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The So What:
  • Nike launched plus-size mannequins in its London store this past week. The move reinforced Nike's dedication to size-inclusivity and it garnered a massive amount of press. I chose to include articles below that I thought provided interesting viewpoints on the launch. Nike's leadership in this space will have a variety of effects on industry. For one, other retailers will take note and begin to adopt plus-size mannequins which will benefit store fixture companies who are focused on creating size-inclusive mannequins. As more retailers and brands choose to illustrate that fitness is for everyone, they will launch additional size-inclusive fitness lines and seek out more fitness-driven plus-size influencers.
  • The article below on the "fat tax" shows the need for companies to revisit product development and strive for newer materials and methods of production (including customization) that will eliminate the "fat tax." Although companies may not feel compelled to innovate at this point, customer complaints and frustrations in addition to eventual regulatory compliance will drive them to change. Companies that begin to think about this issues and make the necessary product development changes now will benefit with regards to customer satisfaction, sales and reduced legal challenges.
  • The World Obesity Federation has launched a new patient network which is backed by clinicians across the Gulf and Lebanon. According to Lucy Keightley, Director of Communications and Partnerships at World Obesity, “The patient network is an online hub enabling people to connect with other people’s stories and experiences. We are looking for people living with obesity to share their story. By sharing your personal experience, more people living with obesity will have access to the information and support to enable them to live a healthier active lifestyle." We will continue see similar portals and applications as the medical community attempts to leverage ingrained patient habits, such as using social networks and communities, to drive better clinical outcomes. Additionally, I believe that incorporating geolocation into such portals could allow neighbors to meet-up for walks, grocery shopping and even food preparation and cooking, which could have significant benefits across patient populations.
What's the Story?

The latest news in size-related marketing and product development and its implications.
Nike Launched Plus-Size Mannequins in Its London Store:
The Vibe:

Social listening and different perspectives on size-related topics.
"Who Still Thinks One-Size-Fits-All Mannequins Make Sense?"

"Nike’s Plus-Sized Mannequins Don’t ‘Promote’ Obesity – They Reflect Reality."

"Addressing The Obesity Epidemic Through Gaming."

"The 'Fat Tax' is Real."

"We Compared our Bodies to Barbie. Here's What the Doll Would Look Like in Real Life."
Global Outlook:

Size-related product, marketing and policy news from around the world.
"New Patient Network to Support People With Obesity. Online Hub to Enable People to Connect with Other People’s Stories and Experiences."

Profile of Plus-Size Middle Eastern Supermodel Ameni Esseibi.
Quick Study:

Academic research and news about the Medical Industry
"Kids Who Are Overweight At Age 7 May Begin To Suffer From Anxiety Too."

"Study Points to Need for Care in Inappropriate Use of Stigmatising Terms in Weight Management."
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