Church Around the Table (CATT) 
June - October 2022

We are about to begin our second season of Church Around the Table.  We've made a few changes, but largely CATT will operate as it did last year (groups are larger).  Below is a review of what to expect.  I hope you'll join us as we live into the call to be Church together.

DATES: Second Sunday of the month
June 12
July 10
August 14
September 11
October 9

What is CATT and why do it?

Church Around the Table is a way to worship and engage with one another in a smaller setting.  By gathering around a table or on folding chairs in a circle in the backyard, CATT provides an opportunity to be church in a way that everyone is seen, creating an opportunity to deepen relationships and forge new ones. 


Instead of gathering in our building, on the second Sunday of the next 5 months (June - October), we’ll worship with the same 10-15 folks, in backyards, giving us a chance to study scripture, ask questions, share stories and learn with and from one another in new ways.  Church is not a building; church is a body, made up of many seekers, each on a journey of faith.


CATT is a chance for us to experiment with alternative ways of living out the call of Christ to love our neighbors; to seek justice and kindness and humbly walk with God. Deepening our relationships with Christ and one another is one of our hopes for this alternative way of being Church.   

  We hope everyone will choose to participate.  
Sometime in the next week, you should receive an email, phone call or text from your group host or facilitator inviting you to be a part of a group.  Please let them know if you're able to come to the June 12 gathering.

“So we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually we are members one of another…” Romans 12:5


How is this different than a small group?
     CATT is different in that it's a structured worship time that takes place in a small setting.  Each group will use materials that include scripture, call to worship, prayers, as well as questions designed to encourage deeper conversation.  Kate will be providing a brief recorded meditation on the scripture as well as questions for the group to ponder together.

When will I be assigned a group?
          The Catt planning team (Bethany, Gloria, Doug Yoder and Kate) are putting together hosts and facilitators and then will assign everyone a group.  Expect a host/facilitator to contact you with an invitation to gather.

What time will groups meet?
     CATT will meet on Sunday morning, at 10 AM, just like church in the building. 

How long will the gatherings last?
     Plan on 60-90 minutes.  

What is the masking protocol for CATT gatherings?
     We hope that CATT groups can meet outdoors.  We leave it up to the groups to decide how to handle masking decisions.

Is there a meal involved?
    There is no expectation that meals will be  planned for these gatherings- maybe a drink will be offered.  We're trying to keep this simple for everyone involved. 

I’m new to the church, how to I get assigned to CATT group?
     Everyone who lives locally will be assigned a group!  If you know of others who might be interested, feel free to welcome them to join your group.

What happens if I'm an introvert and don't like to share?
    Everyone will have an opportunity to speak and share thoughts or stories, AND passing or declining any prompt is fine too.  A quiet presence is always welcomed!
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