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This episode of W.I.T. from John has me thinking about why we care so much about income inequality.
Income inequality has gotten worse over the past several decades; this can be a problem for several reasons, not the least of which is simply the way our brains are wired. That's what I'm thinking this week.
Three Things Worth Sharing

In this week’s W.I.T. from John, I refer to a video summarizing research done with capuchin monkeys about inequality in pay.  It’s a short three-minute watch, and definitely worth checking out here.

This excerpt from the biographical essay Setting an Example caught my eye:
“My father was a car salesman. For many years, he worked seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. He was let go from his job at age 67. Thereafter, my parents lived solely on Social Security. For many years, my father worked totally on commission, with no paid vacation. But in 1953, when I was 10 years old, we went to Cape Cod for a week. It’s the only family vacation I can recall.”

Think about this for a minute – working seven days a week, and one family vacation.  I hope that sounds crazy to everyone reading this, but it made me think:  if we feel the need (real or perceived) to always be available for work, are our weekends and vacations much different than that father's…and will our children have any different memories?

A summary of several surveys shows what it takes to be wealthy in various places and also the amount people perceive is needed to be ‘financially comfortable’ and ‘wealthy’.  Not surprisingly, it makes a big difference if you live in Mississippi vs. California; more interesting is the difference between the U.K. vs the United States.
About the 'What I'm Thinking' Series
I do a lot of reading and thinking about personal finance so that our clients don’t have to and I periodically share my thoughts through this series of short recordings & emails - which I’ve creatively titled ‘What I’m Thinking’!
Over time there will be some topics that appeal to everyone, some that will be mildly interesting and some that only folks who are really into personal finance will find useful - which is just perfect.  Take whatever is useful to you from these and ignore the rest - in fact I give you permission to just hit the delete button if it sounds Iike more work than fun to listen!

Mark Twain once said ‘I was going to write you a short letter but I didn’t have time, so I’m writing you a long one.’  That concept really resonates with me, so I work really hard to keep these episodes short and digestible.  I hope you find them interesting - please share it with others that might enjoy it as well! 
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