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The So What:
  • Slowly but surely, companies are realizing that size demographic changes will demand innovation in categories other than apparel. Target’s wide-width shoe expansion is one small example of the fact that businesses are catching-on. What is more interesting is the emergence of a report this week on bariatric patient rooms. Not bariatric surgery, not simply bariatric chairs, but actual patient facilities. While most businesses are simply thinking about that USD$21 Billion plus-size apparel number, the opportunity to meet larger-bodied customer needs across a variety of verticals, while not yet quantified, is substantially larger.
  • There is a short but important article below on pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk and the public and private sector marketing strategies they are using to increase sales for their Obesity-related medication. The article clearly lays out the exact strategy Novo Nordisk is using to identify and manufacture Obesity as a problem and position Novo Nordisk as a solution. I included it because it provides context for the type of information patients, governments and medical professionals are receiving which guides the products, services and policies they chose to utilize or enact.
  • Related to the aforementioned point, two articles emerged this week about better educating physicians on how to work with patients who are labelled as Obese. I included these articles to show that physicians are understanding the reality that the medical community needs to work with larger-bodied patients in different ways if they want to achieve different medical outcomes. My question, however, is, have they actually asked patients how they want to be treated? Given the quality and source of information the medical community is receiving, it would behoove them to consider working with patients to create an educational framework that reflects the true needs of the patient community. There is an opportunity for the medical industry to view patients as customers and work together with them to identify new paradigms which reflect the actual reality of what patients want and need.
What's the Story?

The latest news in size-related marketing and product development and its implications.
"Kim Kardashian Left Curvy Women Out Of Her Shapewear Campaign."

"Lauren Chan Couldn’t Find The Perfect Plus-Size Workwear, So She Designed It Herself."

"Katie Sturino Talks Personal Style, Plus-Size Mannequins And Her New Collection With Stitch Fix."

"Target Is Expanding Its Wide-Width Shoe Section With More Than One Hundred New Styles."

"The Market for Bariatric Patient Rooms."
The Vibe:

Social listening and different perspectives on size-related topics.
"Ivory Rose Launches Body Positive Campaign to Celebrate Women of All Shapes and Sizes."

"Plus-Size Mannequins Are More Than Just a Viral Moment—They’re the Future."

"Writing Plus-Sized Characters: Author Dos And Don’ts."

"Winnipeg Photographer Aims to Show 'Every Body is a Summer Body.'"
Global Outlook:

Size-related product, marketing and policy news from around the world.
"Multi-Genre Band Working on Song for Plus-Size People."

"Was it a Joke? Overweight Cops Assigned to Immigration get Oversize Pants."

"How WhatsApp Can Solve India’s Growing Weight Problem."

"The Tough, but Inspiring Accounts of Three Plus-Size Runners."

"Plus-Size Models Rock the Scene."
Quick Study:

Academic research and news about the Medical Industry
"Obesity Education in Family Medicine Clerkships Falls Short."

"First Competencies for Education in Obesity Medicine Created."

"Obesity, Politics, Money and a Company Called Novo Nordisk."

"New Research Shows Girls as Young as Three Already Show Body Size Bias."
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