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Hello and welcome to this week's edition of Counterpoint. Here, you will find diverse perspectives drawn from the satirical pens of award-winning cartoonists, especially for you.

First, we have a bonus cartoon from KAL this week!:  A recent controversial depiction of Benjamin Netanyahu in a cartoon published in the international edition of the New York Times caused a ruckus. To satiate the howling critics, the paper instituted a purge that would have made Stalin proud. The paper eliminated all cartoons from its distribution service, fired two of its longtime award-winning cartoonists and pledged to cease running cartoons.

Cartoon for Counterpoint by Kevin KAL Kallaugher.

Eight artistic assaults await you in this week's edition. On tap are witty takes on abortion in the US, protests in Hong Kong, tariffs on Mexico and free speech online. Two Counterpoint star targets, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, get their regular share of grief. Then there's poor Uncle Sam who seems to be everyone's favorite punching bag.

The Republican Party is feeling buoyed by the recent passing of restrictive laws on abortion in a handful of states.

Cartoon for Counterpoint by Rob Rogers.

The Internet promised an open forum celebrating the free exchange of ideas. The reality has turned out somewhat differently.

Cartoon for Counterpoint by Mike Lester.

An old school moderate, Joe Biden is trying to ingratiate himself to the more progressive Democratic party.

Cartoon for Counterpoint by Rick McKee.

Former White House counsel to Richard Nixon during Watergate, John Dean, makes an appearance before a congressional committee. What did he talk about, you may ask…?

Cartoon for Counterpoint by Nick Anderson.

In an astonishing display of protest, hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong citizens took to the streets to oppose a proposed Chinese extradition bill.

Cartoon for Counterpoint by Scott Stantis.

While The US relinquishes its preeminent role as a world leader, others are happy to fill the void.

Cartoon for Counterpoint by Kevin KAL Kallaugher.

As former Vice President Joe Biden campaigns for the White House, some of his old controversial policy positions arte coming back to haunt him.

Cartoon for Counterpoint by Michael Ramirez.

Donald Trump likes to brandish tariffs like a medieval weapon, wheeling and threatening enemies and allies alike. This week's target of his ire was Mexico.

Cartoon for Counterpoint by Darren Bell.

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