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Well I don't really know what to say about March!
I guess I need to address the elephant in the room before I continue.
We are certainly going through very different and worrying times right now which will likely impact on every single one of us, whether, and hopefully, that's just through inconvenience or something more serious. However you are feeling it's completely natural right now, I am certainly riding the emotional roller coaster, one day quite excited about suddenly having the time that I've always wished for and enjoying the sunshine then the next day worrying how we are going to manage financially, googling the symptoms and missing loved ones.
There is however a definite feeling of unity and strength in numbers and if any of you joined in the NHS clap on Thursday night you will have felt it in the form of goosebumps and sore hands!

So with more time on our hands I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get set for summer and de-clutter those wardrobes! get the kids involved too if they are home with you and make it a fun thing to do. I'll talk you though the process which ideally is done in one day but can be spread out if you've got a spare room, if not you might have to find somewhere else to sleep as your bed will be inaccessible!

I've also included a new feature in this newsletter on birthstones. Each month I'll be putting together some different outfits incorporating the colours of and birthstones of the month. Look out for yours!

Scroll down to download my stay at home manicure guide and information on my NEW online consultations.

Enjoy the read and remember we are stronger together so please share your de-clutter pictures, manicure pictures or anything you think might make someone smile and tag me in @adele.stylecoach, on facebook or instagram.

No excuses, let's de-clutter
De-cluttering or sorting out your wardrobe, ideally twice a year, is a great way to make space and actually see what you have! Done regularly its easy to create seasonal capsules it saves you time getting dressed and saves money on mistake buys.
It's a good idea to assume you are getting rid of 'everything' and just keeping the items you love and use often.
Be prepared! this isn't a 2 minute job so allow enough time to complete it in one go, if you drag it out you'll end up deflated with piles of clothes all over the place and a bed that you cant get into! 
You will need some black bags, and a large empty flat space (your bed is ideal but remove cushions and pets first!) Pop on some music, get the kids involved and let's go!
STEP ONE - Get it all out!

Yes that means everything! Anything in the laundry, shoes, handbags and coats.
Group together items in neat piles on your bed. Visually seeing how much you have in one place is a real eye-opener! This is also the time to whizz the vacuum round the inside of your wardrobe, get rid of any broken hangers and maybe add a scented lavender bag (perhaps that can be tomorrows project!)
STEP TWO - Pull out the pieces you LOVE

This is a new idea for me that I picked up somewhere which means you start with a positive task. Put the items you LOVE and can't live without neatly back in your wardrobe. Still make sure they fit you well and are in good condition. It is still a bit chilly out there but summer is just around the corner so if you like to separate seasons and don't want to put your winter clothes back in your wardrobe you can create a winter 'LOVE' pile ready to store somewhere else.

So now its time to be brutal and pull out the obvious NO's!
Simple that's it for this step, just the obvious No's.
STEP FOUR - The 'MAYBE' pile

So the items you LOVE are in your wardrobe. The items you don't are in the NO pile. We are left with the MAYBES. Here's what you now ask yourself about each item, as soon as you hit a NO then you know what to do:-
1. Does it bring me joy? (Marie Kondo)
2. Have I worn it in the last year?
3.Will I actually wear it in the next year?
4. Would I buy it again?
5. Does it fit me?
6. Do I actually feel good in it?
7. Is it worth altering or maintaining?

If you want to know which colours, and styles suit you best then keep reading to find out how to book an online consultation - this will make life so much easier and make sure you only keep the items you look fabulous in!

STEP FIVE - Donate

Ok so this bit isn't easy to do at the moment so think doubly hard whether your NO pile can be altered, re-used, sold or re-cycled. Hopefully you'll have a spare corner in the garage to store your charitable items.
All that's left is just to decide where to put your winter YES pile, maybe a storage box under the bed or a vacuum pack bag on top of the wardrobe? If you've now got the bug work through these steps with your underwear and jewellery.

I'd love to see how you've got on so please share your pics on facebook and instagram and tag me in @adele.stylecoach


I'm sure you have all heard that each month of the year has its own birthstone. For those lucky ladies born in April you get DIAMOND for your birthstone!

Diamonds really are a girls best friend, whatever your individual style personality you will look great with the addition of a diamond!
From a dramatic eye catching diamante necklace to a simple pair of beautiful stud earrings the sparkle of a diamond never fails to catch the eye. 
This stunningly versatile gemstone is a must in every women's jewellery box.
In collaboration with the lovely Chris Lewis founder of The Secret Wardrobe I will be sharing a piece of her bespoke jewellery every month to highlight the beauty of gem stones in your accessories.
The stunning diamond ring in the images below has been lovingly hand made by Chris.
Click this button to have a look at the amazing individual pieces on The Secret Wardrobe Facebook page.
The Secret Wardrobe
I closed the doors on my beauty salon of 10 years this week to start working from my home treatment room and concentrate on my Style coaching business. Due to the Corona virus this is obviously going to have a rather delayed start! Look out for lots of special offers to get you set up and back on track as soon as normality returns.
I've decided to try and keep you entertained with beauty tips, guides and advice whilst we all #stayathome. I hope you enjoy my first guide, step by step manicures.
#stayathome manicure step by step guide
Click here to download your manicure guide


Along with my ever popular Online Colour Analysis you can now book an online session to see how to best dress your Body shape, I will talk you through you how to choose the best cut, fabric, colour and pattern to enhance and distract areas of your body creating balance and proportion. I just need some measurements to do this, you do NOT have to be in your underwear!

You may also be interested in knowing how to dress to bring out your individual Style personality. I truly believe we all have one, it just gets a bit lost along the way. After completing a quick questionnaire I will chat with you and help you learn what your personal style is, or maybe what you would like it to be, and how to get there through sharing visual ideas to boost your confidence by the time you next step outside the door!

Each online consultation, Colour, Body shape & Style is now only £59 but the more you buy the more you save!
1 = £59
2 = £99
3 = £129

Saving you almost £50 on buying them individually!!
Book now
I hope my April newsletter has brought you some light relief. Lets hope by the next one we will be out the other side!

Please share with anyone you think would enjoy it.

Your comments and feedback is always very welcome, along with any suggestions for future topics. Just reply.

Stay safe!
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