Extinction Rebellion Totnes & Area ACTION Newsletter
Friday August 21st 2020  #58

Last Big Meetup before Rebellion on Monday 

Photo courtesy Desmog

The Rebellion is almost upon us and and it is looking amazing!
Also INSECT ACTION tomorrow Saturday 22nd August Totnes

Please join us at this LAST Big Meetup on Zoom before the Rebellion to find out how you can participate! It's not too late to contribute! All the details you need and questions and concerns answered!

Monday Aug 24th, 2020 06:30 PM 

Zoom link:

On Monday 24 August, the first day of the Rebellion will be just five more days away!  It starts on 28 August in hundreds of locations around the country. It runs for four days over the long weekend, with a different theme each day. On 1 September it moves to Cardiff (see the Plan for Cardiff here), Cardiff, London and Manchester. Wonderful rebels from Totnes and Area are going to all the local actions, plus Exeter and Bristol, and some are going on to Cardiff and London. 

Come and hear more about all these at this meeting. There's more to bring you up to date about, both on our local actions and on what's bubbling away for Cardiff and London. 

We're hoping even more rebels will come forward for specific actions, following the great response we had in the last few weeks. Just committing to be there is brilliant, of course, and at this stage we're especially looking for people to fill vital support roles at actions, such as engaging with the public, de-escalation, police-station support, and more. Could this be you? Find out more by attending the zoom! We'll be talking about the actions, pre-action training and much more!.
Zoom Big Meet Up Security and Wellbeing Guidelines

Hosting and regen teams have worked together to create guidelines to support our zoom big meet ups.  You can see them here

Your feedback is warmly welcomed at
Our last scheduled big meet up before the rebellion is on August 24th.  The hosting team will then take a break until our celebration and welcome home big meet up - likely to be on Tuesday 22nd September but the date is to be confirmed.

Any questions about big met ups, contact


Virtual attendance at big meet-ups in Grove school (whenever they recommence)

The Hosting Circle are aware that some people would prefer to continue to join meetings via Zoom, rather than attend in person.  Our tech team is working on this and plan to trial it at the first big meet-up so as to ensure we include as many rebels as possible.  For more info, email 
There have also been requests for in person pre-rebellion meet ups but the hosting team doesn't have capacity at the moment to facilitate that.  If you can help, please email   
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The Rebellion is less than two weeks away!!

(Almost) Everything you need to know about the Rebellion is in this neat pack, which will be updated as new info comes in.

This includes an actions calendar, the plans for each city, what to bring, how we’ll communicate with each other, how to join in from home, and loads more. Get stuck in.

August local action


Affinity Groups are central to the way we in XR organise ourselves. Our August actions in Totnes and nearby* don't need rebels organised into AGs. It’s best if you let the coordinators know you’re planning to come, though. But AGs are absolutely crucial for sharing vital information about actions, mobilising rebels who'll take part, and identifying people with the skills needed in action-support roles.

Many rebels have already said they'll take part in one or more of the actions, others are helping organise and are taking up action-design and action-support roles. IF YOUR AG LACKS A COORDINATOR OR HASN'T BEEN ACTIVE FOR A WHILE, PLEASE HELP BY GETTING IN TOUCH WITH YOUR LOVELY CO-REBELS AND COME FORWARD FOR THE REBELLION!

See the information in this newsletter and in our other communications channels. Come to the Big Meet-up on Monday24th August if you can (zoom link in this newsletter). If you definitely want to take part but haven't come forward yet, let us know. If you're not sure yet, but would like to learn more, let us know. Use this email address -- -- or post in our local Facebook, Mattermost or Telegram channels.

*AGs may be useful as teams for Bristol and Exeter on 29th and 31st August, where we’re joining with the local groups, though individuals going with friends under their own steam will also be at the heart of it. Ditto for the Cardiff and London rebellions. Watch this space for more information!

Totnes Insect Festival - Saturday 22nd August

 10:00 - 12:30 on The Plains and

 13:00 - 15:00 Outside St Mary's church

Totnes and Area Extinction Rebellion are organising an Insect Festival to draw attention to the importance of insects in the ecosystem upon which we depend for our survival. There is growing evidence that there is a dangerous decline of insect numbers, which threatens our very existence.

Come and discover what you can do to help improve local insect habitats and join Extinction Rebellion's campaign in support of the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill that would make the government act with the urgency that we need.

It’s fun too! You can follow an informative trail of beautifully painted pebbles and pick up hand-made freebies to improve the lives of your insect friends !


Here’s a list of the actions taking place locally, regionally and in Cardiff and London between 22 August and 5 September. More are likely to be added! For more information, contact the Action Circle email address below. If you haven’t already done so, please let us know if you plan to go to one or more of them. If you’re not certain but are considering it, please let us know that too.

Friday 28 August: Actions in Totnes – Noisy and colourful procession across the two road bridges and around the town. With the samba band, Red Rebels, pink gilets with messages, banners, placards and an opportunity for outreach. Meeting: 10am Vire island to collect banners placards, do also bring your own to go with Samba band. Also 11am behind coop to support Red Rebels.

Banner drops from seven bridges on the A38 12.00 to 4.00pm and also on the KEVICC bridge in Totnes 10.00 to 2.00pm!! More information:

Saturday 29 August: Bristol airport action – socially-distanced single-file procession along the main road to Bristol airport, led by the highly theatrical mime group, the “landing crew”. Samba band, funeral march, Red Rebels. Theme: death of democracy (airport not abiding by Local Authority planning decision blocking airport expansion, government failing to meet its legally-binding commitments on climate change). There will be no disruption for passengers. Meeting: Felton Common near St Katherine’s Church, Felton BS40 9UR. For more info: or Facebook event

Sunday 30 August: Green Spirits procession at Teignmouth beach in the morning, Paignton beach in the afternoon, with an 8-foot banner depicting the crises that face us all, with biodiversity collapse the greatest. Silent, theatrical, green-robed procession, plus banners, placards, samba band and more. 1.5 to 2 hours. Meeting: Teignmouth Lower Point car park 10:30am; Paignton Victoria car park 2.00pm. More info:

Monday 31 August- “Clean up Your Act” action outside city-centre banks in Exeter, pressuring them to divest from fossil-fuel industries. Noisy, theatrical action similar to those carried out around the country last November. Posters, flags, banners, placards, samba band. Led by XR Exeter with Totnes and Area support Meeting 10.45 Southernhay Gardens, finish by 1.00pm latest. More info:

Cardiff from Tuesday 1st to Saturday 5th September: A huge range of actions over six days in and around the city, some “spicy” (with arrestable aspects), some not spicy, non-arrestable. Lots of theatrical, eye-catching, media-friendly elements. For more details go to Enquiries:

London from Tuesday 1 September: up to two weeks: SW rebels meet at Tate Britain at 11.00 and march to Parliament Square at 1.30 to join marchers from other regions who will converge there at the same time and remain there until someone comes out to talk with them about the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (to be tabled that day). There will be a tightly-packed calendar of actions for the remaining days. XR South West, Bristol and Wales will be the architects of actions for the second Thursday (10 September). For info:

Thursday 3 September: Met Office action, Exeter – TELL THE TRUTH theme. An XR Press team (smartly dressed like 1950s reporters) will greet Met office staff as they arrive for work in the morning. Respectful of the staff and their hard work on research into climate science we will be asking the question ' Why aren't the Government listening' ‘Are the Government doing enough' etc. All welcome. For info:

Wednesday 9th September: Insect Action in Newton Abbot. This will be a colourful and beautiful outreach action, highlighting the vital role insect’s play in the ecological system, including our food, and how we might protect their diminishing numbers. Including supporting the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, we will also have giveaway insect hotels, pollinator seeds, and more.

More info:

Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill. This is at the centre of the first 2-3 days of the London Rebellion. More details below.

Digital Rebellion. Ongoing programme of disruptive emailing and phone swamping of Whitehall. Much success already! More details later.

We also need these support roles for our local actions. If you are experienced in the roles listed below, please contact us at to let us know which ones you can offer. Don’t hold back – we need you! While there is an extremely low risk of police intervention or arrest, we need to be ready. Skills and roles include Witnessing Arrest, Witnessing Police Behaviour, and Arrest Support (which includes Police Station Support). As we’ll be in some busy public spaces, rebels skilled in de-escalation, and in talking the public, will be essential too.

All rebels at an action should have done the Witnessing Arrest training. Other essential training for all rebels going to actions include Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) and Know Your Rights. Online training is available in all those areas.

For more information, go the the Cloud section of our Communications Hub, find the Totnes and Area folder – within that you’ll find a growing array of background documents about the actions. (If you need help with getting yourself on the Hub, see the links elsewhere in the newsletter).

WE WANT TO LIVE - South West social media guide for rebels!

Your essential guide to using social media to boost our message during the rebellion and ensuring that your wonderful content gets seen and shared on SW, Cardiff and UK social media platforms.

Please familiarise yourself with the Rebellion 3 (Cardiff Phase): THE PLAN   
Full document here










The XR Politics Circle invites rebels to write to  re the Government’s recent White paper, Planning for the Future, making use of the following points as you wish!

The target in the White paper of 2025 for new homes to produce 75-80% lower CO2 emissions compared to current levels is too little too late. The previous target of 2016 for new houses to be zero carbon was removed by a previous Conservative government. Will Mr Mangnall use his influence to ensure that at a local level we will still have the freedom under the new Planning strategy to require new builds to be carbon neutral immediately.

2. The Government's Committee on Climate Change in its July report states that the rapid decarbonisation of housing is a priority, as it accounts for 18% of total UK emissions, and that since the zero carbon date of 2016 was delayed, 1.8 million houses have been built which will need retrofitting. If the requirement is delayed for another 5 years, there will be another 1.5 million houses that will need retrofitting in addition to all the existing homes that need retrofitting!

3 In the South Hams, the situation is even more critical. Buildings in the South Hams account for 33% of all carbon emissions. To achieve the Government target of global warming remaining below 2% and to meet our commitment under the Paris Agreement, the South Hams will need to reduce its carbon emissions by 13.7% per year. Under the 2025 target, the South Hams will already have used almost our entire carbon budget available for housing by 2025.  

4. We are looking at a scenario of a 3-4% rise in global temperature in our lifetime or that of our children with the catastrophic outcomes that will bring on human society and nature. Local communities in the South Hams and South Hams District Council are keen to avoid this. However in the White paper, local people's ability to insist on zero carbon new builds through the planning process is taken away from them.

5. Mr Mangnall, MP, has expressed his personal commitment to supporting local communities in the South Hams to reduce their carbon emissions, will he use his influence to ensure that at a local level we will still have the freedom under the new Planning strategy to require new builds to be carbon neutral immediately.


The CEE Bill is launched! Watch & share this video:

Find out more here:

This is what we will be demanding of the UK Government on September 1st.

💻Write to your MP's, ask them to support it! You can find your MP's email here:

"This Bill outlines the path needed to avoid the catastrophe outlined by the United is farsighted aiming to protect those at risk now and in the future." - Kumi Naidoo, Ex-Director of Greenpeace & Secretary Amnesty International

If you want to find out what's happening locally, contact  and also see the posts above about the insect day on August 22nd and Totnes action on August 28th where the Bill will be promoted.

"Why the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill could lead to a revolution of the imagination"  by Rob Hopkins

Info and preparation for the Rebellion

Please join the XR SW Telegram broadcast channel using this link ( as this is an essential communication tool for the region.

If you aren’t sure already, telegram is an encrypted messaging app with a bunch of handy features, and is also XR UK’s primary method of communication across the country, within regions, and within local groups too. The link above, provided the app is installed, will automatically take you to the broadcast channel and ask you to join.

For those that don’t have telegram, don’t worry it’s free, and you can get it on your phone and desktop too

Apple store:

Google play store:

Desktop download:

Thanks for your help in advance :)

Love and Rage,

Matt Hull,

Extinction Rebellion Winchester Youth

Get involved - there's something for everyone before, during and after the rebellion, both at home and on the streets.   Everyone and every part of everyone is welcome.
To link up with Totnes and Area working groups, contact

The "we want to live" handbook, primarily for organisers

Hot off the Press: "handbook for life"  for all rebels .

live update document for Rebellion

Rebellion survey

Some useful links...

Facebook event: click 'going' and invite friends:

Crowdfunder: Donate and share:

Sign up to help out during rebellion:

Invite people to this UK-wide broadcast:
Wales&South West Rebels: Join the Cardiff broadcast:
Northern Rebels: Join the Northern broadcast:

Share the webpage and promo video:

sign up here for the XR SW newsletter for more information about regional actions, including actions in Cardiff and a SW mega group (SW, Bristol and Wales) action in London on Thursday 10th August.  There's also a sign up form for the rebellion.

See link here for XRUK NEWSLETTER for full details of everything  YOU NEED TO KNOW about joining the REBELLION

Please check out trainings getting ready for September Rebellion below!

Love & Courage to all rebels as we prepare for our biggest action of 2020!
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Please donate 
We have a lot  of rebellion expenses right now and no income from meet ups, so please do donate if you can, even if it's a one off and/or a small amount.  Huge thanks to those people who have already set up regular standing orders and given donations in the last couple of weeks in response to this invitation.

Donations are invited
via BACS to Totnes & Area Extinction Rebellion Sort Code 16 58 10 Account Number 21119023. If you are able to, a regular donation via standing order is really helpful. Many thanks. Erica Lewis, Finance
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Communications news

Leaving Basecamp
We are reaching out from UK Digital Discussions who look after our internal communications platforms to ensure you have some very important information.

We hope you were already aware that we have for some time now been moving off Basecamp and on to new platforms.

The reasons can be broadly summed up as for security, scaleability and sustainability.

Further details can be found at

The XR Basecamp account will be closed in September, and you will lose everything on there unless you transfer to the new services.

You need to to know we are aiming for this transfer to be completed by the end of September 2020, and that we will be closing this Basecamp account behind us.

All UK Working Groups and UK Nations and Regions now have “Tech Champions” aiding UK Digital Discussions with the move within their regions and their local groups.

If you do not know who your UK WG / Regional / Local Tech Champion is, or you can not get support from them contact

We'll be using the Mattermost Big Blue button instead of zoom soon!

We're streamlining our communication channels
  • to get information to you more quickly,
  • to reduce how many different channels we each need to follow,
  • to reduce costs,
  • to use a platform which is run on renewable energy,
  • to improve security: data on our new services is held encrypted on a server in Switzerland (which has excellent data protection laws). Should we receive a data access request, shutting down the server would make the disk useless to the authorities.  So anything shared on a Private Channel will be secure.  Similarly, meetings held using Mattermost's Big Blue Button will be more secure than Zoom (& are free). This document explains further, including why we should move away from Google, Whats App, Facebook, etc.
Telegram Broadcast Channel
We've decided to continue to use this useful tool for rebellion and big meet up broadcasts, amongst other thing. Totnes & Area Telegram Broadcast channel use the link here.

UK Comms Hub and Mattermost Overview
The new XR comms systems comprise:
  • Mattermost chat, for short lived conversations and eventually for virtual meetings. One place to reach all rebels. (Mattermost can be used instead of WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram and Zoom)
  • UK Forums (also called Discourse), for longer, more in-depth discussions
  • UK Cloud, for file storage
  • The XR UK Communications Hub, which is a simple landing page that provides links to the above three areas. 
You may soon receive an invitation to join the UK Comms Hub, or you can request one at
For help, email Jonathan ( for more techie issues, or Barry ( for simpler stuff.

If you're not planning to be on the new platforms but you want to receive information, please contact your AG or WG coordinator so they can make sure you're in the communication loop.  If you're not in a WG or AG, you can contact Helen ( to arrange a chat about how to make sure you get the information you want.

UK Comms Hub and Mattermost Training
Ned Evans is offering Zoom sessions providing an overview of the UK Comms Hub for all levels of technical ability. She can also invite you to the hub during the session and help you to get on there.  The sessions are on: If everyone can encourage 2 or 3 people they know to ask for an invite onto the hub ... and they encourage 2 or 3 more people ... we'll all be on there in no time!  Go along to a session with your affinity group ofr working group for a ready made support group!
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Trainings - getting ready for August/September rebellion

Wed Aug 26th - 7 pm - 9 pm

Heading for Extinction talks

A challenge for you ... invite someone to these talks

Which is more scary?

Stepping out and blocking a road  OR  talking to someone about Extinction Rebellion?

We need more people to start the journey you’re already on – learning, involvement and action. The “Heading for Extinction” talk is designed exactly for this.

The most effective way people will hear about it, is for us to tell our friends, colleagues, acquaintances.

And, for many of us this can be as challenging as blocking a road (or more!). And it may be as effective (or more!).

So, if you’re up for the challenge, go to - copy the invite - paste it into an email to someone – and click send.

Details also on our website and Facebook Event pages – any questions contact



If these trainings are fully booked, go to Cornwall Talks and Training at the end of this list.

NON-VIOLENT DIRECT ACTION (NVDA) Workshops online - places going fast!
 Every Saturday 10.00 - 13.00 
 Register here –

Learn how to peacefully take part in Extinction Rebellion actions. This training is highly recommended for anyone wishing to take part in the next Rebellion. You will learn about the history of Civil Disobedience, theories of NonViolence, and various NVDA skills such as how to talk to the police and how to use your support systems. You can register here. This workshop takes 3hrs, and includes 2 x 15 minute breaks - please arrive on time! 

 Friday 21/08/20 14.00 - 16.00   Online - register at
 Saturday 22/08/20 17.00 - 19.00 
           Monday 24/08/20 18.00 - 20.00  Online - register at
           Tuesday 25/08/20 18.00 - 20.00  Online - register at 
           Thursday 27/08/20 12/00 - 14.00 Online - register at
           Thursday 27/08/20 15.00 - 17.00 - Online - register at
A training aimed at encouraging safe protest and informing rebels of their rights. Teaching rebels how to engage with the police, acknowledging the disproportionate policing of marginalised groups and the role of white, able bodied privilege.

Aiming to create a safer protest environment by empowering all UK rebels with the knowledge to understand the widespread discrimination within policing, their legal rights and to be aware of how to limit risk to themselves and others.

Latest news is that we may not have many Legal Observers present. So we are now urging as many people as possible to watch the 
Password - ProsecutePolluters 
You are also encouraged to do a Witnessing Police Behaviour training. The dates can be found here:

RISECWUP (a mnemonic!) - EXPLORING THE REASONS WHY WE ARE ACTING - WHAT ARE OUR DEEP VALUES?  Excellent pre-action preparation you can watch at any time.   
NB. You need a password - risecwup

Monday 31/08/2020  - 18.30  for 1.5 hours    

Please register here –    

Nonviolence is one of the core principles which is non-negotiable for everyone who wants to take action under the name of XR. De-escalation is a key skill for anyone involved in any action. It helps maintain nonviolent interactions and atmosphere.  

Cornwall Talks and Training are running a schedule of online talks and Trainings throughout August to help rebels old and new prepare for the Rebellion;

  • HfE 30 min talks and listening circle 
  • NVDA
  • Intro to XR
  • Roots of Regenerative Culture
  • Nonviolence and Deescalation

They are aimed at people in Cornwall in as much as that we’ll signpost to local groups and actions but ALL are welcome.

All events can be found here:

TAA XR Samba rehearsals 
Thursday 27th August 7pm to 8.30ish

Overflow car park, Shinners Bridge shops  (past normal car parks, bear right, then left turn signposted overflow)

All welcome: just come and/or contact Tim:

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Dates and Resources

Wednesday 26th August 7 and 9pm
Kill the Cat Theatre presents "The House Never Wins!"

An interactive theatre piece which focus’ on the climate crisis, self-isolation and gambling for the planet. Kill The Cat Theatre are an interactive theatre company who have developed their brand new show to operate online which focuses on the Climate Crisis. You will be able to play along live through Zoom and Whatsapp. We are performing as part of Plymouth Fringe which has moved online this year – we will be performing on the 26th August with multiple performances both nights which you can join from the comfort of your own sofa. We know times are hard for everyone at the moment, so Plymouth Fringe are operating free ticketing system! Do support your local South West Fringe by finding out more about Plymouth Fringe here.

Kill The Cat Theatre present
The House Never Wins

A live interactive game theatre experience exploring climate change, self-isolating and gambling for the planet.
Watch the Trailer

As part of Plymouth Fringe this August 

The House Never Wins is an exciting hands-on experience where audience members are actively asked to be involved in the journey of the piece. Receiving information through both zoom and their phones, audiences will play what seems to be a simple game of blackjack. However, there’s a catch. Whilst trying to pit your luck against the dealer, you also must keep The House alive, messages appear on your phone: sea levels rising, mass extinctions, the burning Amazon, The House goes bust, the casino collapses. But surely you are only here to win a real cash prize? 

Kill The Cat Theatre make bold interactive theatre exploring difficult social issues in inventive ways – putting the audience at the heart of the action. Their work takes place in unusual spaces – which is no different to their newest piece which is done in the virtual realm. All you need is Whatsapp, a laptop, a bowl of water and a piece of fruit. This is the perfect cure for missing live theatre and overcoming lockdown boredom. So, glam up, and join us, for the house is on fire.


TAA XR Samba rehearsals 
Thursday 27th August 7pm to 8.30ish

Overflow car park, Shinners Bridge shops  (past normal car parks, bear right, then left turn signposted overflow)

All welcome: just come and/or contact Tim:

Friday 28th August

Rebellion starts - see "News" above for full details!


The DNA team are still going strong with weekly sessions on Zoom!

9-11am, 6-8pm Tuesdays: Structure
9-11am, 6-8pm Wednesdays: Story
9-11am, 6-8pm Thursdays: Strategy

A chance to go deeper into what makes us XR, strengthen in unity and autonomy and come together with other rebels around the globe. These workshops are great for rebels old and new!

Sign up and find out more here: There have been some problems with this link - any difficulties please get in touch:
Big love from the DNA Team


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Rebels Needed

REBELS NEEDED - Request for Back Office and Police Station Support volunteers for upcoming actions.  Contact Noni -


Alex Waters, our XR Devon coordinator, has put out a call for a Task Group Point for stewards in the Cardiff Rebellion from 1st to 5th September. This is in essence a coordination role. See below for the definition of a Task Group Point.

Being a steward is to have a really key role in the rebellion. Without them, the rebellion can’t happen effectively. What is needed now is one person to step forward from our South West Region to work as a Task Group Point in the stewarding team.

As I understand it, stewards are in three teams – or Task Groups. An “On” task group, a “Shadowing” task group, and an “Off” task group. Each task group takes one role for a day, then hands over the the next morning.

Each of the task groups is coordinated by a Task Group Point (TGP). The “On” and “Shadowing” task group points meet every morning to plan the day, based on the results of a people’s assembly held the previous evening. It is the task group point that we have been asked to identify.

Before the rebellion, the role consists of

  • getting people into the task group

  • designing processes

  • communicating with other task groups to make sure there are no gaps

  • being available to answer questions

  • figuring out how your task group will need to interact with others during the rebellion

  • coordinating other preparation before the rebellion

  • attending TGP meetings to share information

During the rebellion, the role is:

  • taking part in decision-making meetings with other when on-shift

  • being a point of contact for rebels in your task group to ask questions to or give information to

  • being a point of contact for other TGPs to ask question to or provide information to

  • being a conduit of information between people

  • maintaining good communication

  • coordinating any other task-group-specific work

Please consider taking on this vitally important role. For a fuller explanation and to explore the role, contact Alex, our Devon Coordinator, at


Request for Back Office and Police Station Support volunteers for upcoming actions


Help needed with publicising short videos on social media
Pete Scott is requesting help with publicising short videos on social media to help expand the reach of XR.
Someone who would be willing to work on a small social media team to help distribute the videos that Nirvan and Pete are making. (On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram.)
Anyone who is already good at this would be ace, but anyone with enthusiasm would also be good. See for the short videos we have made in the last few weeks. Contact Pete Scott on 07896 276577 or at  
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4th Demand & Climate Justice

As some of you may know , the conversation about integrating social justice into our XR demands has been going on since the movement began, but has come into greater focus during the last month's as Black Lives Matter protests occur around the globe. Increasingly local and national XR groups, including XR USA, XR Leeds, XR Youth and others have been adopting 'the 4th Demand' in varying forms. There has recently been an announcement from central XRUK group that centralised arrangements have been made to support local people's assemblies about the adoption of a 4th Demand across the UK. They have requested that local groups wait for this before taking further localised 4th Demand action... Watch this space! 

Alongside this process, this is an important time for us all to be deepening our understanding about the ways that social and economic injustice is woven into the climate and environmental damage we seek to redress. The Diversity group hopes to suggest reading material and links that can help each of us grasp more clearly these connections - and welcomes input from others in XR.
Here is a great up-to-date article about climate justice as it relates to the 3 demands:

There is also an incredible online workshop by Karl & Alima - 'Oppression, movement building and our relationships as activists' that we highly recommend

Disability Access to Online Meetings

The Diversity Working Group have proposed the following piece as part of our ongoing work into diversity and inclusion in Totnes and Area XR. Online meetings are a new area of expertise for many of us, and this piece is a work still in development so comes in blog form, with space at the end for anyone  to add further thoughts and suggestions. 
The Diversity WG hopes in due course to produce a number of documents to assist us all in considering how to make our group as diverse and inclusive as possible.
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Check out the new TAA website for info on Regenerative culture!

Also the new Regenerative Cultures UK YouTube channel is now live! we need to get followers so we can have a custom URL . Please share and subscribe. More content coming soon but 8 meditations on there now already  
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Post Action Arrest Support – Where are we Now?

It seems a long time ago since the heady days of rebellion in April, June and October last year and the mass arrests that resulted.

Many rebels are still dealing with the consequences. Most of us were keenly aware and well-trained in the likely outcomes of being arrested and remain deeply committed to non-violent civil disobedience as an effective means of confronting ecocidal government behaviour.

It appears that the CPS has now finished charging October arrestees. Of those remaining charged rebels (we believe 13 locally) none currently have to appear in court in person, some are subject to ongoing postponements and depending on their plea of Guilty or Not-Guilty, all are being dealt with by post, video, telephone or proxy via a solicitor.

There are of course many ways people can support the Rebellion without engaging in acts of civil disobedience. When we return to the streets we all wish to be prepared. If you are considering non-violent direct action we recommend that you do the training for NVDA, Know Your Rights, RISECWP and XR DNA. These really help with making a careful personal decision about your level of involvement and can all be found here

Arrest support information that is not available via the XR website can be found by contacting or for legal info

For local information contact Tim at


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Working Group and Circle Vacancies 

Please note all roles advertised here are voluntary. 

Media lead link
Can you write press releases, or would you be interested in learning how? Totnes and Area XR have a vacancy for media lead link. Now needed urgently for the upcoming rebellion!  Please email
Main roles
- arranging press, TV and radio coverage of actions (writing and sending press releases, organising photographers, being the press contact etc.)
- coordinating media rebels, managing press contacts and updating media archive
- managing Totnes and Area XR social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Insta, YouTube)

Newsletter Co-ordinator needed URGENTLY to take on putting together newsletter from September
- for an informal chat please email Colin   -
Fundraiser needed
Someone with experience needed to enable all the actions and infrastructure needed for XR Totnes and Area
Please contact Erica
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 Self Organising Systems

Hello everyone, here’s an idea to assist Integration of Rebels, spread awareness of different Circle’s activities, build awareness of who’s who and where information is coming from:

1. Posts on Telegram etc - could be subtitled with the name of the Circle publishing it
2. Circle name and Roles added to end of emails
3. In public meetings online, you might like to add which Circle you’re in onto the end of screen name/
Thank you - from the Self Organising System (SOS) Circle

Self Organising Circle contact -

Self-Organising Systems (SOS) - Helpdesk

The UK-wide self-organising systems (SOS) team will be holding a help desk from 1.15pm to 2.15pm every Monday.

It's a place for rebels to find out more about the self-organising system, ask questions and find more resources.

The SOS is integral to empowering effective and decentralised organising!

Zoom link here.

Anchor Circle -
Anchor Circle secretary -
Hosting Circle -
SOS Circle -
Politics Circle -
Action Circle -
Outreach Circle - please contact via for now

Independent Legal Observers -
Media and messaging working group
Newsletter -
All other working groups, please contact via for now

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Information Sources

The new website is here:  Take a look! It is a fantastic resource and one that will be developing over time! Hats off to Charlie for putting this together!

XR UK national newsletter - subscribe at or

Telegram, online secure messaging at channels such as Rebellion Broadcast, Organise! - Election Broadcast, XR South West Broadcast…and now Totnes & Area Telegram Broadcast channel use the link here.

Social media:

We now have our own Medium page 

and YouTube channel

We are also on Twitter (XRTotnes)

and Instagram (xr_totnes)

Please follow and share and like! It really helps get the word out!

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I'm hoping to send out intermittent newsletters during the rebellion so please take this deadline with a pinch of salt. Deadline for next Newsletter Thursday 27th  August
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Colin will be retiring from producing newletters after the September Rebellion and will need someone to cover before then too. Please consider learning what's involved. 
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