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The So What:
  • The big news that occurred from a product perspective last week was that apparel company Universal Standard will now carry all products in sizes sizes 00-40. In an ideal world, all apparel lines would become as size inclusive as Universal Standard. However, Universal Standard is a high-growth venture capital-funded company with almost USD$10 million in funding and has the support to handle the financial damage that carrying this much inventory can cause. This is in contrast to most other brands that need to balance growth with the ability to make a profit. Although this launch drove significant press coverage for Universal Standard, I remain unsure other brands will follow suit due to financial pressures.
  • Beauty retailer Sephora just announced a new brand platform and tagline, "We Belong to Something Beautiful." While Sephora is focused on revising its marketing and employee training, one thing they have not paid attention to is the actual furniture inside their stores. When brands think about inclusivity of any kind, they tend to associate it primarily with marketing (words and images in particular). If size-inclusivity is part of Sephora's overall strategy, they should take the next step and see how they can provide more comfortable seating options for larger-bodied customers.
  • As the challenge of weight-stigma in healthcare continues to be elevated, companies are coming-up with new ways to teach doctors how to interact with patients for better clinical outcomes. The article below on Rockpointe’s new course on Amazon Alexa enabled platforms illustrates that there are opportunities to use new technologies such as voice, as well as virtual and augmented reality, to provide more experiential platforms for medical professionals to train with. Companies that are creating data-driven curriculum delivered in an engaging and empathetic way, will find success as more medical institutions quickly strive to find better ways to serve larger-bodied clientele.
What's the Story?

The latest news in size-related marketing and product development and its implications.
Laws of Motion, a New Direct To Consumer Fashion Brand is "Making 99 Sizes to Cater to More Women."

"Inclusive Sizing Is Revolutionizing Fashion."

Sofia Vergara Launches Size-Inclusive Shapewear Line.

"Universal Standard Launches Sizes 00-40 Across Entire Brand."

"The Struggles of the Plus-Size Menswear Market."

Early Size-Inclusive Adopter, Dressbarn, is Closing 650 Stores.

The Vibe:

Social listening and different perspectives on size-related topics.
"Kindness, Not Judgement, Has More Impact on Weight."

Stop "Encouraging" Fat Athletes When You See Them - They Are No Different Than The Rest.

" 'Unlikely' Hikers Hit The Trail."

"Fat Models Face More Online Policing Despite Not Violating Rules."

"After 16 Seasons, Project Runway Is Finally Getting Better at Plus-Size Fashion."

"The Lucrative Black Market in Human Fat." This is Adapted from Christopher Forth’s Upcoming Book, Fat: A Cultural History of the Stuff of Life. (Note - the passage is a bit gory.)
Global Outlook:

Size-related product, marketing and policy news from around the world.
Child Obesity in China Presents an Opportunity for the Fashion Industry.

"Fatphobia: France's Systemic Prejudice."

"Male Obesity Surges in Russia."
Quick Study:

Academic research and news about the Medical Industry
"Children From Disadvantaged Socioeconomic Backgrounds Gain Body Mass More Quickly Than Their More Advantaged Peers."

The Number of People Who Are Obese Will Soon Outnumber The Number of People Who Are Suffering From Hunger.


Rockpointe, a Science-Based Medical Education Company, Launched a New Obesity Continuing Medical Education Program on Amazon Alexa Enabled Platforms.

"A New Genetic Test Gives Almost no Insight Into Whether a Person Will Become Obese, But It Might Scare Some People Into Really Unhealthy Choices."

Starvation and Obesity Are Two Sides Of the Same Coin - How Farmers Can Help.
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