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Each week, Mobilize highlights a tech company that's working on one of the five existential challenges. This week, we focused on climate changewealth inequality, and Remix. (As always, they didn't pay us for coverage.)

Most of the existential challenges share common roots. For example, both climate change and wealth inequality are caused in large part by transportation infrastructure. America has been prioritizing private vehicles over public transportation for nearly a century, and the results speak for themselves:


of Americans have no access to public transportation


of US emissions come from transportation


slower transit growth rate than South & East Asia

The detriment to our climate is evident — the US is the 2nd largest producer of greenhouse emissions and transportation contributes the highest percentage of emissions. (We're also nowhere near our Paris Climate Accord goals, but only Morocco and The Gambia are.) The detriment to upward mobility is less obvious. It's only recently that we've been able to identify low commute times as the single biggest factor in escaping poverty. And with almost half of Americans unable to access reliable public transportation, it's no wonder America has some of the lowest chances of upward mobility among developed countries.

Cities tend to fare better, with urban areas often having both better transit and better prospects for improving income. According to a 2017 study, Paris ranked #3 in sustainable transit, echoing a sentiment we heard from Bob Rafie, an engineering manager based in San Francisco but raised in Paris:

I grew up in the suburbs of Paris, where I didn't use a car, none of my friends had cars, and we would get everywhere — doctors, school, entertainment, especially jobs. It was all accessible without a car to everyone in the metro area.

— Bob Rafie, Engineering Manager, Remix

This was the backdrop against which Bob was considering his next career move. He was looking to work somewhere he could make a positive impact on the world, but didn't quite know how to go about it. Then a recruiter reached out to him about Remix — a self-identified "team of planners and urbanists, aiming to build a more equitable world by expanding access within it." They make data and planning products that help cities improve the accessibility, affordability, and efficiency of their transit infrastructure. Bob knew the value of that firsthand, so he joined right away.

And so can you:

Here are some of Remix's open roles as of Sep 16, 2019:

Engineering Manager

Engineering | San Francisco

Software Engineer, Product

Engineering | San Francisco

Account Executive

Business | San Francisco
(and some more!)

Every few months, Remix employees get to visit a customer city. In Bob's first month, he flew out to Baltimore, MD, to observe their Department of Transportation. "We're there to learn from our customer; we're not trying to disrupt. The cities are the experts, and we're trying to make their jobs easier." They've had a few big successes, from helping Oakland roll out its biggest service increase in a decade to helping Tampa, FL revamp its hurricane evacuation route — just in time for thousands to evacuate for Hurricane Irma.

All of which is happening not a moment too soon. The poorest among us are already suffering from the effects of climate change, and more people are becoming vulnerable every day.


Americans are likely climate refugees


poor agriculturalists are most vulnerable

1 Year

left to start making big changes

We need a new way to simultaneously overhaul emissions and inequality. The Green New Deal is a strong political start, but we all need to pitch in on these issues. And at Remix, they're going right for the largest overlap by making public transit more reliable, affordable, and sustainable.

If you want to help fight wealth inequality, apply for a job or refer a friend!

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Project Mobilize is written and curated by Patrick Perini and Alec Davis. Special thanks to Jarett DeAngelis, Anna Gát, Rachel Jepsen, and Jonas Wisser.

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