath makes these points in the first part of her book:

  • Incivility is in the eyes of the recipient. It’s how people feel they are treated.
  • Incivility is prevalent globally and has increased in the last two decades.
  • We recognise the importance of connecting with others, yet we’re choosing not to do so.
  • The human and business costs of incivility are much greater than you think.
  • Incivility impairs thinking. People miss information right in front of them.
  • Those simply around incivility are more likely to have dysfunctional or aggressive thoughts, although they may be unaware of the connection.
  • The effects of your words and deeds ripple far beyond the people working directly with you. If you’re uncivil to someone, expect that he or she will pass it on.
  • When you are civil, you contribute to a cycle that fosters greater civility across all your networks.

(Porath (2016), pp. 9-46)

Most of us understand the importance of being civil, and we should continue to reinforce that for our students and each other at every opportunity. The first Habit of Heart is a good starting point.

Be Loving. Live abundantly! Give of yourself to others by creating positive relationships that inspire and build up the health of all people. Care deeply and act generously for the wellbeing of all in creation.

Thank you for the way you support each other in our community.

Yours sincerely

Mark Sly


Head of Secondary update

This Friday’s National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence will provide an opportunity for the College community to focus on ways of reducing bullying. We see it as an opportunity to strengthen our existing everyday actions in relation to bullying and bystanders. The SRC will be distributing orange ribbons for students to wear on Friday, as a visual reminder of our community stance.

Coomera Anglican College recognises its duty to students to provide a safe and positive learning environment where individual difference and diversity is respected and accepted. To this end, bullying is not tolerated at Coomera Anglican College.

It is our policy that:
  • bullying be managed through a ‘whole-of-College community’ approach involving students, staff and parents/guardians
  • bullying prevention strategies be implemented within the College on a continuous basis with a focus on teaching age-appropriate skills and strategies to empower staff, students and parents/guardians to recognise bullying and respond appropriately
  • bullying response strategies be tailored to the circumstances of each incident
  • staff establish positive role models emphasising our no-bullying culture
  • bullying prevention and intervention strategies are reviewed on an annual basis against best practice.

The 'Senior Music Performance Evening' will take place tonight in the Ivan Gibbs Centre and I am eagerly looking forward to enjoying the array of musical talents on show from the seventeen wonderfully talented students who are sure to thrill the audience with their amazing performances.

These will include virtuoso instrumentalists and exceptional vocalists. The variety promises to be amazing and ranges from the quirky Variations on Waltzing Matilda, classical pieces such as Spirituoso and Andante, standards like Some Enchanted Evening and The Impossible Dream, and more contemporary songs including Scar and Joker and the Thief.

These performances will not just confirm that these young people are very talented but also that they are prepared to work hard to discover, develop and make the most of their gifts. If you are able, please come along at 5.45pm for canapés and stay for the concert at 6.30pm.
In so doing, you will be supporting the following talented students:

  • Montana Pitt - I’ll Never Love Again
  • Gemma Jacob - Variations on Waltzing Matilda
  • Paulette Siu - Spirituoso and Andante
  • Cullyn Beckton - Some Enchanted Evening
  • Sophie Rees - Dying Ain’t So Bad
  • Thomas Buenano-Thompson – Start Again
  • Isabella Procida - Where I Stood
  • Harrison McMahon - The Impossible Dream
  • Kyrra Wilks - All of Me
  • Jackson King - Chasing Cars
  • Meghan Smith - Scar
  • Christiaan van Peppen - Back in Black
  • Alysha Alabaster - Misty
  • Baxter Dent - Hellfire
  • Sarah Stone - Be Alright
  • Mikayla Melhem - All I Want
  • Grace Miotto - Joker and the Thief


Parents, guardians and caregivers - please be reminded that the College is not open prior to 7.30am in the mornings.
In other words, unless a student is involved in a College organised activity such as sport training, a music lesson, ensemble rehearsal or an excursion - students should not be on the College property any earlier than 7.30am on any day.
The College will not accept any responsibility for students who are on the College property before this time.
However, if on some rare, one-off and otherwise unavoidable occasion – a student is at the College earlier than 7.30am, they must immediately report to Student Services. Students are not permitted to wait in any other location on the campus. Students found anywhere on College property before 7.30am - other than Student Services - may be issued with an after College detention.

Of course, from 7:30am onwards students are required to report directly to the library. Students are not permitted to visit bag racks or lockers prior to reporting to the library.
Secondary students are to be collected from College each afternoon by no later than 4.30pm.
Unless involved in an official after College activity (e.g. academy sport training, a detention, a rescheduled test or musical rehearsals) students are not permitted to be unsupervised on the College grounds after 4.30pm. The library closes at 4.30pm each afternoon - by which time all students should have been collected.
The College is not able to meet its Duty of Care to students after this time. Any student - regardless of his / her age - who is still on College grounds after this time may be placed in After School Hours Care. Parents would then be required to pay a $28 fee - regardless of the length of the time spent in the After School Hours Care facility. There can be no exceptions to this requirement.


Primary update

Bullying! No way!
This Friday sees the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, a national initiative that gives young people the chance to take action and empower them with the skills and understanding to be part of the solution when addressing bullying in their community. Students on the Primary Campus have been discussing these ideas at Assemblies and in their classrooms, and are wearing wrist bands to remind them of their responsibility in creating safe communities through living out the College values of iLR. 

The Infinity and Beyond Programme Takes Flight in 2019
At the College, we recognise that every student has unique strengths and aptitudes that need to be acknowledged and catered for in order to maximise individual outcomes. The Infinity and Beyond Programme forms an essential part of Coomera Anglican College’s dedication to encouraging students to strive for academic excellence through the provision of a broad range of educational programmes.
This year, the structure of this programme has changed to encompass additional opportunities, with the goal of maximising student participation. Opportunities in 2019 include the Future Problem Solving Competition, selective ICAS participation, STEM Cup, BRAINways, G.A.T.Eways and the da Vinci Decathlon. Students are identified for programmes through a range of ongoing internal data analysis methods.
In addition to the opportunities available through the Infinity and Beyond Programme, teachers understand that enriching the needs of all learners within the classroom is an essential part of building and maintaining inclusive learning environments. Educational data is used to personalise learning, which increases engagement and encourages all students to strive for individual excellence.
We look forward to reporting on the many successes of students throughout year as they participate in the Infinity and Beyond Programme.
Mrs Lisa Glass - Head of Teaching and Learning Prep – Year Six
Introducing our Primary Leaders
Rio Reynolds is one of our Primary Captains for 2019. Rio has been a student at Coomera Anglican College since he started in the Preparatory year in 2013. Rio talks about his connection with the College’s language of our values culture and iLR…
‘iLR is thinking outside the box and using creative thinking in challenging times. The ‘i’ in iLR is IMAGINE. To me, imagine means to be yourself and don’t let anything get in your way of doing the things that you love and are passionate about.
The ‘L’ is for LISTEN. Listen to others, let others go first and listen so that you might attend, to hear, to pay attention and to concentrate.
As a College community, we pay close attention to the ‘R’. RESPECT means to once again, place other people before yourself, to use kindness in your interactions with other students and teachers. Respecting the College also means taking care of the College grounds and the environment by keeping them clean and tidy.
In conclusion, I would like to finish with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr, ‘If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl, but by all means keep moving.’
Let us use our iLR this year and make it a year to remember.


Flourishing awards

Are actively engaged in learning.
-  Have a sense of accomplishment, setting, working toward and achieving goals.
-  Use a growth mindset to overcome challenges and build resilience.

Enjoy positive relationships.
-  Savour and build upon positive emotions.
-  Demonstrate gratitude for their God-given gifts and talents and respond in loving service.

Find meaning in God, and purpose in giving and receiving God's love through service.

Honouring our bodies with healthy choices, exercise, good sleep and recreation.

Congratulations to this week's recipients of the Flourishing Award for displaying those attributes:

Class Name
PA Oliver Groth
PH Zara Leeks
PM Bailey Campbell
PS Ruby Simpson
1B Arlie Francis
1J Hope Chaplin
1K Lilly Houlding
1R Asha Hibberd
2B William Ackland
2D Braxton Fuller
2P Cooper Crump
2W Alexzandar Hadley
3B Madison Brown
3H Cleo Barnett
3P Korbin Harris
3T Shwetha Buddu
4B Eleia Doyle
4F Tyla Richter
4P Amy Evison
4S Jorja Frost
5D Max Williamson
5E Mila Kenny
5H Olivia Jamieson
5P Jake Wheatley
6C Talan Lowien
6D Hayden Johnson
6N Sienna Bradshaw
6R Allegra De Lutiis



Lilly is off to Europe with the Australian Girls Choir

Congratulations to Year 9 student, Lilly Caulfield. After a successful audition, Lilly as been selected as one of only 56 Australian girls to tour to Europe with the Australian Girls Choir. The selection panel said they were very impressed with the quality of auditions this year and the final group of girls are of an extremely high standard.
The international tour will depart mid-September and return early October with scheduled performances in England, France, the Netherlands and Germany. What an amazing experience for Lilly to be part of such an elite group of vocalists. 

Have a wonderful tour Lilly and we look forward to hearing about your adventure.

Kane bowled over the selectors!

Congratulations to Year 12 student, Kane Hurley!

Kane recently Captained the South Coast Open Schoolboys Cricket team to victory at the State Championships held in Mackay. Kane's skill as a cricketer was then recognised when he was selected for the Queensland team which will now play against NSW in the Interstate Challenge later this year.

Well done Kane!

The Oboe is all go!

At the end of last year, the enthusiasm expressed from Mrs Bissett to offer lessons for Oboe at the College was infectious.  The Oboe has such a unique sound as Mrs Antill demonstrated during the Primary Assembly in Week Two.  As a result, the Year Four instrumental trials were a huge success with many students wanting to give the Oboe a try.  With so many eager students, the decision was made to offer four Oboe places instead of two.  It was with great excitement that Elly Graham, Chloe Smith, Tyra MacMillan and Amy Evison commenced Oboe this term.
Liz Smith - Head of Music

Aquathon & Triathlon Success

State Aquathon/Triathlon Schools Championships

Congratulations to the following CAC students who competed over the weekend at the State Aquathon/Triathlon Schools Championships in Hervey Bay.


  • Daniel Prinsloo - 2nd U/12 Boys competition
  • Emerson Jones - 17th U/12 Girls competition
  • Mia Rieck - 19th U/12 Girls competition


  • Jordan Rieck - 8th 15/16th Boys competition and 3rd Relay event.

Special mention to Daniel Prinsloo who has now been selected in the State team to compete at the National championships.

Enrolments - Preparatory 2020 and Beyond...


Last night we welcomed approximately 100 registered Prep families to the Ivan Gibbs Centre for the Preparatory 2020 and Beyond Parent Information Night. The families heard from key staff including Ms Lisa Kraft - Head of Primary, Mrs Lisa Glass - Head of Teaching and Learning (P-6) and our Preparatory teachers. Attendees were given the opportunity to learn more about the programme their children will experience during their Preparatory year at the College.  

Our places for 2020 Preparatory are almost full, however we are still accepting registrations from now until the end of 2019 as families positions can change and places may become available. If you are aware of any family or friends who are interested in joining the College from Preparatory in 2021 and beyond, we strongly urge them to place applications via the College website as soon as possible. 


We congratulate the following students, who have been selected in representative sporting teams:

Jess Boundy - Hinterland Open Girls Basketball Team

Grace Hermansson - Hinterland Girls Boys Basketball Team

Jordan Rieck - South Coast Open Boys Triathlon Team

Daniel Prinsloo - South Coast Aquathon Team

Emerson Jones - South Coast Aquathon Team

Mia Rieck - South Coast Aquathon Team

Jack Roach - Hinterland Open Boys Football Team

James Murray - Hinterland Open Boys Football Team

Amy Stirling - Hinterland Open Girls Hockey Team

Monique Charlton - Hinterland Open Girls Hockey Team

Brooke Whiteley - Hinterland Open Girls Hockey Team

Joshua Richards - Hinterland Open Boys Hockey Team

Connor McNally - Hinterland Open Boys Hockey Team

Jessie Whinwray - Hinterland U/12 Girls Basketball Team

Max Chisholm - Hinterland U/15 Boys Touch Football Team

Colby Twidale - Hinterland U/15 Boys Touch Football Team

Lachlan Sheppard - Hinterland U/15 Boys Touch Football Team

Mackenzie Jordan – South Coast Open Girls Netball Team

Ella Price - Southcoast U/15 Girls Netball Team

Daniel Prinsloo - Queensland Primary Schools Aquathon Team

Kane Hurley - Queensland State Secondary Schools Open Boys Cricket Team

Anthony Hall - Head of Sport

March 2019

15 March // National Day of Action against Bullying
15 March Years 1 - 2 Bravehearts Presentation 
16 March // PAFA Trivia Night - 'Through the Decades'
19 March // Yr 8 Medieval Knight to Remember
20 March // Primary Debating Competition Commencing 
21 March // Primary APS Sport Rd 1
25 March - Year 9 Team Building
27 March - Year 3 Mission Earth Experience
29 March - Prep Sensational Sounds Day
29 March - Primary Strings Workshop
1 April - Festivsl of Gifts
2 April - Gibbs House Worship 

Looking Ahead...
9 May // OLIVER THE MUSICAL - Afternoon Session 4pm
10 May // OLIVER THE MUSICAL - Evening Session 7pm
11 May // OLIVER THE MUSICAL - Matinee Session 1.30pm
11 May // OLIVER THE MUSICAL - Evening Session 7pm
Ticket Sales Open Sunday 17 March at 7pm - Click here for bookings


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