Westford Climate Action needs your help!

For fiscal year 2024 that begins on July 1st, the Town of Westford has not funded the Sustainability Coordinator position. As residents concerned about the climate crisis, we need a full-time Sustainability Coordinator to lead the implementation of Westford’s Climate Roadmap and ensure that Westford takes advantage of all the state and federal incentives that are now available.

New federal and state legislation for 2023 includes many rebates, credits, and incentives for efficient electrical appliances, heating, and cooling equipment, and vehicles for individuals AND municipalities. The new “Direct Pay” credits for municipalities and non-profits are exactly what we need to reduce our town budget. This will help us reach Westford’s commitment to being “Net Zero” by 2050.

Some of the programs are competitive so we must act quickly. We must have a full-time knowledgeable Sustainable Coordinator who can navigate the benefits of the legislation, understand and apply for grants, and work with town personnel and residents. Budget funding for a full-time Sustainability Coordinator will not only pay for itself monetarily, but it will assure us of meeting our climate goals. The climate crisis is not going away.

What can you do? -
You need to email the Select Board and in your own words and tell them to fully fund the Sustainability Coordinator position. Make your voice heard! Remember to sign the email with your name and include your address.

To start an email to the Select Board and add your own words, select:
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If you prefer, you can email each Select Board member and the Town Manager’s office directly:


Andrea Peraner-Sweet

G. Thomas Clay

John H. Cunningham

J. Scott Hazelton

Anita Tonakarn-Nguyen


Jodi Ross

Eric Heideman

Thank you in advance for your support. Together we can make a difference.

Jim O'Connell

Brent Siniawski

Westford Climate Action