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The So What:

Aerospace and Defense company Airbus has received the green light from the US Patent and Trademark Office to trademark a reconfigurable passenger bench seat. The bench “would allow airlines to accommodate all shapes and sizes with adjustable chairs and seatbelts.” Although the seat is not yet approved by the FAA, the approval of this patent will act as a beacon to other companies in the aviation space that size-driven innovation is something worth investing in. As companies continue to patent new products and technologies, the FAA will hopefully see the market-driven need to approve these innovations so they can be applied.  

Plus-Size apparel brand Premme announced it is shutting down. Although the social media popularity of the founders and the brand probably led to lower customer acquisition costs, retail economics are hard and could have driven the closure of the label. I have no doubt that influencer-founders Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason have something else coming down the road. I would also not be surprised if some retailer or investor revived the brand.  

There is a possibility that luxury department store chain, Barneys New York, will file for bankruptcy. According to the article below, “Young designers, brands, and retailers have made transparency and inclusivity (size, gender, and race) not only the norm, but also legitimately cool,” and Barneys has not adjusted their merchandising or messaging to reflect changing customer needs. Contrast this with digitally native and size-inclusive lingerie brand ThirdLove, who is now opening its first store. The market continues to illustrate that size-inclusivity is not a fad, but a key business driver for any brand that wants to succeed.  

What's the Story?

The latest news in size-related marketing and product development and its implications.

“Mall Brands like American Eagle Lean Into Extended Sizing, Limited-Edition Collections to Attract Gen Z.”  

"Marmot is Adding XXXL and Other Plus Sizes to Apparel Line."   

"San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive: Interview with Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe."  

“Apparel Store Altar’d State Taps Talbots VP to Spearhead Plus-Size Format.”  

“YouTube Star's Clothing Line Ditches Typical Clothing Sizes to Show that 'You are More Than a Label.'” 

"Motherhood Maternity® Named 'Overall Best Plus-Size Maternity Retailer' by What to Expect."  

"Innovation and Body Positivity Drive Swimwear Trends."  

The Vibe:

Social listening and different perspectives on size-related topics.

"More U.S. Teenagers Are Trying to Lose Weight Than in Years Past. That May Be Reason for Concern."  

“Twitter Backlash Over Size 12 Influencer's 'Body Positive' Fashion Campaign.”  

"The 2010s Were a Turning Point for Diversity in Fashion." 

“Shame, Blame and Fear are Not Inspiration for Weight Loss.”  

"Plus-Size Adventurers You Should Follow." 

"Why Major Brands Are Becoming More Size Inclusive." 

"Weight Loss Among Fat-Acceptance Influencers a Fraught Topic." 

"Why it’s Time for Big Beauty Brands to Embrace Body Positivity."  

" 'Riverdale' Fan Calls Out Lack Of Plus Size Representation In Comic Con Q&A."  

"Meet the People Working to Bring Body Positivity, Inclusivity, and Accessibility to the Pittsburgh Health Scene."  

Global Outlook:

Size-related product, marketing and policy news from around the world.

"Vietnam Records Highest Rise in Obesity in Southeast Asia."  

“Mexico City Is Hoping $10,000 Pesos Is Enough To Get Its Police Officers To Lose Some Weight.” 

Quick Study:

Academic research and news about the Medical Industry

“Should Obesity be Recognized as a Disease?"  

"Does Perceiving Yourself As Overweight Up Your Risk Of Depression?" 

“How Segregation and Discrimination Racialized The Obesity Epidemic.”  

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