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The So What:

One of the key size-related events that occured last week was the decision by the Washington Supreme Court that “obesity is a protected class under state anti-discrimination law.” According to the court, “obesity does not have to be caused by a separate physiological disorder or condition because obesity itself is a physiological disorder or condition under the statute.” This decision could dramatically impact employment practices in Washington, and the article below does a clear job of laying out some of those implications.  

I also wanted to elevate this op-ed from Layla Moran, a Member of Parliament for Oxford West and Abingdon in the UK. Ms. Moran calls out the “heartless reporting and hurtful language” that is framing much of the obesity debate.
What's the Story?

The latest news in size-related marketing and product development and its implications.

"American Eagle's Curvy Jean Line Goes Up To A Size 24 For The First Time Ever."  

"Universal Standard Opens a First-of-its-kind Retail Concept in Belltown."  

"Global Fashion Retailer PrettyLittleThing Is Hedging Bets On Size Inclusivity." 

"Curve Project Readies to Disrupt Plus-Size Market."  

The Vibe:

Social listening and different perspectives on size-related topics.

"Fat Is Not the Problem—Fat Stigma Is." 

"The Evolution Of Body Positive Music."  

"5 Independent UK Plus Size Brands That Are Changing The Fatshion Game."

"This Self-Tan Campaign May Help you Achieve Body Acceptance."  

"An Epidemic of Body Shaming is Taking Its Toll on Men's Mental Health."  

Global Outlook:

Size-related product, marketing and policy news from around the world.

"Latin America Faces Obesity-Food Insecurity Paradox: Report." 

"Size Matters: Lebanese Designer Dima Ayad’s Push for Inclusivity."

"#BrandFocus: Ackermans on Owning the Value-Retail Space, Body Positivity."  

Quick Study:

Academic research and news about the Medical Industry

"Identifying a Human Rights–Based Approach to Obesity for States and Civil Society."

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