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Well, so here we are still socially distancing and missing hugs from our family but with some light at the end of the tunnel as we see some years start to return to school, shops slowly start to open and bookings for my Beauty therapy business come rolling in for early July.
 It's interesting to see how our new normal is going to take shape and how it will effect our shopping habits.
I really hope this time has given us all chance to think about how we shop and how un-necessary the vast quantities of clothes we have in out wardrobe are.

I personally would love to see local boutiques getting more support as we start to consider buying quality over quantity.
If we only bought the things we truly love, the colours we know work for us, the shapes that flatter and the styles that bring out our personalities, then there would be know more wasteful purchases. I love nothing more than a sociable shopping day but it is ok to come home with just one item that you love, apposed to a bag full  of items that are just ok but they were cheap so it doesn't matter if you never wear them!
Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of vogue shared her thoughts this week if you're interested here is the link to her article.
Vogue on fast fashion
I've slightly altered the format of this months newsletter and included more links to take you to blogs I've started to write. I hope this will help you to pick and choose the topics you'd like to read more easily without having to search through the length and breadth of the newsletter.
 I'd love to know if any of you have been trying out new things in your wardrobe, de-cluttering or wearing headbands!
It really is going to feel strange getting back into a routine and making an effort with our clothes, so have a think about how you want to appear when you walk back out the door. Were you happy with your look before lockdown? if so then that fantastic but if not then now is a great time for a change of style, a new improved you!
The more you start to dress as you want to be seen whilst we are still at home the easier and more natural it will feel when we're out! 

Hope you enjoy this months content

Adele x

P.S have you joined my Fab not Frumpy facebook group yet?  It's free, It's safe and It's fun!
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Can YOU wear Black?
I think apart from 'What colours suit me?' the next most popular question on the lips of all my clients is 'Can I still wear black?'
Only 25% of ladies actually look good in black and unless you have dark hair and dark eyes, dark hair and blue eyes or silver white hair the answer is probably no. There is a 'but' so all is not lost!
I feel that black can be slimming, stylish and elegant IF worn correctly.

If black is your choice of preference for an evening dress but it's not your best colour then make sure you have plenty of skin showing to give some distance between the colour and your face, spaghetti straps, a deep 'V' or strapless.
Then add a fabulous lipstick or accessories in your best colour. 

If a black blazer or coat is your go to, or you have an expensive one in your wardrobe, but black washes you out then add a scarf, turtleneck or chunky necklace in your best colours to break it up.

If you have black jeans or trousers that you love then simply wear them with a top in in your best colours.
Black boots and handbags again are not next to your face so you can wear them, but as you introduce more of your best colour palette into your wardrobe you will start to think about your choices and maybe opt for less harsh Navy or Chocolate instead of black.
When you choose black to wear because you feel it's safe or to cover yourself up, that is when its not ok!

If you want to know what colours suit you and how to instantly look more youthful then you know what to do.
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Do you own a blazer?

One of the most essential pieces to have in your wardrobe is without doubt a blazer.
It really is the most  reliable go to piece that is worth investing in.
So versatile and suitable for absolutely every body shape and style.
I have teamed up with one of my favorite boutiques Bodega to put together a checklist of blazers and a guide to help you choose the best type for your body shape.
Click the link to read on
Which Blazer?
To dress or not to dress

As we fast approach Summer and the temperatures rise do you reach for a dress?
Dresses are a bit like marmite you either live in them or struggle to know what suits you so avoid them at all cost.
If you long to wear a dress then these next few pointers may help you take the plunge.

Firstly dresses are a great way to experiment with patterns and prints so if your everyday wardrobe is quite plain coloured then a dress can be a way to express your inner style.
Pattern equals camouflage! The eye cannot focus on a flowing pattern so lumps and bumps are instantly disguised.

Dresses are great for elongating the length of the body creating a column effect and avoiding the body being cut in half by two different colours as is often the case with separate pieces.
It is so much easier to pull on a dress than combine an outfit of separates making it the perfect item for busy time strapped woman.

Dresses are so versatile a shirt dress can be worn open as a long jacket over trousers, jeans or even another dress.

Kaftan style dresses are so cool and non-restrictive in the summer, add a wide belt and wedge sandals to take it from day to evening.

Another fabulous shirt dresses worn open over shorts as a long line summery jacket.

Spotty dresses are so versatile and can be dressed up or down everyone can wear polka dots and have their 'Pretty Woman' moment!

Broderie anglais dresses scream summer and look so pretty.
Usually associated with being white, Broderie Anglais is textured with holes and isn’t solid so it can work well for everyone even if white isn't your best colour.

 Once you find what style suits your body shape you won't look back as a dress is the easiest thing to pull on and look fabulous in.
Dress your body shape consultation BOOK NOW!

Are you petite or tall?

Once you have mastered dressing to suit your hourglass, rectangle, strawberry, apple or pear body shape some of us then have to get our heads around some extra guidelines to suit our proprtions and scale.
If you find it frustrating to  find clothes for your petite or tall body type you must read my blog full of style tips to help you work it all out.

You know what to do.
Petite Style Tips
Tall Style Tips

June is for Alexadrite AND pearls

Not content with just one, June has two  birthstones of the month, Alexandrite and Pearls. Alexandrite is a very rare pretty colour changing stone and is described as being "emerald by day and ruby by night"

Pearls are a classic favourite ranging in colour from black through to green, but the ones that come to mind when we think of pearls are simply beautiful white or cream shades.
Pearls are no longer associated with your Gran! they have made a huge comeback and in the words of Jackie Kennedy-Onassis: 'Pearls are always appropriate'
Pearls can take an outfit from minimalist and refined to edgy and fun. 

In collaboration with the lovely Chris Lewis founder of The Secret Wardrobe I will be sharing a piece of her bespoke jewellery every month to highlight the beauty of gem stones in your accessories.
These simply beautiful pearl necklaces have been lovingly hand made by Chris.
Click this button to have a look at the amazing individual pieces on The Secret Wardrobe Facebook page or treat yourself to this bespoke piece.
All other images from pinterest
The Secret Wardrobe

Lockdown offers

I am now taking bookings from 7th July, all being well, and have messaged, emailed and spoken to most of my customers who I just cant wait to see again! if you are interested in taking up my special offers you need to be quick as they will end on June 30th and will not be repeated.
It's not to late to grab yourself a one off bargain!

Are you in yet?

Pop over to my facebook group Fab not Frumpy and join over 200 women to share outfit ideas, learn style tips, get beauty advice, share your recent purchases, see what I've been up to and generally hang out in a positive environment. what are you waiting for?
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Along with my ever popular Online Colour Analysis you can now book an online session to see how to best dress your Body shape, I will talk you through you how to choose the best cut, fabric, colour and pattern to enhance and distract areas of your body creating balance and proportion. I just need some measurements to do this, you do NOT have to be in your underwear!

You may also be interested in knowing how to dress to bring out your individual Style personality. I truly believe we all have one, it just gets a bit lost along the way. After completing a quick questionnaire I will chat with you and help you learn what your personal style is, or maybe what you would like it to be, and how to get there through sharing visual ideas to boost your confidence by the time you next step outside the door!

Each online consultation, Colour, Body shape & Style is now only £59 but the more you buy the more you save!
1 = £59
2 = £99
3 = £129

Saving you almost £50 on buying them individually!!

But don't just take my word for if, here's what some of my customers have to say....
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I hope my June newsletter has got you inspired to try a summer dress, think about how you wear black and invest in a blazer.Hang in there ladies we are almost ready to be released back into the world!
Please share with anyone you think would enjoy it.

Your feedback and comments are always very welcome, along with any suggestions for future topics. Just reply.

Stay safe!
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