WEEK 9 // TERM 1
28 March 2019

Principal's update

Dear Parents, Staff and Students

At present, we are gearing up for Festival of Gifts next week. Festival of Gifts enables us to consider God who makes and creates, our human giftedness – equipping us to love and serve in the world, and Community.

In the past, we have run Festival of Gifts in the final week of Term One with a different activity on each day. The aim has been to encourage students to challenge themselves and explore their God-given talents. While this was great, we have decided that this should continue across the whole year and not just be confined to Term One.

On Monday morning, we will hold Festival of Gifts. This used to be called the Opening Ceremony and contains the much-loved game Yelgrued. Parents are welcome to attend the Festival of Gifts on Monday morning in the Rod Lane Sports Centre starting at 9am. There will be limited seating and plenty of standing room available.

Next week we will conduct some Year level and cross campus activities where students can work with their buddies from another campus. The Gibbs House Worship is also next week and part of this activity.

In Week Five of Term Two, the focus will be on Community. This will include a College picnic, athletics carnivals and the Smith House Worship.

Term Three focuses on Service with i-Day activities and the Morris House Worship and Term Four is Celebration of Gifts with a re-purposed Closing Ceremony and the Lane House Worship.

We believe this is a better way to ensure we are spreading the message of Festival of Gifts across the whole year. You will hear more about Terms 2, 3 and 4 in due course.

The Musical Oliver is well on track for some outstanding performances. The students are working very hard with Mrs Terry and the mood around rehearsals is very positive. It is clear that the students are enjoying the preparations and their interactions with each other and the staff. If you have not yet booked your tickets for Oliver please make sure you do as soon as possible. This could be our best yet! The production runs from 9-11 May - Purchase tickets here

I am currently enrolling students for Year 7 in 2020. I think I mentioned this a few weeks ago and suggested that it was important for siblings to be registered for Year 7 to avoid missing a place. This does not include students who are already in the College. If you have children in Year 6 in 2019, they will move through to Year 7 in 2020 without further application or interview. Sorry for any confusion around this matter.

Many of these interviews are taking place after school hours and it has been lovely to see and hear the positive interactions of current students who are engaged in sport training on the ovals below my office. Prospective parents make very positive comments about how well the students are training and working together. It is easy for me to explain about iLR when parents and prospective students can see it happening before their eyes. I am very proud of our students and their commitment to their activities and each other.

Thank you for your continued support.
Yours sincerely


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly


Primary update

Car Park – Student Pick up and Drop off
I write to remind parents of the responsibility that we all have in being ‘car park safe’. I thank you for making the safety of our students and families your top priority as you move through our Primary Car Park. Please make sure that you follow correct procedure when collecting or dropping off students each day. This involves a number of absolutes:
  • Always use the crossing when crossing in the carpark
  • Remind students not to walk behind other cars to get to their car
  • Be wary that your car park conversations do not distract you from the real issue – safety
  • Never leave your car unattended while in the pickup/drop off areas
  • Drive very slowly though the car park
  • Use the pickup/drop off zones only when students are entering cars
  • Perhaps come a little later. If you arrive between 3.20pm and 3.30pm you will find that you do not need to queue
  • Be patient and respectful at all times.
I thank you for your continued support in this area.
Learning in the Pod
The Pod has been ‘abuzz’ with the sounds of our students collaborating, questioning, connecting and presenting as we enjoy our Term One STEAM days. These days are carefully planned and implemented based on the most contemporary research on how children best learn. Keeping in mind that our young learners need to be: innovators, entrepreneurs, lifelong learners and responsible global citizens, our STEAM days provoke and challenge our students in ways that are relevant to the world in which they live. These days are founded on the following key educational principles, recognising that students can:
  • experiment and play with possibilities
  • clarify ideas after looking at different perspectives
  • make and test theories
  • ask questions and make predictions
  • make connections between ideas
  • work successfully in flexible learning environments and exercise choice in both what and how they learn
  • link their learning to authentic contexts
  • use reflective thinking as a vehicle for understanding and improvement.
Our students are clever and authentic, powerful authors in their own learning journey. These STEAM days give our students both voice and choice in their learning, thus developing what we call student agency. Student voice allowing the students to be drivers of their learning further assists us in developing responsible and active global citizens. Our students are not citizens of the future…they are citizens of ‘now’!
Festival of Gifts - 2019
Next week Coomera Anglican College will celebrate our annual Festival of Gifts. Festival of Gifts 2019 ‘Growing Faith, Hope and Love’ celebrates our life at the College through God who makes and creates our human giftedness. We celebrate our individual gifts, our being and doing, loving and serving. Through human giftedness we make and create, love and serve, with vision and determination, mastery and perseverance. We have many activities planned in the Primary Campus for our students to work together in service and love for each other.
I look forward to enjoying our 2019 Festival of Gifts with you as we Flourish together in growing our mind, heart, soul and strength.
Coomera Anglican College proudly presents…Oliver! You are invited to ‘Consider yourself, one of the Family’ in this classic musical based on Charles Dickens’ novel, Oliver Twist.
With performances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday May 9 - 11, I do commend the Thursday 4pm Performance to you, parents of the Primary Campus.
This is a child-friendly performance with Year 10 market stalls selling food and drink. So come along, enjoy a delicious afternoon tea (or early dinner) prepared by our Year 10 students and enjoy the show!
Tickets available by clicking here


Festival of Gifts - Chaplain Mary-Anne

What is Festival of Gifts?

Everyone loves a good story.

The best stories draw us in so that our own story becomes inter-connected with the story we are reading or hearing. Festival of Gifts is that kind of story. Our story – who we are and where we have been, what we enjoy and the knowledge we work hard to acquire – becomes part of the bigger story of Coomera Anglican College, which we call The Telling, since
together we form a community,                                                                                                            friends who choose to belong,                                                                                                              a rainbow of  diversity,                                                                                                                       who join together as one’.    
(From the chorus of our College Song.)

The Telling reflects the greatest story of all: of God who imagines and creates, loves and serves, and, through God’s presence with us and within us, gifts people to do the same. With vision, determination, mastery and perseverance we find courage and strength to work together on life’s most rewarding  project – building a world where everyone is free to be their best selves, and to be valued, listened to and respected. The 20th century theologian and philosopher, Frederick Buechner, expressed it this way:  

The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.
So, Festival of Gifts celebrates:

the life of Coomera Anglican College
God who makes and creates
our human giftedness – being and doing, loving and serving.
The Parable of The Telling:
            In the beginning Yellow dreams, the seeds of possibility.          
illing it to be, Green plants, turning the dream into promise.
Blue waters and feeds the shoots with the life giving Spirit.
Remembering, Red toils and tends.
            The promise grows tall and strong           
and the dream burns on in us all.
Things become because:
in the beginning they are dreamt of;
then willed into being;
using one’s gifts and abilities
with mastery and perseverance.
Festival of Gifts is a whole-of-College community celebration, and you are invited!                 We would love to welcome you to the Rod Lane Sports Centre
on Monday 1 April at 8.50am for a 9am start.

I look forward to celebrating Festival of Gifts with our community on Monday, and seeing where it launches us for the journey ahead.

Chaplain Mary- Anne Rulfs

Flourishing awards

Are actively engaged in learning.
-  Have a sense of accomplishment, setting, working toward and achieving goals.
-  Use a growth mindset to overcome challenges and build resilience.

Enjoy positive relationships.
-  Savour and build upon positive emotions.
-  Demonstrate gratitude for their God-given gifts and talents and respond in loving service.

Find meaning in God, and purpose in giving and receiving God's love through service.

Honouring our bodies with healthy choices, exercise, good sleep and recreation.

Congratulations to this week's recipients of the Flourishing Award for displaying those attributes:

Class Name
PA Hannah Cheng
PH Maddie Higgins
PM Nicholas Caulfield
PS Sidney Boxall
1B Soren Rixon
1J Cameron seymour
1K Harlow Tauroa
1R Xavier Moore
2B Isabel Blaszkowski
2D Jaden Mhangami
2P Madison Calvert
2W Brooke Taylor
3B Jade Wright
3H Goodluck Barak
3P Azlen Long
3T Cooper Holden
4B Zarine Altaf Ayyaril
4F Piper Thomas
4P Sascha Gulyas
4S Isabel Crump
5D Jorja Sharman
5E Ava Barrett
5H Zachary Tuesley
5P Sarah Teng
6C Flynn Hancock
6D Madelynn Bemrose
6N Blake Brauer
6R Joshua Buckland



Uniform Shop - Get set for Term 2 & 3

As we near the end of Term, it is time to get your children's uniforms ready for Term 2 and 3 2019. 

In Secondary, College Blazers are compulsory for girls and boys in Years 7-12.
Boys switch over to long trousers with the option of navy ankle socks.

In both Secondary and Primary, girls may wear tights with their dresses and skirts.
Primary girls wear the navy cotton tights and Secondary girls wear the navy micro fibre tights.

College Pullovers can be worn with either formal or sports uniform and tracksuits or hoodies can ONLY be worn with College Sport uniform. The only exception to this is for Preparatory students, who may wear either a tracksuit or a pullover.

Uniform shop hours 

Monday 7.30 - 11am 

Wednesday 7.30 - 4pm 

Friday 7.30 - 11am. 

The shop will be open the first day back of Term 2 - Tuesday 23 April 7.30 - 11am

Meet Oliver's 'Nancy'

If you think this face is familiar, you are right! Hannah Pearce is our beautiful, endearing, soft-hearted ‘Nancy’ in our upcoming production of Oliver!

Hannah began her schooling at Coomera Anglican College in Prep 2007 and is now in Year 12, her final year with the College. However, many of you might know her from The Voice Australia 2018. Hannah made it through the ‘Blind Auditions’ rounds and was selected to be on Kelly Rowland’s team after her beautiful rendition of “Can't Help Falling In Love”. She went through to the ‘Knockout’ round and hit the judges with a smashing rendition of the Lady Gaga track, “The Cure”.


Hannah has taken singing lessons with our inspiring Vocal Tutor, Celisa Urech, since Year 5 and is known for her exquisite voice and her ability to connect emotionally through the lyrics, leaving an audience feeling deeply moved. It’s for these reasons that she was the perfect choice as our ‘Nancy’.


Over her singing career, Hannah has performed at many events at various venues, including Night Quarter and the Australian War Memorial.  


“To me,” Hannah says, “playing the role of Nancy in the College Musical Oliver! is really important. When I’m on stage rehearsing with the cast, I feel a complete sense of belonging to this wonderful community, and of course, I’m doing what I love to do. Being a part of something like this really is so special and I cannot think of a better way to finish off my last year with the College. I’m extremely grateful for my role in Oliver! as the opportunity to do something I love - acting and singing and being part of Oliver! is something I will always remember and cherish.  To be honest,  I’m dreading the day that it will all be over!”


You can watch Hannahs 'The Voice' audition
‘Can’t Help falling in Love’ here


If you do not have your tickets to Oliver!, go to: – Secure Your Seats Now


Storyfest Reflection by Hayden Owen - Year 9 

Last week, selected students from Years 7, 8 and 9 attended Storyfest, an annual literature festival with national acclaim. Students attended writing workshops and author talks and were lucky enough to meet some of their favourite authors at a book signing.

The first workshop was run by Cristy Burn, a scientist who always wanted to become an author but, never got around to writing. She explained how you can make a story out of anything, whether it is raining diamonds or adventures that you have had in your life. She explained how she used a structure to help with the production of her novels which allowed her to stay on track.

We then saw Graeme Base, most well-known for his picture books Animalia and Eleventh Hour. He explained that he always wanted to become an artist when he was growing up. His first job was in advertising, however, he did not enjoy the job as he was not able to include dragons which at the time were his favourite subject. He then became an illustrator designing the front and back cover of books. While he was there somebody suggested that he should write and illustrate his own books. He took the advice and became an author. He talked about how his pictures have layers on layers of different information. He said that this allows the reader to make stories about all the finer detail in the image, not just the obvious.

Belinda Murrell explained how you may not get your book published straight away and you need to persist. The students then went to a poetry slam led by Solli Raphael, Scott Wings and Vivi Baker. They explained that when you think of an idea or a message for your poetry you need to write it down straight away otherwise you might forget it. They also explained that the only way to say poetry fast was to practise tongue twisters and when you get really good at them you will be able to say any words quickly.

I believe that Storyfest was an interesting and worthwhile activity because we experienced a range of different authors who write for different audiences and in different genres. My favourite author was Cristy Burn because, she was engaging to listen to and explained that as long as the story is engaging the topic is yours to decide.

Enrolments - The Early Learning Centre

As a parent, you play a vital role in your child’s education. There are many things you can do to support a great start to school for your child.

Coomera Anglican College recognises, acknowledges, values and respects the uniqueness of each child within our Early Learning Centre and work in partnership with families to ensure that they become capable, confident and competent members of the College community.

Our Centre has a fantastic reputation and places are limited. Register your child now via…/elc or call 07 5585 9925 to chat to one of our friendly staff.

We congratulate the following students, who have been selected in representative sporting teams:

Giselle Heck – Hinterland U/15 Girls Football Team
Aysia Whinwray - Hinterland U/15 Girls Football Team
Mia Banks – Hinterland U/15 Girls Football Team
Alana Chessum - Hinterland U/15 Girls Football Team
George Dean - Hinterland U/12 Boys AFL Team
Joshua Richards – South Coast Open Boys Hockey Team
Connor McNally - South Coast Open Boys Hockey Team
Daniel Evans - Hinterland U/12 Boys Hockey Team
Caitlin Brown - South Coast Secondary Swimming Team
Taylor Butler - South Coast Secondary Swimming Team
Lani Stasiakowski - South Coast Secondary Swimming Team
Renae Wieser - South Coast Secondary Swimming Team
Scarlett Young - South Coast Secondary Swimming Team
Brittany Young - South Coast Secondary Swimming Team
Haylee Reid - South Coast Secondary Swimming Team
Eden Rieck - South Coast Secondary Swimming Team
Kade Stasiakowski - South Coast Primary Swimming Team
Emerson Jones - South Coast Primary Swimming Team
Daniel Prinsloo - South Coast Primary Swimming Team

Anthony Hall - Head of Sport
 Do not miss this classic musical based on the Charles Dickens' novel, 'Oliver Twist'.
The musical, featuring many unforgettable and well-known songs including 'Food Glorious Food', 'Consider Yourself' and 'Oom-Pah-Pah',
will leave you and your entire family 'Wanting More'. 
With 4 performance options available, there is a session to suit everyone!

March/April 2019

29 March - Prep Sensational Sounds Day
29 March - Primary Strings Workshop
1 April - Festivsl of Gifts
2 April - Gibbs House Worship
3 April - Prep to Year 12 House Cross County Carnival
5 April - Final Day Term 1 
22 April - Easter Monday Public Holiday 
23 April - Day 1,Term 2
23 April - Secondary ANZAC Service 
24 April - Primary ANZAC Service

Looking Ahead...
9 May // OLIVER THE MUSICAL - Afternoon Session 4pm
10 May // OLIVER THE MUSICAL - Evening Session 7pm
11 May // OLIVER THE MUSICAL - Matinee Session 1.30pm
11 May // OLIVER THE MUSICAL - Evening Session 7pm
Ticket Sales Open Sunday 17 March at 7pm - Click here for bookings


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