Heya, Handsome, 

Sometimes it’s v hard for me to motivate to get to the gym. 

Other times, it’s not a big deal to get there, but partway through the workout, when I see all that my coach has lined up for me on my training app, I say out loud, “you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.”

Is this really what my life comes down to - spending an hour a day, five days a week, inside a metal box, going through similar movements over and over again? Am I thinking for myself anymore? Why does this matter? Isn’t this time I could be spending on my business, or with people?

It makes it a lot more meaningful to keep toiling away when I’m seeing changes, that’s for sure. Please check out 2 hacks to drop fat + gain muscle quickly and Eat anything, get abs to understand what the nutritional game changers were/are for me. 

But, sometimes, even when I’m seeing changes month over month, I STILL just wanna give the gym the middle finger. 

Here are a few tricks I use when I’m feeling this way:


  1. I GO TO MY HAPPY SEXY GYM.  One gym I go to is around the corner from my home, and incredibly convenient. The other is in Chelsea, Manhattan. That’s a half hour crowded train ride away. Not convenient. But, at the Chelsea gym, there are more gays overall, more gays that are my type, I get more attention, see more friends, and the possibility of meeting a wonderful new sexual partner is much stronger at that gym. All of these are powerful motivators for me to go and spend a chunk of time in a place. So, when I really hate the idea of going to my convenient gym, I figure out a way with my schedule to get myself to my happy sexy gym. 
  2. I GET IT OUT OF THE WAY AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. The more “free” time that passes on a given day, the more anxiety I feel about getting to the gym. Arranging appointments / commitments to other people in a way that dictates I get my workout in earlier tend to help me get me out the door without dilly-dallying. 
  3. CAFFEINE and MUSIC. I make playlists every few months by perusing my “most played songs” list, and plucking out the ones that make me instantly feel happy and ready to party. This is usually a combo of pop songs that are just addictively catchy to me, as well as upbeat bops I actually have a beautiful emotional / historical connection to. I throw in some oonce-oonce-oonce, Ibiza/gay-circuit-party songs, because these songs automatically make me think of Fire Island, which automatically makes me think of hot, rich men living their best life, which motivates me to want to be a hot, rich man living their best life. For caffeine, my best friend is AMIN.O. ENERGY. It travels, it’s cheaper than coffee & no coffee breath, and has a ton of amazing flavors. Great music and tasty caffeine combined are very powerful motivators for me. 
  4. I USE A TRAINING APP and COACH WHO VALIDATE ME WHEN I FINISH A WORKOUT. My coach uses “Trainerize” with me. When I click “Save” at the end of an interactive workout, it automatically tallies up my cumulative number of workouts and blitzes my entire smartphone screen with a celebration message. I’m now up to 249 completed workouts since July. My coach commends me for my consistency, reminding me that’s a large part of the reason why a person is  successful vs. unsuccessful. Having that validation of knowing someone else is watching and applauding my progress helps, as does the constant validation and compliments from others when they see changes, as does my own self esteem from doing something esteemable. 


PRO TIP: Want a killer chest routine that can be completed inside even the most crowded of gyms? Then check out 1" thicker upper pecs by May


Hope this helps, love! Know someone who could use this information? Please send it to them!


With love, and self-love, 


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