Greetings Members and Friends! 

Has it really only been 2 months since the Annual General Meeting of 31 July? It feels like quite a few moons have waxed and waned in that time! And it has been all go at the SPCA!

The AGM saw new members join the Executive Committee and the return of five members of the previous committee.

Your 2020/21 EC members are: Seema Deo (Chair), Shivani Mudaliar (Treasurer), Chelsey Singh (Secretary), Amanda Millar, Jone TuiipelehakiAriela Zibiah, Natasha Marosi and Liz Conibear. 

Selection of a vice chair was deferred at the request of new members who wanted some time to understand the processes and time commitments of the role. This will be rectified in our October meeting. There is still a vacancy on the EC and we invite interested members to get in touch. 

The AGM also saw the installation of SPCA’s third Trustee, Ulamila Balemaibau. Sekove Naqiolevu and Vivien Counsell-Mitchell continue to serve on the trusteeship. 

At the shelter, July saw the SPCA animal rescue team (of two) spending more and more time attending to unfed, neglected animals and trying to educate pet owners on their responsibilities. The shelter had a short respite after a spate of adoptions, but started filling up in August. We remind everyone to make every effort to rehome or at least foster young animals before turning to the shelter. Keep encouraging animal birth control (yes - girls AND boys!) and encourage people to get their pets on the waitlist. 

In early July, we were "hit" by COVID-19 fallout. Our clinic ran out of the anaesthetic gas, isofluorane. This is normally purchased locally but sale has been halted as the government pharmacy aims to save what they have in stock for human use. This temporarily led to a halt in some of our more complex surgeries, including spaying of female dogs. The gas arrived in early September and we should see a return to some level of normality at the clinic. We ask your patience as we work on our ever-growing waitlist. 

An exciting event is on our calendar for 4th October. In memory of our beloved Tim Howick-Smith, who left us on at the end of January this year, SPCA will be holding our first ever 1000 Paws Walk, designed to raise awareness - and funds - to support homeless/stray animals in our communities. We hope you will join us to honour Tim and to help further a cause so dear to his heart. 

We are pleased to announce that we have been granted a sum of $130,000 by the Government of Fiji towards improvements at the Shelter and supporting ongoing education and subsidised desexing programmes. We have signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture and are hoping to embark on activities in October. We will certainly keep you updated on progress.

Finally, we are ecstatic to report that we now have a brand new X-Ray machine right on the premises! We express our deepest gratitude to our kind donor who wishes to maintain anonymity. Read on for more! 

SPCA Staff and Executive Committee 

Have you got your leash on? October 4th is

the big day!

Just a few more days to our big day out with the furry family members! If you haven't yet done so, do register for the walk ( Registration fees are $25 for up to two dogs and $50 for a family (up to 4 dogs). This entitles you to participate in the pet show and/or the costume competition.  


Go the extra mile and get friends and workmates to sponsor your participation. Grab a sponsor sheet (from SPCA or call us to have one delivered to your office)! 

Got a cat or a less-sociable dog?  No worries. You can participate online!  
Dress up, have a cuddle or just take a selfie with your best mate. It's all possible! To find out more or to register, click here. You don't want to miss your chance to participate in this inaugural event!
We also need volunteers and sponsors for some of the planned activities. Please contact Liz at

We will be providing more details on our wonderful 1000 Paws sponsors and donors after the event.

X-Ray Machine

We have it! SPCA now has its very own X-Ray Machine! After almost four years without one, we are now able to offer affordable diagnostics to beloved family pets and to other animals in need! Prior to this, Suva-based pet owners would have to use private services or some chose to drive to Nadi (not always a safe option for injured animals). 
We are grateful to our incredible donor, who has asked to remain anonymous. But he stays involved and will be keeping an eye on us! 
We also want to thank the following individuals who responded to our request for assistance with VAT payment. 
Karishma Sharma 
Kelsey Jannif  
Kaoatu Leweniqila  
Ruth Williams  
You helped raise $1090 towards this cost. UB Freight gave us a week's grace while we scrimped and saved and got together the balance of funds towards the VAT. Thank you for coming to our aid! 

Clinic and Shelter Manager Shaneel Narayan, Graduate Vet Intern Elaine Work and Student Intern Stanley Rota with Patient #1. 

SPCA's Senior Veterinarian, Dr Jo Olver and the vet interns check out the digital imagery.
Hui (Wise) is recovering well post-surgery, made possible through the new X-Ray machine. 

Postcards from our furry ones. Sometimes all you need is love...

Milly was just two months old when she was found abandoned at someone’s gate. She had a bad skin infection, was loaded with parasites and malnourished. She was taken in by the SPCA team. Even though she was so sick, she had hope in her eyes. She responded well to the treatment given and within a few days was behaving like a normal puppy.
Milly was adopted by our wonderful supporter, Suzanne Bowen, and now lives happily in Canberra, Australia, with her human family and her brother Roger, another rescued Suva street dog. 
Milly's story teaches us that a little TLC can change an animal’s whole world.

Zoe was once just "Puss". No-one is quite sure of her back story other than that she showed up at someone's home one day insisting on being fed. The children of the family loved having a playmate but no responsibility was taken for her well-being. Not long after, Puss got pregnant and had a bunch of babies, which she lost to the family who gave them away while they were very young. Distressed, our teenaged mum came over the fence to find solace with another family. Again, she received much attention until school reopened. Fortunately for Puss, an animal lover took her into care, getting her desexed and putting her up for adoption via social media. Puss moved in with a family with four dogs and children. Renamed Zoe, she has proceeded to live the life she deserves with the Leala-Gale family and loves hanging out with her human sister, Siale (pictured). And yes, we are told she and the dogs have worked out the co-existence arrangements! 

Rescuing with love

we believe it takes very special people to do what Team SPCA does all day - every day...we bring you a few snaps of Miriama, Manase and Shivneel at work. 
Marshall and her babies, who were rescued by Miri and Shivneel from a drain (see Miri in drain above)

Staff Update!

There are a few new faces at the SPCA. Meet Peniame Vutevute (left) and Stanley Rota (right) - final year veterinary students currently on internships with SPCA. They are with Seini Malialosa (graduate vet intern) and Leslyn Naviti (who joined us temporarily and has now departed for Vanuatu). 

Keep your pet safe by having it microchipped. This is a painless procedure that involves inserting a tiny readable chip into the skin of you cat or dog. Each chip has a unique number that is tagged to you and your address. If an animal is lost,  a microchip reader can be
used to help us return it to you. 

Microchipping is available at the SPCA for $50.

We are happy to advise our overseas-based supporters that you can now use Mobile Money to donate to SPCA using using your credit card. You will need SPCA's mobile phone number (+679 9980023). Just go to the WorldRemit site and follow the instructions. You can also use Mobile Money with Western Union, RIA or Rocket Remit.  
Alternatively, you can make a direct deposit to:

Westpac Bank

Account name: The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Account number: 9801064933


BSB: 039001

Narration: [your name]_donation purpose

Drop us an email so we can properly acknowledge and
receipt your gift.

We loved this picture of Pharoah with Ramisese so much, we are sharing it with you. May all dogs be this happy!
Dog Licenses

Licensing of dogs over 6 months old is a requirement of the Ministry of Agriculture and is monitored by your municipal council.
Unlicensed dogs may be impounded and destroyed if the owners cannot be found.

The price of a licence tag is $13.50. We urge all dog owners to license your pets, but more importantly, please keep them within your compound and have both
males and females desexed.
Volunteering with the SPCA
 If you are interested in volunteering please email Here’s a “short” list of just some of the ways you can help as an official SPCA Volunteer:
  • Story writer - newspaper (weekly)
  • Web content (writer/photography)
  • Web content management
  • Kennels assistant (feeding, bathing)
  • Cattery assistant (feeding, petting)
  • Dog walker
  • Cat socialisation 
  • Kitty cuddler (feeding, petting)
  • Foster care - dogs
  • Foster care - cats
  • Event assistants 
To be considered for volunteer work at the shelter or clinic, we do ask  that you agree to commit a certain number of hours a week over at least a 3-month period. This commitment ensures continuity and best use of our resources. You can of course, volunteer on a short term basis for events, community outreach, etc. Please contact tehe volunteer coordinator, Liz Conibear, for details. 
Thank you!  

At SPCA, every single dollar counts towards improving the life of an animal. So whether you dropped some loose change into the donation box, organised an event and donated the proceeds, made a deposit online, or dropped off food  or cleaning equipment - you have played a part in keeping the shelter going. 
We received $7,307 in cash donations from 1 July to 21 September. In addition, you donated almost $3,000 worth of food for shelter and $2,100 of cleaning material during our August 15 food drive. We are also grateful to those who have provided gifts of medical supplies and other material.

The team is overjoyed with your generosity.

A Donation from the staff of The DPP's Office.

The SPCA is fortunate to have the support of its members and many other individuals and companies that are driven to help create a better and fairer world for all.  We are grateful to our regular corporate sponsors who are highlighted here. Vinaka vakalevu! 
In this issue, we borrow from the late Dr. Sophia Yin’s wonderful collection of information on animal behaviour. We encourage you to teach your children how to behave around dogs and help avoid mishaps.

Foster carers are the mainstay of animal shelters. Not all animals do well in a shelter environment. New borns and young kittens and puppies need regular (2-3 hourly) feedings and warmth, which they would have normally received from their mother. Abused or neglected dogs (and cats) need a place to heal and interact with people and other animals away from the stressors of shelter life.  Foster homes are a stepping stone toward adoption elsewhere. Fostering an animal is one of the greatest gifts you can give. For more information about fostering please contact our clinic or email us on

Thank you for reading through our update and we look forward to hearing from you! 
 The 2020/2021 Executive Committee and Staff of the SPCA Fiji Islands.
Seema Deo  (Chair)  | Shivani Mudaliar (Treasurer) | Chelsey Singh (Secretary) | Amanda Millar 
Jone Tuiipelehaki  |  Ariela Zibiah | Liz Conibear | Natasha Marosi
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