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Friday July 3rd 2020  #53

"No Going Back Shoe Action"  Civic Square, Totnes , Thurs 25th June   Photo Colin R Moore

Next Tuesday's Big Online Meet Up 

Tuesday July 7th 6:30pm  

This week's topic:  'What is regenerative culture (regen)? 

*Does the mention of regen make your toes curl? - you are welcome! 

*Does regen fill you with delight? - you are welcome! 

*Not sure what regen is? - you are welcome!


Whatever you feel about regen you’re warmly invited to our 7th July meeting to curiously explore in both large and small groups your sense of regen. Your contribution to our joint exploration will directly influence the shape and place of regen in XR Totnes and Area...and beyond. 


We’ll also be launching our new rebel well-being offers system, an introduction to Regen 101 resources and new developments in conflict transformation. 


We invite you to begin our exploration now by emailing two or three words that spring to mind when you feel you hear, see or experience ‘regen’


Looking forward to hearing from you, 

Jenny, John and Karin 

Zoom Big Meetup info

Virtual attendance at big meet-ups in Grove school (whenever they recommence)

The Hosting Circle are aware that some people would prefer to continue to join meetings via Zoom, rather than attend in person.  Our tech team is working on this and plan to trial it at the first big meet-up so as to ensure we include as many rebels as possible.  For more info, email 
Zoom Security for Big Meet Ups

We briefly had some uninvited and disruptive guests at a recent big meet up. To minimise the chances that this could happen again, we've changed the settings on our XR zoom account to ensure maximum security and also have a dedicated tech person for the meet ups - huge thanks to Barry!  

Big meetups have been happening every 2 weeks on Tues, but with a rebellion now scheduled for the end of August/ September (see below), the hosting team is consulting about changing to weekly meetups.  If you have anything to offer to this discussion please email
Also, if you'd offer something in a big meet up, please let the hosting team know in advance, preferably the Monday of the week preceding the bigmeet up because that's when we do our planning. 

Below are tentative ideas of what we may be focusing on in upcoming meet ups and assuming weekly meetings.

        July 7th - the regenerative side of XR

        July 14th - the August/ September Rebellion

        July 21st - Future Democracy and "Trust the People"

       July 28th - a 4th Demand for XRUK


Please donate 
Donations are invited
via BACS to Totnes & Area Extinction Rebellion Sort Code 16 58 10 Account Number 21119023. If you are able to, a regular donation via standing order is really helpful. Many thanks. Erica Lewis, Finance
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REBELLION begins in the regions on 28th August

Sign up here for the XR SW newsletter for more information about regional actions and ....

REBELLION continues in London 1st September with the ‘We want to live!’ Action outside the Houses of Parliament  amidst warnings of a 4°C world

-  See link here for XRUK NEWSLETTER for full details of everything  YOU NEED TO KNOW about joining the REBELLION 

Extinction Rebellion reveals plans for their next UK Rebellion – beginning on 1st September – when the UK Parliament is due to sit again. We will peacefully blockade the area around the Houses of Parliament until the Government agrees that the first thing they’ll do is debate our 3 demands.

It’s 2020. Siberia is burning. Extinction is beckoning - but the Government is looking the other way. Peaceful rebellion is the only option we have before us. 

*Because we want to live.*

Facebook Event here: Please share.

Please check out trainings getting ready for September Rebellion below!

Photo Joanna Bernie
Report on the Totnes ‘shoe action’, Thursday 25th June

In hot sun, over 60 rebels of all ages took part in the ‘COVID today – climate change tomorrow – UK Government ACTION NOW!’ action last Thursday, one of many across the country. This was timed to coincide with the publication of the progress report by the Government’s statutory advisory body, the Committee on Climate Change. The report makes unhappy reading, and even so, XR believes it does not go far enough in demanding more government action.

The event was designed to call on the Government to remember all children during the coronavirus recovery, as we face together the even greater challenge of the climate and ecological crisis.

Our first action was to deliver a letter to Anthony Mangnall MP, calling on him to do all he can to support the recommendations of the CCC, and to support specific local actions.  (See below for response to the zoom meeting with him)

We then walked slowly and silently up the High Street from the old Coop car park to the market square, all masked (in many beautiful masks bearing the message ‘a better world is possible’, hand-made by local rebels) and complying with social distancing guidelines.

Photo Gordon Linden_Nicholson

There, we placed pairs of children’s shoes to form a large grid, many accompanied by moving statements from Totnes children about their dreams for the future.

A huge thank you to all who helped bring this action about and to all who took part in any way – walkers, speakers, deescalators, stewards, photographers, providers of shoes, makers of masks, placard and banner bearers, the action team… fantastic collective working to a moving outcome.

Many asked if they could buy these beautiful masks, created for the action (see photos above), which were freely given by the XR makers.  However if you would like to make a donation for your mask, this would of course be greatly appreciated, with the money going to future actions and creative ventures, possibly even more masks! Donations are invited via BACS to Totnes & Area Extinction Rebellion Sort Code 16 58 10 Account Number 21119023. If you are able to, a regular donation via standing order is really helpful. Many thanks. Erica Lewis , Finance

Opinion piece from Peter Scott re the Zoom Call with Anthony Mangnall MP 
under the auspices of the Climate Connection. 30 June

There were a lot of us on the call. Great to see. Anthony Mangnall (AM) ran the meeting making sure he kept very firm control. He gave a brief introduction and then called on people who had submitted questions to ask them. I did not take notes of the questions, but they tended to highlight the Government's lack of action on any measures to deal with the Emergency we face, how the bank loans the Bank of England are handing out to aviation, car manufacturers and pesticide companies among others are exactly the wrong measures to be taking, and how many of the participants wanted him to challenge the Government.

He is a very confident and fluent speaker, and a very intelligent man. He uses the standard politician tactic of taking the question, giving a few words on it then pivoting to talk about what he wants to talk about instead. Once on the topic he wants he talks for long periods. He tried to talk about local issues rather than the national issues we asked questions on.

He talks the talk! I agree with a lot of his rhetoric about Building Back Better, and a Green Recovery, about how HS2 was not something he supported.

But what he described doesn't match the reality of what this Government is doing. The rhetoric doesn't match the actions. He said he was prepared to challenge the Government where necessary, but there were no examples of anything he would actually agree to challenge, despite being pressed by several questioners. He was evasive round challenging road building plans. He thinks the bailouts are fine because they are just short term loans and the money will come back, despite the fact that supporting high carbon industries at this time will mean emissions don't fall and that means catastrophe. He has no answers as to how we stay below current estimates of 3.5 degrees or four degrees except for supporting Government Policy which he seems quite happy with despite the heavy criticisms from the Committee on Climate Change, and the deadline from the IEA that we have now only six months to turn this crisis round.

It was same old, same old, and a group of us don't buy it and are looking for another meeting. Pete Scott

The new website is here and it's fantastic! Please check it out! 
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Communications news

We're streamlining our communication channels
  • to get information to you more quickly,
  • to reduce how many different channels we each need to follow,
  • to reduce costs,
  • to use a platform which is run on renewable energy,
  • to improve security: data on our new services is held encrypted on a server in Switzerland (which has excellent data protection laws). Should we receive a data access request, shutting down the server would make the disk useless to the authorities.  So anything shared on a Private Channel will be secure.  Similarly, meetings held using Mattermost's Big Blue Button will be more secure than Zoom (& are free). This document explains further, including why we should move away from Google, Whats App, Facebook, etc.
UK Comms Hub and Mattermost Overview
The new XR comms systems comprise:
  • Mattermost chat, for short lived conversations and eventually for virtual meetings. One place to reach all rebels. (Mattermost can be used instead of WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram and Zoom)
  • UK Forums (also called Discourse), for longer, more in-depth discussions
  • UK Cloud, for file storage
  • The XR UK Communications Hub, which is a simple landing page that provides links to the above three areas. 
You may soon receive an invitation to join the UK Comms Hub, or you can request one at
For help, email Jonathan ( for more techie issues, or Barry ( for simpler stuff.

If you're not planning to be on the new platforms but you want to receive information, please contact your AG or WG coordinator so they can make sure you're in the communication loop.  If you're not in a WG or AG, you can contact Helen ( to arrange a chat about how to make sure you get the information you want.

UK Comms Hub and Mattermost Training
Ned Evans is offering Zoom sessions providing an overview of the UK Comms Hub for all levels of technical ability. These are now on: If everyone can encourage 2 or 3 people they know to ask for an invite onto the hub ... and they encourage 2 or 3 more people ... we'll all be on there in no time!
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Trainings - getting ready for August/September rebellion


Saturday July 4 10:30am -12:30pm  

Discussion of Nonviolence and Civil Disobedience
Tuesday, July 7 2020, 6:00pm-7:00pm 
Know Your Rights 
Training which provides essential information on your rights at protests, your rights when talking to the police, your rights when being searched, and your rights when being arrested. Recommended for all rebels, whether intending to get arrested or not.  On Reset TV -  A superb resource, loads of helpful information.

RISECWUP  Excellent pre-action preparation you can watch at any time.

29th July 20.30 - 22.00 
Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) Training Online
In this NVDA training you will find out how to peacefully take part in Extinction Rebellion actions. 

The training will cover the practice of non-violent techniques: showing you how to de-escalate tense situations, how to interact with the police, what to do if you get arrested and much more.

This training is highly recommended for anyone wishing to take part in the next Rebellion from 28 August to 9 September 2020.

This event is held via Zoom. A link will be sent via email to the address you registered with on the Facebook link below, two hours before the event begins and again 2 minutes before it starts.

You'll also find details on Totnes and Area Telegram Broadcast Channel 

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Dates and Resources

Wednesday 8 Jul, 8pm: 
Earth Talk - Gaia’s Lessons with Fritjof Capra

The Covid-19 pandemic can be seen as a biological response of Gaia, our living planet, to the ecological and social emergency humanity has brought upon itself. In this talk, Fritjof will discuss the valuable, life-saving lessons Gaia has offered us.To book, go to 

Wednesday 15 Jul, 8pm: 

Earth Talk - O brave new world, that has such people in it! with Margaret Wheatley

 As we observe and participate in our brave new world, what do we behold? Who do we choose to be as we face reality, claim our role, and offer more sanity to this world? To book, go to  
Friday 31st July at 5pm.

Join us at Victoria Street car park at the bottom of St Katherine's Way on Friday 31st at 5pm.

This is a movement-of-movements action. XR and local cycling activists are coming together in pursuit of our common goal -- reclaiming the streets for cyclists and walkers for a greener, healthier and more sustainable world fit for our children and grandchildren.

This ride will not be XR-branded, in order to attract more non-XR cycling activists. By all means wear XR badges or t-shirts, but no flags or placards please.

For more information contact Nigel on or Bob on

See you there!

August 13-18 (May yet run!)
Burning Hearts Climate Camp, Dartmoor

This new camp is for anyone who is awake to the climate and ecological crisis, whether you are a seasoned activist or just beginning your journey. It is an invitation to acknowledge together the deeply ravaging impact on our hearts. It is also an invitation to be part of creating positive change, to find our power, our voice and our engaged response. It is a celebration of life in the face of extinction. Activities will include singing, poetry, theatre, storytelling, art, ceremony, meditation and Qigong, nature connection, woodland and moorland walks as well as talks, trainings and workshops. Facilitators will include Rob Hopkins, Eliza Kenyon, Yanai Postelnik, Holly Ebony, Chris Salisbury, Rebecca Smart, Daverick Leggett and Tarte Noire Theatre Company.

The camp is a not-for-profit event with profits going to Extinction Rebellion and Transition Town Totnes. Limited places. Some volunteer places, bursaries and subsidised places for youth strikers available. Venue Holy Brook Meadows, southern Dartmoor. For details click here or contact Daverick

Friday 28th August
Rebellion in the regions starts - see "News" above for full details!

Tuesday 1st September
Rebellion outside Houses of Parliament starts see "News" above for full dtails


The XR UK Legal Support team will provide fortnightly Know Your Rights training
Every Tuesdays from 6-8pm from now on. 

(click here to sign up)
Know Your Rights Training provides essential information on your rights at protests, your rights when talking to the police, your rights when being searched, and your rights when being arrested. Recommended for all rebels, whether intending to get arrested or not.


The DNA team are still going strong with weekly sessions on Zoom!

9-11am, 6-8pm Tuesdays: Structure
9-11am, 6-8pm Wednesdays: Story
9-11am, 6-8pm Thursdays: Strategy

A chance to go deeper into what makes us XR, strengthen in unity and autonomy and come together with other rebels around the globe. These workshops are great for rebels old and new!

Sign up and find out more here:

Any Qs please get in touch:
Big love from the DNA Team

Here is a fully compiled list of all the main talks, trainings and workshops within XR National.  Many of them online. It's an amazing resource.

Our new Regenerative Cultures UK YouTube channel is now live! we need to get followers so we can have a custom URL . Please share and subscribe. More content coming soon but 8 meditations on there now already  


Bringing all of our activities online is important for us to stay connected. To help your Rebels get online here is some guidance on how to use free online video conferencing software, Zoom. This will help your Local Group to have their meetings online. Here is a recording on how to facilitate large group meetings online. There are even more resources on this Loomio link.

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Rebels Needed

Help needed with publicising short videos on social media
Pete Scott is requesting help with publicising short videos on social media to help expand the reach of XR.
Someone who would be willing to work on a small social media team to help distribute the videos that Nirvan and Pete are making. (On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram.)
Anyone who is already good at this would be ace, but anyone with enthusiasm would also be good. See for the short videos we have made in the last few weeks. Contact Pete Scott on 07896 276577 or at  
Masks glorious masks !  
Hi all we are looking for people who can sew to make more of the amazing masks we made for the recent action ‘COVID today – climate change tomorrow – UK Government ACTION NOW!’.  Please see above for information about the action if you missed it, we have further actions in mind and with our Covid safety guidelines we need to be wearing masks, let's make them with a positive message ! If this is something you would like to offer please get in touch with Lesley on Thanks all. 

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4th Demand & Climate Justice

As some of you may know , the conversation about integrating social justice into our XR demands has been going on since the movement began, but has come into greater focus during the last month's as Black Lives Matter protests occur around the globe. Increasingly local and national XR groups, including XR USA, XR Leeds, XR Youth and others have been adopting 'the 4th Demand' in varying forms. There has recently been an announcement from central XRUK group that centralised arrangements have been made to support local people's assemblies about the adoption of a 4th Demand across the UK. They have requested that local groups wait for this before taking further localised 4th Demand action... Watch this space! 

Alongside this process, this is an important time for us all to be deepening our understanding about the ways that social and economic injustice is woven into the climate and environmental damage we seek to redress. The Diversity group hopes to suggest reading material and links that can help each of us grasp more clearly these connections - and welcomes input from others in XR.
Here is a great up-to-date article about climate justice as it relates to the 3 demands:

There is also an incredible online workshop by Karl & Alima - 'Oppression, movement building and our relationships as activists' that we highly recommend

Disability Access to Online Meetings

The Diversity Working Group have proposed the following piece as part of our ongoing work into diversity and inclusion in Totnes and Area XR. Online meetings are a new area of expertise for many of us, and this piece is a work still in development so comes in blog form, with space at the end for anyone  to add further thoughts and suggestions. 
The Diversity WG hopes in due course to produce a number of documents to assist us all in considering how to make our group as diverse and inclusive as possible.
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7th July Big Meetup Zoom meeting:  'What is regenerative culture (regen)? 

*Does the mention of regen make your toes curl? - you are welcome! 

*Does regen fill you with delight? - you are welcome! 

*Not sure what regen is? - you are welcome!

Whatever you feel about regen you’re warmly invited to our 7th July Big Meetup Zoom meeting (see above for full instructions on how to join) to curiously explore in both large and small groups your sense of regen. Your contribution to our joint exploration will directly influence the shape and place of regen in XR Totnes and Area...and beyond. 

We’ll also be launching our new rebel well-being offers system, an introduction to Regen 101 resources and new developments in conflict transformation. 

We invite you to begin our exploration now by emailing two or three words that spring to mind when you feel you hear, see or experience ‘regen’

Looking forward to hearing from you, 

Jenny, John and Karin :) 

Check out the new website for info on Regenerative culture!
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Post Action Arrest Support – Where are we Now?

It seems a long time ago since the heady days of rebellion in April, June and October last year and the mass arrests that resulted.

Many rebels are still dealing with the consequences. Most of us were keenly aware and well-trained in the likely outcomes of being arrested and remain deeply committed to non-violent civil disobedience as an effective means of confronting ecocidal government behaviour.

It appears that the CPS has now finished charging October arrestees. Of those remaining charged rebels (we believe 13 locally) none currently have to appear in court in person, some are subject to ongoing postponements and depending on their plea of Guilty or Not-Guilty, all are being dealt with by post, video, telephone or proxy via a solicitor.

There are of course many ways people can support the Rebellion without engaging in acts of civil disobedience. When we return to the streets we all wish to be prepared. If you are considering non-violent direct action we recommend that you do the training for NVDA, Know Your Rights, RISECWP and XR DNA. These really help with making a careful personal decision about your level of involvement and can all be found here

Arrest support information that is not available via the XR website can be found by contacting or for legal info

For local information contact Tim at


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Working Group and Circle Vacancies 

Please note all roles advertised here are voluntary. 

Media lead link
Can you write press releases, or would you be interested in learning how? Totnes and Area XR have a vacancy for media lead link.
Main roles
- arranging press, TV and radio coverage of actions (writing and sending press releases, organising photographers, being the press contact etc.)
- coordinating media rebels, managing press contacts and updating media archive
- managing Totnes and Area XR social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Insta, YouTube)
Contact Miriam on

Newsletter Co-ordinator needed to put together newsletter
- for an informal chat please email Colin   -
Fundraiser needed
Someone with experience needed to enable all the actions and infrastructure needed for XR Totnes and Area
Please contact Erica
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Self-Organising Systems (SOS) - Helpdesk

The UK-wide self-organising systems (SOS) team will be holding a help desk from 1.15pm to 2.15pm every Monday.

It's a place for rebels to find out more about the self-organising system, ask questions and find more resources.

The SOS is integral to empowering effective and decentralised organising!

Zoom link here.

Anchor Circle -

Anchor Circle secretary -
Hosting Circle -

Independent Legal Observers -
Diversity Working Group -

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Information Sources

The new website is here:  Take a look! It is a fantastic resource and one that will be developing over time! Hats off to Charlie for putting this together!

XR UK national newsletter - subscribe at or

Telegram, online secure messaging at channels such as Rebellion Broadcast, Organise! - Election Broadcast, XR South West Broadcast…and now Totnes & Area Telegram Broadcast channel use the link here.

Social media:

We now have our own Medium page 

and YouTube channel

We are also on Twitter (XRTotnes)

and Instagram (xr_totnes)

Please follow and share and like! It really helps get the word out!

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Colin and the Totnes XR Media Team

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