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The Weekly: October 15, 2020

Horror, like country music, seems to be one of those genres people make a decision about as a whole. Either you like horror (all of them) or you don't (nary a one) Which is too bad! You can agree that The Sixth Sense is preposterous (Bruce Willis so obviously got shot in the FIRST scene!) and still be blown away by twists and turns of Get Out

Horror is an excellent medium to cinematically explore abstract demons, real or imagined. This is especially true when it comes to race: Black horror has a rich history of centralizing Blackness in stories of power, discomfort, presence, resilience, and imagination. 

We wanted to pay homage to the cultural and cinematic force that is Black horror this week: our short (Tickle Monster), our outdoor screening (GET OUT!), and the thing we can't wait to stream (Horror Noire: A History of Black Cinema) are all on theme. We think you'll enjoy them as much are we do- even if you hate horror.

- The Kan-Kan Team

ps. No seriously, come to Get Out! Third mention in one intro: you know we mean business. We only have three outdoor screenings left before hibernation kicks in!

Wed. 10/21, 7pm: Get Out Screening

Tues. 10/20, 7pm: Clue: The Movie Screening SOLD OUT

Still sold out! Still excited about this event! If you've forgotten to order your pizza (or you know yourself well enough to know you'll want more!) click on over HERE to take care of biz. 

Sat. 10/17, 1-3pm: Founding Member & Neighbor Event

Ask and ye shall receive: we're doing a Saturday t-shirt pickup and membership redemption event! If you are a founding member (joined before Feb. 29) or a neighbor of the Kan-Kan, swing on by the theater to claim your prizes. Neighbors: don't forget to bring your ID and neighbor postcard or proof of address!

Wed. 10/28, 7pm: Shaun of the Dead Screening

For more information about these and all additional events, click on over to our website
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Let's talk details!

A fun part of planning any activity in these COVID-days is the 5-10 minutes of googling to try and find very specific logistical details or photographic evidence of spacing for any event. We'll save you a search: if you haven't been yet, here's the procedure for our outdoor screenings! 

So, we set up in the IndyFringe Pocket Park which is a delightful little oasis right off Mass Ave. You pre-order your popcorn when you buy your tickets, and then we'll email you a link to pre-order drinks. Get those orders in before 2pm day of show & you're good to go. It's a limited audience, all parties (groups of 1-3) seated at private, well-spaced tables. Doors open at 7, but the movie won't start for a bit to give everyone time to safely enter without having to stand in a line. When you arrive, we'll check your temperature and give you your table number.  Everything you order will be set up at your table, all you have to do is show up, & crack open your personal cooler!

Masks are obviously required for entry and anytime you're not at your table. You are perfectly welcome to bring your own snacks or dinner, but plzzzz do not bring your own alcohol, we don't want the law on us. We also HIGHLY recommend bringing more warm stuff than you think you need. You may think you'll look silly carrying a blanket down Mass Ave, but the real fool is the person who gets cold at an outdoor screening. 

Any other questions or concerns, drop a line to!
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Saved you a google p.2: look at how well spaced those tables are! We have an employee with a perfect 6-foot wingspan, so we can assure you all table distances have been measured.

Aye Virtual Cinema, first time long time- got anything good? I'll hang up & listen

You know how rough some of those well-meaning catch up phone calls are these days? Someone called to say hey and then you realize you haven't done anything new or noteworthy in the last month? The cycle ends here! We've got a whole library of awesome movies that aren't available anywhere else: that's way more interesting than telling someone you rewatched Lawrence of Arabia just cause it was on again. 

Having trouble accessing or streaming an On Demand movie? You can reach out to Kan-Kan staff professional problem solver, Abby Specht with any virtual cinema questions or concerns. Drop her a line: 

50% of all purchases go directly to support the Kan-Kan (go team!!!) and the non-profit Indianapolis Film Project. We deeply appreciate your support.

 Available through Kan-Kan On-Demand: 

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Short of the Week: Tickle Monster

In director Remi Weekes’ frighteningly-well edited short film Tickle Monster, things get bad for Elliott when Natalie learns he is ticklish. And then they get worse. This film is true-blue "spooky season": it premiered on Halloween at SWSX 2016!

Watch our Short of the Week

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What movie scared you the most as a kid? 9/10 times the formula seems to be about the same. Think: a slightly older cousin (with unknown levels of malicious intention) ended up showing you something a little too scary while you were a little too young. Now you're 7 years old and you just know the guy from Halloween is following you everywhere. No one else can see him, but that's his whole schtick!

(the 10th scenario, btw, is The Sound of Music because being chased through a cemetery by Nazis is a valid fear & not what you signed up for out here in the do-re-mi mountains )

If you're reading this, congratulations: you survived. It's payback time for that cousin of yours. You can make a donation in their name today to build a brighter future for kids everywhere, one where they can come to the Kan-Kan instead of opting for a "Nightmare on Elm Street" VHS tape. (if you've buried the hatchet and are sure you won't get fooled again, we also have gift cards!)

Every little bit helps out the Indianapolis Film Project, the engine that powers the (currently virtual) Kan-Kan and our staff. Your contributions means the world to us. We cannot wait to welcome you to our corner of Windsor Park, and really appreciate your support and attention while we wait.
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