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Hey! Joseph here,

I hope you are doing fantastic. Its Wednesday and here is your weekly email with a collection of all the articles that I have worked on in the past few weeks. I hope you find them interesting

  1. JavaScript Objects Built-in vs User Defined
  2. Add momentum scrolling on iOS devices with CSS
  3. The secret behind JavaScript pre post increment
  4. Integrate iFrame with React Native project
  5. How to learn JavaScript for beginners
  6. JavaScript Undefined vs Null – in Details
  7. Is JavaScript fragmented? Why there are so many ways to do the same thing?

These are some of the topics that I am working on right now and I will soon publish them.
  1. Passing command-line arguments to NPM scripts and even to nested NPM scripts.
  2. Why modifying React state directly is bad? 
  3. How to make your WordPress site faster?
  4. 11 Ways to make money as a developer. 
And yes, if you want me to write on something that you are interested in, for eg. creating a demo or a tutorial, please do write back at

What else I have been up to?

GatsbyJS  - I have been working with GatsbyJS and trying to get a few websites live. I have enjoyed working with GatsbyJS till now and I would suggest you all have a look. It is an awesome tool to create static websites out of React, has great plugins, has a great community. You can create your blog, a product landing page, or a company landing page with GatsbyJS. If you are already working with ReactJS, then you should definitely check it out. Here's a dummy blog that I created using GatsbyJS + ReactJS in 1 hour - (** this is a staging URL)
I will soon start writing detailed tutorials on GatsbyJS :)

Youtube Videos - I created a few Youtube Tutorial Videos apart from my regular articles. Do check them out.


Slides - I had the opportunity to talk in one of the Front end sessions in Dubai and here is the slide from the event. My topic was - I believe you didn't know this about JavaScript. I spoke on some fun and weird facts about JavaScript, the history of JavaScript, How the JS runtime works, what is the future of JS, etc. I am sure you will like it. 


Some major releases that happened in the JavaScript world:

  1. create-react-app 3.3.0 — The quick React app initializer
  2. Node 13.3.0
  3. NPM 6.13.2

Next week I am planning to share a few cheatsheets on core JavaScript concepts that will help you as a developer. 

That’s it for this week! I will leave you with a Fact and a Trivia.

Did you know that NodeJS wasn't the first server-side JS runtime?  
There have been technologies that run JS on the server-side before NodeJS. They are:

1995 - Netscape Enterprise Server
1996 - MS IIS Web Server Server

Trivia. Give it a try
What's the output of the following two JavaScript expressions??
"111" + 1 = ?
"111" - 1 = ?

Happy Reading, Cheers!!


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