August 2021



Hell and Gone is now available for pre-order at Book Warehouse, Amazon, Chapters, and your local independent bookstore. It comes out October 23rd in Canada, March of next year in the States.


This is the book I’ve worked the hardest on, both creatively and professionally. Every step of this has been tough. To have to launch during the tail end of a pandemic is brutal. I would deeply appreciate it if you pre-order the book ahead of the launch.


Pre-ordering Hell and Gone means, first of all, you get your copy of the third and best Wakeland novel as soon as possible. 


Second, it tells the publisher and bookstores that Vancouver crime fiction is important. 


And Third…


Pre-ordering enters you into a draw for a “Vancouver Crime Library,” curated by me. 

These are five awesome fiction and nonfiction books, along with a letter explaining why I chose them. There is only ONE of these libraries, and it will be shipped out October 24th, the day after Hell and Gone comes out.


To enter, just pre-order Hell and Gone from anywhere and send me a picture of the receipt or the confirmation screen, either on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or 


(Don’t send or post any sensitive information or payment details unless you want me to order additional copies for you.)


I want to keep writing these books, examining social issues in Vancouver through the lens of detective fiction. Thank you!



Writing the Noir Short Story is a new online seminar for anyone thinking about writing noir stories or flash fiction. In a fun asynchronous, and reasonably priced course, we cover what noir is, plot, character, the advantages of short fiction, and do some ‘case studies’ of works by two excellent modern authors. There are exercises and writing prompts, but no homework.


Already the feedback for Writing the Noir Short Story has been great, and thanks to everyone who’s signed up!


July was my last month teaching at the private college where I worked off and on for nearly a decade. All I’ll say about leaving is that the pandemic led to some ethically questionable stuff I wasn’t comfortable with, and this Fall’s rush back to classrooms is something I’m glad to avoid. 


Mostly what I did this August was watch movies and prepare for the Fall. (A few film recommendations at the end).


I’ll be at the Vancouver Writers Fest, as well as the launch for Tenure by Kieran Egan at Book Warehouse (via Zoom).


As for an in-person Hell and Gone book launch, I’m optimistic. 




Some Film Recommendations

Hellbenders - A year before Henry Fonda in Once Upon a Time in the West, and two years before William Holden in The Wild Bunch, Joseph Cotten played against type as an evil rogue general who steals a case of Yankee gold in order to re-launch the Confederacy. It doesn’t go well for him. Directed by Sergio Corbucci (Django), with a great Ennio Morricone score. 

Across 110th Street - The opening scene of three smalltime hoods ripping off a Mob count room and killing everyone inside is coincidentally similar to events in Hell and Gone. Anthony Quinn plays a corrupt cop and Yaphet Kotto plays his boss, but the best performance is Paul Benjamin (Escape from Alcatraz) as the most conscientious of the thieves.


Deep Cover - Laurence Fishburne (who played a street tough terrorizing Charles Bronson’s family in Death Wish 2) goes undercover in a drug crew run by Jeff Goldblum (who played a street tough terrorizing Charles Bronson’s family in Death Wish 1). Very stylishly directed by Bill Duke.   


Breakheart Pass - An espionage western written by Alistair MacLean, where Charles Bronson plays a spy/doctor/prisoner on an army train carrying medical supplies to a remote fort. This may strain credulity, but several people on board are not who they seem. Some amazing train stunts and snow photography.


Lake Mungo - An Australian horror film shot documentary-style about a family grieving the death of their young daughter, and then finding that she’s haunting them vis-a-vis photos and footage. Or is she? I haven’t seen a better horror movie recently.




Next month I hope to finally share my film option news, plus I’ll have a Hell and Gone book trailer. Stay safe!


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