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I really hope you are all keeping safe, well and sane during the current situation. I don't know about you but I cant believe how quickly the time is flying considering life as we know it is on hold!
As we move into our second month of Covid19 I'm starting to get used to this new way of life and find I still manage to moan about not having enough time!
It's interesting how we adjust and fill our days with learning new skills, working through our endless list of jobs, adapting our work life balance and maybe even baking bread and cookies! Which leads me beautifully into a little accident I had with a homebaked cookie last week....if you haven't already seen in my facebook group, my tooth came out! It's a bridge so not an emergency in the eyes of the dentist but pretty important when your doing lots of zoom meetings and (scarf tying) social media videos! Still my family are very supportive and all came on a Saturday night group chat with blacked out teeth and scarves in their hair, it was a hilarious and a new memory was made!

I've also had some fabulous new branding done this month by the very lovely Michelle Ramsey. I would highly recommend Michelle if you are reading this with a business that's online appearance needs pulling together and polishing. It has saved me so much time doing social media posts and I just feel I now have a recognisable look. Feel free to click here and check out Michelle Ramsey design.
Michelle Ramsay design
So enough about me, what have I put together for you this month?

I really want to encourage you to use this time to experiment with your style! Try new outfit combinations, try new hair accessories and re-invent your wardrobe. We've got plenty of time to just play and if you don't like something then change it. You never know you might just surprise yourself and find a new look!

Keeping things topically and practical I thought I'd share some hair accessory ideas as our hair is getting in our eyes whether we like it or not!
Next some ideas on how to make our new uniform 'lounge-wear' a bit more stylish.
I've thrown in some inspiration to get you using this time to take a fresh look at your wardrobe and re-invent your style, included our monthly birthstone section
and if that wasn't enough head over to my website and read my blog for steps to do a DIY pedicure.

Put the kettle on, put your feet up and enjoy the read

Adele x

Has a headband become your hero?
Unless you're lucky enough to be living with a hairdresser then you will be noticing the effects of lockdown hair!
Now I'm no hairdresser and am certainly not going to be advising you to cut your own hair! Bur regardless of your hair type or length there are accessories out there that are both practical and stylish. Before you say 'I'm too old for hair clips!' read on....
Lots of you enjoyed my scarf tying video. Join my Facebook group Fab not Frumpy if you'd like to see more ideas and tips.
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Add colour, fun and a vintage twist to your look with a scarf. To do this successfully you'll need to start with a thin scarf and then fold it length ways a few times so its about an inch wide or use a square scarf and fold diagonally first. If your hair is particularly fine or silky a few grips may be needed to secure it in place.
I think these look great for any age and in short hair as well as long.
Top Tip -  if pulled securely it can give your face a little lift similar to the effect of a tight ponytail!

Images from Pinterest
Head bands

Head bands were popular last season and they're not going anywhere fast! They vary in thickness and elaborateness so you can add as much or as little glitz and glam as you like. Still available online from stores like Zara, Accessorize and Claire's or if you fancy something beautiful and bespoke then you must take a look at Hayley Menzies or Jess Anstey design.
If you simply want a practical head band to keep your fringe tidy then opt for one than tones in with your hair colour or an animal print one that is both subtle and super stylish.

Images from Hayley Menzies, Millicent Noney, Claires accessories
Visit Hayley Menzies here

Hair clips

Again a beautiful accessory for taming the locks while adding style. Pearls, jewels and tortoiseshell to name a few. they certainly have come a long way from the shiny silver ones I used to wear as a child. Have fun and just experiment! Lets face it no-one's going to see you and you might just find your new look!

Images Pinterest

Are you loving loungewear?

Love it or loathe it we are all wearing our comfortable clothes most of the time. Let's not forget comfort is one thing scruffy is another. Oh and if you sleep in it, it's night wear not loungewear just to be clear ;)
Matching trackies seem to be ever popular with the celebs and is a simple way to make you loungy look fashionable and stylish.

Slogan tees

We just can't get enough of them and so many local businesses are still working hard producing them for us. I have to shout out to my personal favourite mamalife London. Beth is worth a follow on social media for her fabulous products and great style hacks too. Slogan tees add effortless style to leggings, joggers or jeans and can be dressed up so quickly with a blazer and some heels.


I'm not talking baggy cotton ones that go saggy at the knees and are see through when you bend forward! I'm talking about the fabulous selection of affordable great quality leggings out there. Even the supermarket brands come with good reviews, Asda leggings seem to come out top and they are only £8.
A lot of us are exercising more than we have ever done, even if it's just to try and justify the amount of food and drink we are consuming! One thing I love about lockdown is that I can stay in my sports gear all day and be ready for Joe Wickes at any time.....or not!
If you're feeling down why not inject some colour into your day and get funky in sporty leggings!

These are from Tikiboo

If bright isn't you're thing then keep your leggings neutral with pretty detail or a subtle print.
Wear these leggings with a slogan tee, fine knit or off the shoulder slouchy top for ultimate comfort and sassy style. Enjoy your loungewear but do dress up now and again, it feels so good. Just pick a day and go for it! Why not join in with #dressupfriday

Mamalife london, M&S
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May is for Emeralds

Beautiful Emerald is the birthstone of the month. This fabulous jewel is a vivid and cool green and sits perfectly with ladies coded Winter or Cool.

Emerald looks it's clearest against a silver setting and is the perfect statement piece for evening wear.
Using accent colours in accessories can bring the most simple outfits to life.

In collaboration with the lovely Chris Lewis founder of The Secret Wardrobe I will be sharing a piece of her bespoke jewellery every month to highlight the beauty of gem stones in your accessories.
This stunning emerald ring has been lovingly hand made by Chris.
Click this button to have a look at the amazing individual pieces on The Secret Wardrobe Facebook page or treat yourself to this bespoke piece.
The Secret Wardrobe

Are you missing your beauty treatments?
Do you love a special offer?

My home beauty room is all set up and ready for customers. If any of you lovely ladies are in my neck of the woods, Ross-on Wye, Herefordshire and would like to to save some money on future bookings whilst helping with my current of cash flow then please click on this link for some fabulous lockdown only beauty offers.
It's not the easiest treatment to do yourself is it? I've written a blog with  step by step instructions and some useful tips to help you have pretty toes and feet until you can get back into the salon again.
Tip Top Toes Blog


Here's a little activity I use to help you focus on how you want to be seen.
Think about:-
  • What do you want people to think when you walk into a room? Do you want the WOW factor or the quiet admiration?
  • What do you want your clothes to say about you? Talk to me? Please don't talk to me? I'm fun? I'm professional, I'm approachable?
  • How do you want to feel in your clothes? Pretty? Comfortable? Stylish? Dramatic? Classic?

Now look in your wardrobe, do your clothes reflect your answers? No?

So lets see what we can do about that.

Find a few images online or in magazines that represent how you want to look and feel. Choose outfits in colours that you love, shapes that will enhance your figure and accessories that pull the out fit together.

Found some ideas? Now let's play and recreate them!
Be adventurous and copy the image using what you already have, try different combinations until you create something you feel good in.
Ok so we might have to add a couple of bits to the shopping list but I promise you'll be surprised at what you already have in your wardrobe to work with!

Have fun and please share your outfits with me, I'd love to see what you come up with. Drop them in my extremely friendly facebook group Fab not Frumpy.
Join 'Fab not Frumpy'


Along with my ever popular Online Colour Analysis you can now book an online session to see how to best dress your Body shape, I will talk you through you how to choose the best cut, fabric, colour and pattern to enhance and distract areas of your body creating balance and proportion. I just need some measurements to do this, you do NOT have to be in your underwear!

You may also be interested in knowing how to dress to bring out your individual Style personality. I truly believe we all have one, it just gets a bit lost along the way. After completing a quick questionnaire I will chat with you and help you learn what your personal style is, or maybe what you would like it to be, and how to get there through sharing visual ideas to boost your confidence by the time you next step outside the door!

Each online consultation, Colour, Body shape & Style is now only £59 but the more you buy the more you save!
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Saving you almost £50 on buying them individually!!
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I hope my May newsletter has got you inspired.Lets get through this feeling stylish and ready to release our amazing self.

Please share with anyone you think would enjoy it.

Your comments and feedback is always very welcome, along with any suggestions for future topics. Just reply.

Stay safe!
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