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The So What:
  • There have been a variety of op-eds recently on key topics related to weight and size. One of the most significant was about how normal and rampant weight-based discrimination was. The piece was written by Rebecca Puhl, the deputy director at the University of Connecticut’s Rudd Center for food policy and obesity and first appeared in The Washington Post. There is a link to the op-ed in “The Vibe” section below.
  • I recently spoke about weight-bias and discrimination in the workplace at the Greenhouse Software conference in New York. Greenhouse makes an applicant tracking system and recruiting software that also helps companies mitigate bias in their hiring. Although Greenhouse (nor any other company I know of), has integrated weight-bias mitigation into their software, Greenhouse’s commitment to gaining a better understanding of how to address weight-bias was clear by virtue of their inviting me to speak when almost no other HR conferences are addressing this issue. Furthermore, I had many conversations with other business leaders at this event about the importance of recognizing this bias, and how, more size-diversity in organizations can lead to innovative product development and business outcomes. I look forward to writing more on this topic in the future and would love to hear from readers on weight-bias they have encountered in the workplace and from companies on how they are thinking about combating weight-bias.
What's the Story?

The latest news in size-related marketing and product development and its implications.

“Fenty’s Curvy Mannequins Get All the Love for Presenting ‘Realistic’ Body Types.”

"Profile on Las Vegas Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur Angela Rene’."   

"Reality TV Star Jordyn Woods Launched a Size-Inclusive Fashion Collection with Apparel Retailer boohoo."

“Mary Katrantzou Debuts Mary Mare: A Size-Inclusive, Feel-Good Swim Range.”

“Incredible Plus Size Romance Novels.”

The Vibe:

Social listening and different perspectives on size-related topics.
"Weight Discrimination is Rampant, so Why is it Still Legal Almost Everywhere?"

“Here’s What Fat Acceptance Is—and Isn’t.” 

“Woman Fat-Shamed During Pedicure, Watch What Happens When Customers Step In."

“Your Fat Friends Need You as an Ally. This is How You Can Be One.”

“Why Physically Fit Men Avoid Talking To Fat Men About Fitness.”  
Global Outlook:

Size-related product, marketing and policy news from around the world.

“Overweight Police Rejected by National Guard, Sent to Immigration Instead.”  

Quick Study:

Academic research and news about the Medical Industry

“Home-based HIT Appears to be Effective for Improving Fitness in Obese Individuals.”  


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